Interview: Festerday

The Metal Gamer is in its 3rd year now and I’ve been thinking a lot what’s been missing. One thing was starting to review games, to give the name more justice but in the metal side of things there was one more thing missing, interviews! So here we are with the first interview and it’s a big one! I reviewed Iihtallan only days ago and gave it a raving 4/5 (read and listen to the album here) and with the bands long history I thought it was only fitting I get the chance to grab a couple of guys from the band and ask them some questions on the past, present and future.

Festerday has an interesting history with being one of the first death metal bands in Finland but never released a full-length album to then change name several times and even playing in many different genres. Give us some light on why all of the changes happened and the history of the band.

Timo: This is quite common misinterpretation that we have just changed name all the time… All the bands have been totally different bands. Some of them just minor projects or whatever… Festerday was the first ‘real’ band. That time was the prime time of Death Metal worldwide. Death metal kind of saturated and faded away (for me at least) after ’92… that was one reason we started to look the other way. Then came And Oceans. A few guys from Festerday, but also others… totally different music and story. Havoc Unit was a continuation of AO in a way, but again totally different band with a few different members. With that we did one record and that’s it. Now 2013 Festerday was put together again and we started where we left off in 1993… and has nothing to do with the bands in between… The fact is that we have resurrected And Oceans also. So that is also implying that these are different bands, haha…

Kena: All these bands have also been projects with mainly 1-2 demo releases. The main “real” bands were Festerday, And Oceans, Havoc Unit and Magenta Harvest…maybe we should notify Metal Archives about these misleading names…

You’re named after a Carcass song but are there other bands that inspired you guys to create Festerday back in 89?

Timo: Carcass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel etc.

Kena: Pretty much all the old grind and DM bands from the 80’s: Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Dismember etc.

After so many years playing as …and Oceans and Havoc Unit, what made you go back to Festerday?

Timo: It was real nice to go back to those old school riffs and feelings of pure death metal. It was nice to make some riffs not based on technicality or high performance or anything like that… just groovy riffs. Of course things tend to go in cycles… maybe it was time for that again…

Kena: After flirting with all kinds of electronic and industrial elements, I think it was time to hit back to where it all started, to get that full circle completed.

The core of the band has been together since the very start in 1989. How has the years playing all kinds of music together shaped how Festerday sounds in 2019?

Timo: The basic sound is always old school death metal with Festerday. Maybe playing different styles give us the possibility to mix a bit easier influences from other genres if needed. We are not afraid to put some flavors of different styles to our music like we can hear on Iihtallan, but the overall sound still remains in death metal. Of course playing and the ability to makes songs have approved a lot. The sense how to make good songs. Good songs based on good riffs which is the most important thing in my opinion at least.

On Iihtallan are there any songs that you have been brewing since you first buried the band in 93?

Timo: Not any whole songs, but there is at least one riff or almost similar found in ‘Into the Void’.

You guys have been around for a long time. How do you think the metal scene in Finland has evolved during the years?

Timo: Back in the old days when most of the people in the ‘scene’ were teenagers gigs were held in youth houses etc. Bands on the bill were death metal and punk etc. There were not so many people in the ‘scene’ so you knew practically everyone. But even if not so many people involved the more vivid it was back then. Everything was new and exciting and you had to work for finding new bands etc. After ’92 or ’93 almost all death metal bands started to play different kind of music. I can’t say any band right away that remained old school death metal if they continued making music. Then came black metal quite hard. That changed also after 2000. About ten years it was a bit strange time music wise. All kinds of strange bands and genres… Like Havoc Unit etc. haha… Today we have so many great old school death metal bands and black metal bands. Of course the thing is like with every music style… we have too many bands now… it’s really difficult to stand out.

Kena: Finland still has a strong death metal scene with all these new younger bands. Many of the OSDM bands are also still around, and when adding all these new to the old ones, the scene is full and that makes it difficult to stand out, just like Timo said.

From what I can find Festerday haven’t played live outside of Finland. With the new album out is it finally time to spread the death all over Europe?

Timo:We played in Ahvenanmaa/Åland… isn’t that outside Finland? It belongs to Sweden, no? seriously no we didn’t play abroad… maybe because we were so young and it was a bit different case to fix any gigs outside Finland. Of course with this new album things will change, no doubt about it… We are just getting things rolling… So gig/festival organizers please activate!

If you could choose, what bands would you go on a tour with?

Timo: When Dismember reform, we are ready, haha… There are so many great bands, but it could some of those old school death metal bands that have been around late 80’s and early 90’s. It could also some new band no problem with that either…

What does the future hold for Festerday? Do we have to wait 30 years for another full-length (I hope not haha) or is it full-throttle from now on?

Timo: No way, haha… I would be way over 70 by then… We have already new riffs ready and keep on making them.. we are not in a hurry though… let’s see what we can do with this ‘Iihtallan’. So hope to get some great gigs and festivals and let’s see after that…

To close the interview there is one more question to ask. Is there anyone in Festerday that’s a gamer, if there is got any favorite game?

