A Wake in Providence – The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon (Deathcore)

I have a confession to make. I’d never heard A Wake in Providence since a few days ago when I saw they had dropped their new album The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon. This American three-piece is back on one last standing original member, guitarist D’Andre Tyre, but that doesn’t stop A Wake in Providence to live on and with Adam Mercer on vocals and Jordan Felion on guitar joining him the band is complete (granted Anthony Adipietro did the drums for this album and isn’t in the band anymore). Having a quick play-through their previous album I found their more down-tempo debut Insidious: Phase II being a solid album but not anything special, but oh man would The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon sweep my feet and make me surrender to their darkness.

They use their slower section a lot better this time around, to create an atmosphere of sweet darkness that brings you to submission. I also think Adam Mercer has taken the vocals to a whole new level, while Will Ramos sure did have a wide range of highs, lows and gutturals I didn’t really think they were on point all the way through. This time around Mercer nails it! Sick stuff that helps A Wake in Providence to create that sound they are going for. Production wise this is a lot cleaner than the previous albums, which works in its favor because there is so much going on. Any wrong steps here and the atmosphere could loose its meaning.

Deathcore banger after banger The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon is giving me and on a few tracks like “Oblivion” there is even some clean vocals, which works! They don’t overdo it, it’s just there and makes you go “huh they nailed this too”. Having one of my favorite vocalists in Mark Poida (Aversions Crown, ex-I, Valiance) on that track helps out a lot too. Cj Mcmahon (Thy Art is Murder) also found the time to make a sweet guest appearance on “|The Blood Moon”. It’s not just the great guests that makes this deathcore party a major success to my ears. It’s the hard work, determination to create a quality varied, modern deathcore album while making the right changes and choices along the way that makes A Wake in Providence stand out in a genre that we know is very flooded.

This is nothing short but the best deathcore release in the first quarter of 2019, probably even the best you will hear all year. Last year I think I gave out two 5/5 scores all year, March has already made me give out two masterpiece. What a month! A Wake in Providence redefined themselves, creates an absolute beast with a new sound that’s miles ahead from their debut. I can only bow down to the black sun and the blood moon wishing it will let me bask in its darkness again and again.

Written by J.B.

Label: Outerloop Records
For fans of: Shadow of Intent and Aversions Crown
Release date: March 29th, 2019
Favorite song: Oblivion
Score: 5/5 Masterpiece


Medeia – Xenosis (Alternative Death Metal)

Hailing from Finland Medeia were formed back in 2002 and have since then kept most of their lineup intact while releasing two EP’s and four full-length albums with Xenosis being the fifth, coming six years after their last full-length Iconoclastic. They label their music alternative death metal, which in reality means I hear melodic death metal, deathcore and metalcore fused together. Think something along the lines of Threat Signal, Hatesphere and newer Whitechapel joining forces and you get a rough idea on what Medeia is all about.

Labeling aside I get good vibes from what Media offers. Sure it is in many ways a blast from the past and the early 00’s with all that has in store, but it’s fun to listen to (most of the time). There is a lot of energy here, technical riffs that gets you hook line and sinker and a deadly vocal performance by their vocalist Frans Aalto who has taken another step since the bands last EP. Add some great songwriting in the mix then you got an album with a lot of variation and depth that’s easy to get back to for another spin. Sure I could personally skip a few of the slower songs like “Ascension” all together as that’s not my thing but at the same time it adds another dimension to Xenosis you can not ignore.

Xenosis will definitely get a lot of fans on its raw energy alone and even though their style doesn’t win me over completely I am confident it will with many. I might sound a bit harsh on my review but personal taste obviously differs, with that being said I do enjoy Xenosis for what it is. They got something going on here that’s for sure.

Written by J.B.

Label: Playground Music Finland
For fans of: (new) Whitechapel and Threat Signal
Release date: January 18th, 2019
Favorite song: I’m tbe Abyss
Score: 3/5 Good

Sin Deliverance – Inquisition of Morality (Melodic Deathcore)

There is this unsigned deathcore band from Russia whose debut EP Inquisition of Morality I’ve been spinning on and off these past months, that band is called Sin Deliverance. Those that have seen The Metal Gamer best of 2018 list will know that I choose Samsara by The Breathing Process as the deathcore album of the year. A lot of the reason behind the choose is that I personally find blackened and melodic deathcore more memorable in the longrun as the whole atmosphere, use of symphonic elements just clicks with me. The same reasoning can be said of Sin Deliverance as they use the same formula and execute it really well.

The 25 minutes flies by with sweet riffs, great use of keyboard and some classic deathcore vocals. It may not be the most original album I’ve heard but at the same time Sin Deliverance pulls it off wickedly and as a debut this tells the group got a lot of talent in them. From the rainy piano intro to the ending of “Doomsday” I had a great time with this EP and as previously mentioned I’ve gone back to it several times, which in itself does say there is something to get back to. When I discovered Shadow of Intent and reviewed their debut Primordial I got the same feeling, which eventually turned out to become a big hit with the community. While I think Ben Duerr is a big difference maker (he also seems to network a lot) that separates Shadow of Intent from the rest Alexey Slivko also has a great vocal range which further down the line he could develop even more. In the end Inquisition of Morality might not create big ripples in the vast ocean of deathcore but I can see this being the start of greater things, they got the tools for it.

Written by J.B.

