Be’lakor – Vessels (Melodic Death Metal)


The name Be’lakor is the name of a demon from the tabletop game Warhammer. A game probably many of you have played or know someone that has. I like when bands do that, same with Ereb Altor being from Dungeons and Dragons. Anyways Be’lakor way of playing melodic death metal I’ve always held in high regard against bands such like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and In Mourning. Bands who have probably influenced Be’lakor a lot along the way and it’s nice to see an Australian band do something so well that’s quite heavy associated with the Nordic metal scene.

Vessels is the fourth release from the band and Be’lakor just keeps on releasing great albums. Granted I have to say I don’t think this is their best release but then again it is very hard to beat Stone’s Reach which is already a melodeath classic. Still Vessels will leave you satisfied and Be’lakor have made their already great discography even greater.

For fans of: Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum
Favorite song: An Ember’s Arc

Division Vansinne – Dimension Darkness (Death/Black Metal)


Division Vansinne was created at the year of 2008 by guitarist and current vocalist TortureXvidian with the idea to keep the old spirit of early 90’s black/death metal alive. After a lot of ups and downs with band members coming and going the band finally got into the studio in 2015 and Dimension Darkness was born and released in 2016. Meaning despite the band being created eight years ago Division Darkness is the bands debut.

I don’t know if it has to do with all the shit the band has had to get it all going or what it is but they sound very very angry. The blasting tempo with a great range of riffs and evil growling put together creates the very old school black/death metal sound the band is going for. Think death metal bands like Bolt Thrower, Decapitated and Necrophobic together with black metal bands such as Mayhem, Darkthrone and Immortal mixed in a blender and you get Division Vansinne. An war machine pumped full with wicked darkness.

A note before you listen to this album is that Division Vansinne sings in both Swedish and English. Not that it matters too much as even if they sang in Swahili you could still headbang to this. I can also say that Black Lion Records have done it again! On the lookout for refined old school black/death metal? Then grab Division Vansinne’s debut Dimension Darkness today!

For fans of: Bolt Thrower and Necrophobic
Favorite song: Sadistic Love Session

Mist of Misery – Absence (Symphonic/Depressive Black Metal)


Hailing from Sweden featuring members from Hyperion. Seeing as Hyperion has released one of the best albums this year, I couldn’t let Mist of Misery slip my gaze. Also this is the third time I review an album from Black Lion Records (reviewed Hyperion and Vindland earlier), where all albums have been a pure joy to dig into. Absence is the bands second full-length after releasing Black Autumn 2011 in, yes you guessed it, 2011.

Even though Mist of Misery consists of two (out of their three members) Hyperion members their sound differs quite a bit. Both bands do draw influences from Dissection, who I just can’t stop praising, but in Mist of Misery’s case they sound more like Totalselfhatred and ColdWorld. Another two great bands to draw influences from. Absence got some very beautiful instrumental parts that lays the foundation of the depressive mood you are about to hit. Take the song Absence as an example, you can almost feel the cold death from the instrumental parts alone.

The whole album focuses a lot on setting the tone through slow symphonic piano, guitar and drums playing with other type of sounds like the sound of the wind in the background. Mist of Misery does it really well and after listening to Absence I am left here pondering about my existence, and it is really beautiful.

For fans of: Totalselfhatred and ColdWorld
Favorite song: Mist of Misery

Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter (Black Metal)


Seeing as Winterfylleþ was the Old English name for the month of October I thought it was only fitting I review their latest album The Dark Hereafter during that month. The Dark Hereafter is the bands 5th full-length since their formation in 2007, soon celebrating 10 years. Time sure does go fast as it seems it was only a couple of years ago since I first heard of them.

Continuing their lyrical theme of nature, paganism and landscapes you can see this as a Primordial meets Saor style of black metal. I am quite sure you know this though since I take it everyone into underground metal have heard about Winterfylleth by now. They do keep the same type of style as they have since their debut The Ghost of Heritage and why shouldn’t they? If it aint broke don’t fix it. They have simply refined their original sound and made it even better.

Fans of Winterfylleth will surely recognise the sound and feel right at home. While if you are a new listener to Winterfylleth you are in luck, as this is their best work yet and a perfect time to start listening to Winterfylleth.

For fans of: Drudkh and Saor
Favorite song: Ensigns Of Victory

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony (Melodic Black/Death Metal)


Ever wondered what Dissection would sound like today? Well don’t fear dear reader as Hyperion’s debut Seraphical Euphony takes you to an occult world heavy influenced by the dark masters Dissection. This has Storm of the Light’s Bane written all over it. Funny enough I think that’s one of the best Melodic Black/Death albums ever released so calling it a good influence is an understatement. Has to be said this also bodes well for my Black Lion Records backlog, the label Hyperion belongs to and a label I only heard of a few days ago (thanks to Vindland) and started writing down their list of bands to go through. So far I’ve heard two really great albums coming out of the label, not bad.

Back to Hyperion. You can’t tell this is the Swedes debut album. Everything from the riffs, songwriting to production is well made. They should be up there along the likes of Dissection and Naglfar when you talk about good melodic black metal, they are just that good. Thank you Swedish metal demons for embracing the world with another top tier band. Welcome the era of Hyperion, your new demonic demon God.

For fans of: Dissection and Naglfar
Favorite song: Empyrean Yearning

Lascar – Absence (Post-Black Metal)


Lascar is a one man band from Chile made by Gabriel Hugo two years ago with Absence being Hugo’s full-length debut. The album is 34 minutes long and consists of four tracks. Abscene takes a very atmospheric post-black metal road and you can definitely draw influences towards Ghost Bath and Wayfarer in both the sound and lyrical theme. The cover art is great and a reproduction of “Sterbender Hirsch” (“Dying Deer”), the covert art straight away sets the tone for the album and what is to come. An emotional journey in the wilderness, much like Wayfarer’s Old Souls’s that I reviewed a couple months back.

Abscene leaves a lot of the work to the instrument parts and the vocals are quite distant but that just sets the whole nature theme more into light. Perfect album to dream away on, why not have it on while taking a long walk in the forest for the weekend? Or just put your earphones on, completely in your zone, and take that walk in your very own room.

For fans of: Ghost Bath and Wayfarer
Favorite song: Wilderness

Nothgard – The Sinner’s Sake (Epic Melodic Death Metal)


Nothgard’s third full-length release The Sinner’s Sake is the bands first with the new bass player Nico Kolja. Nothgard, as some of you probably know, is basically a German supergroup with members from Wolfchant and Equilibrium. Both within the folk genre and kind of epic in their own ways, so it isn’t a surprise to hear Nothgard having raving solos, wicked drumming and simply great melodic epic music. With that said they have more in common with Ensiferum and is a mix of the Finnish (Ensiferum, Brymir and even Children of Bodom) and German (Equilibrium and Suidakra) epic folk sound.

The band does pull it off really well and the orchestral parts, like the whole intro song Glittering Shades especially , does make it truly epic. On a side note the album cover art looks great too. I feel almost any song here could be put into a single as they are so epic it hurts. The riffs are roaring like thunder that some power metal bands can only dream off, the drums beating like mjölnir and vocals powerful like Thor himself. Basically together they make a mean epic melodic death metal God. For me this is one of the biggest surprises within the epic music genre. Might be because this is my first run in with Nothgard, or it’s simply because they’ve made an….wait for it… epic album.

For fans of: Equilibrium and Ensiferum
Favorite song: From Lambs To Lions