Timo: I can’t say that I’m a gamer, but we have seven different game consoles back home, haha… I play mostly with PS4 games like Assassin’s Creed, some war games etc. At this time my time is really limited since I have to do new music for my different bands, practicing new set lists for coming gigs etc.

Kena: I used to play FPS games a lot earlier. Wolfenstein, MOA, Half-Life, Call of Duty….arrrgh just soooo brilliant. I remember that I played all nights and slept like two hours before work. Sometimes I had to call in as sick leave because I just wanted to continue playing, haha. Nowadays I really don’t have time for games, well, Angry Birds 2 is the only game I play every now and then when I sit and wait for something.

Thanks for your time, is there anything you would like to add?

Timo: If you want to hear and see us or any death metal band, support it by going to gigs, buy official merch!

Kena: Thanks for the interview and keep up the good work. A shame that you can’t send back my stamps these days anymore 😀

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Curse Upon A Prayer – The Three Woes (Black Metal)

Curse Upon A Prayer is for me one of the most underrated black metal acts from Finland, a well kept secret you might say. Since the 2014 debut From the Lands of Demise this Finnish band has shocked many with their songwriting and in many ways been the embodiment of black metal with it’s anti-religion messages. Reason why it seems to shock so many is due to the anti-Islam lyrics, which to me is no different than other anti-religion themes that often occur in black metal. It does seem that both their videos on YouTube (involving the Quran) and shows get cancelled or taken down due to “not meeting the values”, which in my opinion is bullshit. Enough of that though, I just wanted to share some of the bands lyrical theme and background.

So what about the music? Well if you like black metal in the veins of Marduk, 1349 and Gorgoroth then you will feel right at home. It’s aggressive, got blast beats, hate for religion and haunting vocals to top it with. The three songs this EP offers captures the essence of what Curse Upon A Prayer is all about with “Thou Shale Be Cursed” being a highlight not only on the album but the band itself. The atmospheric flair that song offers is exactly the territory I want the band to play around with. While this only offers 16 minutes of playtime it’s a great opportunity to dig into a great underground black metal band, get to know Curse Upon A Prayer then dig into the rest of the discography as the band deserves it. The Three Woes might not turn around any non black metal fans over but it is a short but sweet black metal release that will please any fan of the genre.

Written by J.B.

Label: Saturnal Records
For fans of: Marduk and Gorgoroth
Release date: June 21st, 2018
Favorite song: Thou Shalt Be Cursed
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Kuilu – Monumentti (Black Metal)


Finland, a land of a thousand lakes but also a land that many says have a bit of a melancholic feel to it. It’s dark, gloom environments and weather can do that to a person. Kuilu knows this all too well and their black metal can only be described as melancholic black metal at it’s finest. If I didn’t know any better I would have had a hard time telling this is a debut album because this seems to be the work from seasoned musicians. Formed in 2010 Kuilu have certainly bided their time and honed their craft to create a well written debut that I’ve revisited many times by now. At first I wasn’t in the right state as I was expecting more furious and heavy hitting black metal in the veins of Sargeist or Baptism. While Monumentti wasn’t that at all I came back to it only weeks later, had a new mindset, and found the doom elements, dark and melancholic tones along with the fitting vocals to be nothing but great. Think more Wayfarer and Uada type of black metal and you’re way closer than your “typical” Finnish black metal acts.

This is an atmospheric album that pulls you in if you let it. It might take a few listens but I’ve come to really enjoy Monumentti and as it is right now it stands as one of my favorite black metal albums released this year. Hopelessness, a melodic and melancholic void that’s really sweet music to the ears if you’re in the right mindset. The guitar work especially is something I need to highlight. It’s really captivating and one of the main reasons I enjoy spinning this album from time to time. Kuilu showcase a style of black metal I find very fitting for a Finnish band and they definitely go straight to the higher tiers within this realm of black for me alongside previously mentioned bands Wayfarer and Uada. Question is of course if they can do an equally good or even better album next time around (something for example Uada in my opinion failed to do). One of the best debut albums this year that challenging the listener and worth revisiting many times. Hopefully it doesn’t take eight years for a new full-length but word on the street is they are working hard on their second album already! From now on I will also include the Spotify links in my reviews if I can as sometimes I review an album before it’s out or it’s not on Spotify.

Label: Deviant Records
For fans of: Wayfarer and Uada
Release date: May 5th, 2018
Favorite song: Sisyfos
Score: 4/5

Mors Subita – Into the Pitch Black (Melodic Death Metal)


Mors Subita have been around for awhile. Being one of Finland’s prime melodic death metal bands who is probably often overlooked in the shadows of Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and the likes. The creator Mika Lammassaari is one of many guitar Gods from the country of thousand lakes as he is also features in Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Wolfheart. Into the Pitch Black is the bands third full-length since the formation in 1999.