Label: Independent
For fans of: Shadow of Intent and The Breathing Process
Release date: September 29th, 2018
Favorite song: Possessed
Score: 3/5 Good

Child of Waste – The Stillborn King (Deathcore)

Child of Waste are the new young blood who wants to make a name for themselves in the ever growing sea of deathcore bands. They hail from France, were created almost to the day four years ago and prior to this EP named The Stillborn King the band had a demo out in 2016.

When I first saw Child of Waste calling themselves a brutal death metal/deathcore hybrid I was intrigued. Add the fantastic cover made by the ever so great Swedish artist Pär Olofsson and it all seemed fine initially, this could be something special in the making I thought. I really soon figured out that the BDM stamp was a big lie though. This is straight up deathcore to the bone the way Angelmaker, Enterprise Earth, A Night in Texas and Aversions Crown does it. As much as I enjoy those said bands I feel The Stillborn King is too much of a clone. Child of Waste offers nothing new to the mix and is in many ways just another “standard deathcore” release with no new tricks to add. However with slick production and some fine breakdowns this is something that can be just what you need if you crave more of the same type of candy you usually devour every Friday night.

There is nothing really memorable for me here as it flies by without leaving a mark, but the 18 minutes of playtime is certainly not a lot so with that in mind this EP is worth checking out for the fans of the genre. Otherwise I suggest you check in the latest releases from The Breathing Process or Carnifex.

Written by J.B.

Label: Independent
For fans of: Angelmaker and Enterprise Earth
Release date: December 14th, 2018
Favorite song: I, Atlas
Score: 2.5/5 Decent

Klysma – Sick (Slamming Deathcore)

Klysma is inviting you to a slamming deathcore party with all their friends and what a party it is! This houseparty goes hard from the start and never stops until you’re completely wasted. When you got friends over like Scordatura, Devour the Fetus and Obsolete Incarnation you’re bound to have a one of a kind, fun, loving and cuddly bash. Add the fact that the members of Klysma can also be heard in bands like Human Barbecue, Putrified J, Human Vivisection and Brutal Sphincter then you know this is no joke.

Let me tell you a not so very secret secret. You know what makes a metal gamer like me go extra hard? When you add some gaming sample in the music! Guess what? Kylsma did just that on the ending of “A Thousand Rotting Corpses” where you can hear music from a Kirby level, that’s right people it’s Kirby slam time! Now that’s fucking brutal! I am not going to lie I’ve heard this kind of music a bunch of times before but Klysma with friends make a rather varied effort on the genre with a lot of sick tunes for the sick minds out there. It’s pure fun and sometimes that’s more than enough. If you just want to check out a couple of tracks to see what Klysma is all about I suggest “Viral Sickness”, “Burning the Dead” and “A Thousand Rotting Corpses”.

Great production, variation to the slaughter, perfect length for this type of music and a lot of fun. It might not end on my albums of the year list but this is definitely worth checking out for fans of early Ingested, Stillbirth and Purefilth!

Written by J.B.

Label: Ghastly Music
For fans of: Stillbirth and Purefilth
Release date: September 7th, 2018
Favorite song: A Thousand Rotting Corpses
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

The Metal Gamer Top 30 albums of 2018 so far!

The Metal Gamer Top 30 albums of 2018 so far!

Am I missing any albums? Do you agree?

topsters2 (1)
The bands and albums featured are:

Sadistik Forest – Mordbid Majesties
At The Gates – To Drink From the Night Itself
Amorphis – Queen of Time
Nekrokraft – Servants
Necrophobic – Mark of the Necrogram
Rivers of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name
LIK – Carnage
Gluttony – Cult of the Unborn
Totalselfhatred – Solitude
Svederna – Svedjeland
Svavelvinter – Mörkrets Tid
Avslut – Deceptis
Skeletal Remains – Devouring Mortality
Raven Throne – I miortvym snicca zolak
Skinless – Savagery
Unflesh – Savior
Demonical – Chaos Manifesto
Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods
Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers
Depravity – Evil Upheaval
Alkaloid – Liquid Anatomy
Begat The Nephilim – I: The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy
Kataklysm – Meditations
Ingested – The Level Above Human
Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (went off the Unique Leader Records release)
Arkona – Khram
Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse
Augury – Illusive Golden Age
Mordant Rapture – The Abnegation
Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare

Inhuman Remnants – Solipsis (Death Metal/Deathcore)


When I saw Inhuman Remnants got the vocalist from Somnium Nox (fantastic atmospheric black metal) on bass I got interested straight away. Besides that horror themed death metal is always something I can get behind and when it’s well executed it makes me get goosebumps. While Inhuman Remains EP is a short one that offers basically a nine and a half minute long track (I count it like that since it’s an intro, a song then and outro on the three tracks) it’s atmospheric and does give some chills down my spine at times. I can imagine a full-length album on this sort of music will do really well and once the EP (I am tempted to call it a single to be honest) is over I do want more of the same formula. One does wonder how many times the quote “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” can be used in metal though. Oh well it fits and isn’t just put in there for the sake of it so why not right?

The slow starts and mid-paced heavy music gives me some Black Tongue or Falsifier vibes and Inhuman Remnants usually keeps on the mid-paced range but have some spikes here and there where they go off to eventually get into a wicked breakdown almost newer Ingested slam style. It fits the theme they got going on and along with the sick vocals that’s around the deathcore area Solipsis became a short but sweet experience. Bring me a full-length album!

Label: Eschatonic Records
For fans of: Ingested and Falsifier
Release date: June 1st, 2018
Favorite song: II. Solipsis
Score: 3.5/5