The Last Ten Seconds of Life – The Violent Sound (Deathcore)


Starting off with immense riffs, heavy groovy bass, deep growls and even great clean vocals Little Black Line takes The Last Ten Seconds of Life into a new direction and I love it. This might not be as “heavy and brutal” if you want your music without any cleans but oh are you missing out then. Slowing it down a notch but still keeping it very groovy/heavy (to be fair TLTSOF have always been more about the slow groove) and adding cleans for me just takes the band to a level and make them stand out from your general deathcore. So I salute them for doing that, granted I can see a few old school fans thinking this is a wrong move I think it is good they are trying to evolve.

With that said they still got some songs on the album that got their old sound without any cleans, like Bloodlust. Then you got Casanova which gives me an Marilyn Manson feeling. So there is a song on the album both for old and new fans alike. Having a diversity on the album is what’s keeping this album fresh and The Violent Sound will be playing in my stereo for years to come due to that, which might not be the case on some of the more generic deathcore bands I might like today for example. Taste in music changes and sometimes the bands changes with your taste. I think The Last Ten Seconds of Life might just have pulled that off just at the right time in their career.

For fans of: Fit For An Autopsy and Lorna Shore
Favorite song: Little Black Line


Netherbird – The Grander Voyage (Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal)


Netherbird are back! After splitting up just two years ago most of the band got back together earlier this year, with some new additions, and have already produced another full-length album in The Grander Voyage. Having been around since 2004 the band are veterans within the scene having had some of the best cover art there is in my opinion. The band are now signed with Black Lodge Records as well, one of my all time favorite labels (Sabaton, Amorphis, Candlemass etc), which is great to see and a quality stamp.

Just like Netherbird has before they play a very Dissection influenced melodic black metal, just the way I love it. They don’t deliver anything revolutionary and innovating to the genre, but they don’t have to. Netherbird are still a tight group that know how to bring you those killer riffs, changing the tempo just the right way, bringing in instrumental tracks that guides you towards the mayhem they are about to release and giving you that saddening dark atmosphere while doing so. The hissing, rasping vocals are just about the right volume too, a little distant but still there to add depth to the music. Very Dissection like and good!

I think The Grander Voyage is one of Netherbird’s best releases (The Ferocious Tides of Fate being my favorite). If you’re an old fan of Netherbird then you will definitely love this. If you are a new to Netherbird then you are off to a good start with The Grander Voyage.

For fans of: Dissection and Naglfar
Favorite song: The Silvan Shrine

Eldjudnir – Eldjudnir (Atmospheric Black Metal)


The selftitled album by Eldjudnir is the bands second full-length and their follow-up of Angrboða. Coming from Denmark, playing black metal and writing music for the stories from Norse Mythology this is something that is right up my alley. I mean Norse Mythology, black metal done by Scandinavians, what can go wrong?

What hits me first on Hræsvelgr is the bass play that really sticks out, add the sound of the drums and guitar then it almost sound like a diabolical jazz session. Very different but that’s also what makes Eldjudnir stand out, either you get it or you don’t. The unsettling atmosphere and eerie clean vocals fused with jazz is definitely something you have to be a fan of to experience Eldjudnir the right way. I have to say I was not sold on Eldjudnir at first but after giving the album a few listens it grew on me. This is rather complex music, unique and interesting that you need to give yourself time to understand. I find that really cool that even today you can find unique sounding bands such as Eldjudnir.

So where would I put this album? Hit or miss? Well it’s really hard to rate but I do think everyone should give this album a try. Because I am quite sure this will be an new experience for you just like it was to me.

For fans of: Panopticon and Ved Buens Ende
Favorite song: Gagnråd

Lucifer’s Cold Embrace – Sovereign Heresy (Symphonic Black/Death Metal)


Lucifer’s Cold Embrace is the devilish solo project by the Dutch talent Martin van Beek. It all started with Martin and his girlfriend sharing the passion for bands like Dissection and Naglfar so Martin decided to write songs for her with the diabolical inspiration they give you. The result is nothing short but a five track EP that captures the very essence of satanic melodies, singing symphonic hate for God while giving love to Lucifer.