Let me be honest and saying I wasn’t too keen on this album. Sure it has its moments with “I, God” and “Into the Pitch Black” having some killer riffs that keeps the aggressive modern melodic death metal spirit going. “As Humanity Weeps” brings me back to the days I listened to Threat Signal which was actually kinda fun as I’d almost forgot about that band. Overall though I find the album lacking in some key areas like songwriting, it’s a tad too repetitive and boring which loses my attention in the end. Which might just be me having grown out of this type of melodeath as I used to devour this kind of music ten years ago. Heard this many times before but done better in all honesty. I can’t help to think with an lineup consisting of members from Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Wolfheart and Thyrane this could be so much better.

I am sure many melodeath fans will have a good time with Into the Pitch Black and fans of Mors Subita gets more of the same music they’ve done in the past. Personally this isn’t really up my alley though and it feels a few years too late to be on my radar. It does leave me with a couple of good songs and mixed feelings once I’ve done my journey into the pitch black. A decent album that I feel could be better but one that a younger me might have appreciated a lot more. Sometimes it just doesn’t click like you’d hoped.

Label: Inverse Records
For fans of: Threat Signal and Deals Death
Release date: April 6th, 2018
Favorite song: I, God
Score: 2.5/5

Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)


Back to what I love the most, classic death metal! This time hailing from Finland and their Sadistik Forest. The band started in 2007 and has only had one lineup change since then, which was even before they put out their selftitled debut in 2010. With Markus Makkonen (ex-Hooded Menace) on bass and vocals duty they have one the Finnish undergrounds most talented members leading the charge. So before even starting listening to the band I know I am in for some quality death metal. Like I always do when I get a promo from a band I haven’t heard of before I need to dig into their discography to know what I am dealing with while also getting the sense of the evolution the band has had.

The road they’ve had is quite interesting. Their debut was a rather slow paced death metal album, almost dabbling in sludge and doom, whereas the sophomore Death, Doom, Radiation upped the speed and was heavily thrash influenced. With Morbid Majesties and the opener Morbidly Majestic you can still hear some thrash influences but it’s way more classic death metal in the veins of Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel with a hint of Grave. Good stuff that you’re familiar with and hits hard, a good opener to get you going. Makkonen’s vocals has improved significantly since their past albums in my opinion and it feels like he really nailing the aggressiveness this time around. Actually the whole band has evolved and the aggression, riffs with all the energy that is unleashed upon you on Morbid Majesties is in my ears a whole new beast than their previous albums. Created by Finland’s very own Demilich, Sweden’s Grave and America’s Cannibal Corpse triangle drama love child I would say. You can still hear some thrash influences on tracks like “The Hour of Dead” and sludge/doom elements from time to time but overall Morbid Majesties is more filthy death, yet cleaner in for example production (but not too clean) than before.

After the opening tracks the album does slow down a bit and have more crushing waves coming at you than constant pummelling. Both sides of the album showcasing good underground death metal that doesn’t just stick to a one trick pony. Once I am done listening through the album I feel this is a good album that will probably grow with time. There are a lot more to this album than just death metal that you eat up and spit out then go to the next act, I want to explore every inch of this album. Morbid Majesties also have the problem that I’m having a hard time selecting my favorite song. Do I want the slow beating but insanely heavy Monsters of Death that reeks of Cannibal Corpse or the moshpit opener (55 seconds in) that is Zero Progress? Doesn’t really matter as it’s candy that I want to devour and get addicted to. It’s by far their most brutal and varied offering to date which takes the band to new heights. This is the sound the band has worked on to achieve over the years and they have succeeded.

Morbid Majesties is not only Sadistik Forest best album to date, it’s one of the best albums of the year.

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of: Demilich and Grave
Release date: May 25th, 2018
Favorite song: Monsters of Death
Score: 4.5/5

Skein – Deadweight (Darkened Alternative Metal)


Lets start with some fact. Skein were formed in 2004 in Tampere, Finland and plays darkened alternative metal (I honestly didn’t know that was a thing but nevermind the genre label). They have three EP’s and one full-length prior the release of Deadweight in their name. While their latest full-length release from 2014 Of Wings Unfolding was a concept album their sophomore album is not. Deadweight is produced by the melancholic master Tuomas Kokko (Ghost Brigade, Swallow the Sun, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus) and released by Inverse Records.

Melancholic yet beautiful, that’s how I would describe Skein’s emotional sophomore album. As you could probably already tell by the genre and producer behind the band. I get A Perfect Circle featuring Hanging Garden feeling from their music and that in itself is no small feat. Finnish bands are masters when it comes to create an melancholic atmosphere and Skein just adds to that fact. I usually don’t listen to this type of alternative rock but Skein’s mix of clean vocals and screamo, along with some great songwriting, made this an album I certainly won’t see as deadweight in my collection. Lies Mundane, Deadweight along with the two epic closing tracks In Circles and The Unknown are my favorite tracks from the album. Funny thing with the title track Deadweight is that I think vocalist Sami Silvennoinen sounds a lot like Matt Heafy from Trivium on this track with his screamo technique.

I have to say Skein surprised me. I thought this wasn’t going to be my type of music but sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone and listen to something new. I am glad I did as Skein has now opened up a whole new genre for me to listen to. Thank you.

Label: Inverse Records
For fans of: A Perfect Circle and Hanging Garden
Favorite song: In Circles
Score: 4/5