The starting song Rising gives me The Serpentine Offering by Dimmu Borgir vibes all over (with a touch of Satyricon). A very good start that definitely gets me going. Lucifer’s Cold Embrace follows it up with Black Death, a foul track about the pestilence that takes me more towards the older Dissection sound and lyrics. It’s just so evil. Then we have my favorite song on Sovereign Heresy, The Gift of Life. I think this is one of the best songs released this year. It makes Jon Nödtveidt (ex-Dissection) turn in his grave with joy that out there is a Dutch mastermind that can follow some of the work he has made legend. Martin then end Sovereign Heresy journey with Serpentine Flames – Embers of Hate and The Shepherd’s Rod. Two just as diabolical songs as the rest of the album and after spending 20 minutes with Lucifer’s Cold Embrace you are left begging for more.

Good thing is though that Sovereign Heresy is the first in a planned series of many and I can’t wait what Martin comes out with next. Everything from the song-writing, music and production is top notch which will give every fan of Dimmu Borgir, Dissection and Naglfar a reason to rejoice as Lucifer’s Cold Embrace takes you.

For fans of: Naglfar and Dissection
Favorite song: The Gift of Life

Ulfsark – Einherjar (Epic Viking/Power Metal)


Oh some viking metal from Spain to listen to? Don’t mind if I do! The spaniards in Ulfsark, who were founded in 2014, recently released their debut EP Einherjar. Like the sucker I am for epic viking music I just knew I had to dig into this. Checking through their pictures as well I could see they are the real deal, getting Ensiferum vibes like crazy. This aside though, how do they sound? Well what do you know, they sound like Ensiferum as well! This isn’t a bad thing though as Ensiferum is one of my favorite bands, just like I guess Ulfsark thinks too.

With songs about valhalla, travels, feasts, drinking and war you know you got the recipe for a wicked viking metal album. I think Ulfsark is on to something with their EP Einherjar and I hope to see them release a full-length album in the near future.

For fans of: Ensiferum and Brymir
Favorite song: Blood and Beer

Insision – Terminal Reckoning (Brutal Death Metal)


From one non-Swedish sounding death metal to the other we have Insision today. Difference between Insision and Volturyon is that while Volturyon still keep some of the Swedish death metal sound Insision does not and instead sound almost more American in their take on death metal. Just like the sound brutal death metal lords Deranged started with in Sweden in the early 90’s Insision is keeping the spirit up and have been going for almost 20 years now. Various lineup changes have happened during the years and it’s taken some time for the band to find a stable lineup. Daniel Ekeroth for example left the band due to his writing (he wrote the book “Swedish Death Metal”) and publishing schedule taking too much of his time. Hence 9 years between the latest release Ikon and Terminal Reckoning.

Now the band is back in action though and dare I say stronger than ever! The bands experience sure shows as there is literally not a single track you would want to skip. From the hammering speed in Infected to the slower tempo Old Ways there is greatness within. Carl Birath being as vile as ever in his growling, Roger Johansson just as sick on solos as you remember and the new blood in Gustav Trodin, Ljusebring Terrorblaster (Division Vansinne, who I reviewed some time ago) and Adam Ramis seems to fit in just nicely with the duo.

This is 35 minutes of solid old school brutal death metal and that in itself is quite rare these days. Want to listen how Sweden can create brutal death metal? Then grab Insision’s fourth full-length Terminal Reckoning today!

For fans of: Deranged and Vile
Favorite song: Old Ways

Volturyon – Cleansed by Carnage (Death Metal)


Volturyon comes from Sweden and plays not what I would like to call your generic Swedish death metal sound. If you think you will get an Entombed or Dismember experience you are quite far from the truth as this is a more brutal technical death metal experience than you might be used to from Sweden, while still keeping that grooviness. These guys got more in common with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Decapitated than any generic old school Swedish death metal band. Closest you can come in Sweden I would think is my local favorites Deranged (more on their latest release in an upcoming blog post) and the now split-up Vomitory.

The band features one of my favorite vocalists Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) and I might even go as far as saying this is his best performance yet! He just seems even more on point than usually with the more fast brutal sound seeming to fit him like a glove. Adding the long-time members Christian Netzell (ex-In Mourning) on blasting drums, Johan Gustafsson (Fimbultyr) together with Andreas Olander bringing the relentless guitar solos and their latest member Oskar Pålsson putting the bass grove all of a sudden you got the formula of a great brutal death metal band.

Volturyon has evolved loads since their debut album from 2008 Blood Cure with their new lineup and sound. It’s an development that’s been fun to follow and this headbang friendly album Cleansed by Carnage is a most have for every death metal fanatic out there.

For fans of: Deicide and Decapitated
Favorite song: To Starve You