Shadow of Intent – Reclaimer (Deathcore)


Released the same day as Firespawn’s The Reprobate I had to make a tough choice which to review first. Since I’d review deathcore albums for half the week I thought it was time for some death metal then. That said it doesn’t necessarily mean I like this any less! It’s actually only been a year since Shadow of Intent dropped their debut album Primordial, the Halo (video game) themed melodic deathcore sound was perfect for me to have as one of the first review on The Metal Gamer. I didn’t have it in my top 20 of the year but that was honestly a miss, Primordial mainly missed out simply due to me forgetting how great it was and took in some albums on my list that I reviewed closer in time to when I was making the list. Oh well I guess that happens to a lot of people. So does Reclaimer live up to one of last years best releases?

They got the epic entry down with We Descend… orchestral setting joined with Ben Duerr’s growls from hell (or space in this case), sweet guitar plays and roaring drums. The orchestral elements are a lot more present on Reclaimer than on Primordial, which is great in my opinion as it adds more depth to the music. It also feels closer to the Halo series due to it, more of an epic battle kind of feeling. The use of clean vocals I was a bit scared how it would turn out but already when the single The Horror Within came out I knew there was nothing to worry about. He nails it! What else is new on Reclaimer? Oh Shadow of Intent managed to get some really class acts to feature on Reclaimer. Or how about Jason Evans (Ingested) and Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator) joining their evil vile forces on The Catacombs? Aleksandr Shikolai (aka Alex Terrible from Slaughter to Prevail) continues to remain an active presence having featured in quite a few albums so far. He does a great job just as well here on The Gathering of All. Then we also have a vocalist from a band I recently started getting into Tom Barber from Lorna Shore on The Prophet’s Beckoning.

While I see those three songs as highlights on Reclaimer, Shadow of Intent pushes their sound even further even if those songs wouldn’t be on the album. Songs such as The Horror Within, The Forsaken Effigy and The Great Schism (instrumental song with sweet guitar, piano solos) are more than great examples of that. Primordial was a great debut, Reclaimer is, only one year later, even better and really shows the talent Shadow of Intent got. To be able to develop so much as a band in such a short amount of time is nothing short but greatness in the making. Who knows how far these guys can go? Maybe it’s time to bring Shadow of Intent into the discussion who can be crowned as the new deathcore kings soon? All hail the king Shadow of Intent. The best deathcore band to have spawned these past years.

April 28th was a wicked day for music, one of the best death metal and deathcore releases of the year out on the same day. Shadow of Intent’s sophomore album Reclaimer is out now as an independent release. A must have for any deathcore fan.

For fans of: Angelmaker and Aversions Crown
Favorite song: The Catacombs


Lorna Shore – Flesh Coffin (Deathcore)


My friends I will be honest with but I’ve sinned. In the beginning I didn’t honestly like Lorna Shore all that much, wasn’t until The Underground (a metal group on facebook I can advise you to join) and especially Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent vocalist) started writing about how great they were. I saw people getting tattoo’s of the Flesh Coffin cover and then I said “man I need to listen to this album”. Better late than never but here we are!

Lorna Shore have a really good mix of fast hard hitting riffs, wicked growls (Tom Barber has a wide range of growling styles), well-written evil lyrics, melodic at times and down-tempo elements (the Traitors kind). Songs like Denounce the Light are pure evil and features all of those things I just mentioned, quickly turning into a song I listen to daily. You also have the catchy course in The Astral Wake of Time that gets stuck in your head. FVNERAL MOON, the albums hit single, was the song that got me interested in Lorna Shore and it’s freaking great. I thought that song was going to be my favorite one on the album as it’s a good song that I’ve heard many times before coming into this album. However with tracks like Denounce the Light, Void and Infernum on the album it’s not even in the contest for favorite song. This in itself speaks of the high level Flesh Coffin brings to the table.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, 2017 is THE year for deathcore. The genre just keeps on giving great albums, a category Flesh Coffin easily falls into. Lorna Shore – Flesh Coffin is out now through Outerloop Records.

For fans of: Enterprise Earth and Fit For An Autopsy
Favorite song: Denounce the Light

So This Is Suffering – Palace of the Pessimist (Deathcore)


As I did the Enterprise Earth review yesterday I realized I’d totally forgotten some deathcore releases I’d even looked forward to review. One of those is So This Is Suffering’s Palace of the Pessimist. Being formed back in 2006 they are one of the oldest deathcore bands going (yes I know the scene isn’t that old), having released their first EP Harlot in 2009 and eventually their full-length debut A Deathscene on Delay in 2012. Despite being formed 11 years ago Palace of the Pessimist is the bands sophomore album, having had to wait five years for this record. So the question is, is this worth the wait? Will So This Is Suffering stand their ground in this ever so growing scene?

Sleeper Hold builds up the album, starting slow and groovy but that changes less than one minute in as it unleashes chaos. To follow it up Lecherous got the most wicked technical riffs quickly turning it into my favorite song on the album. After that great start you might wonder what’s next in line. My answer is it doesn’t get any better than that, does that mean the rest of the album is bad? No it means Lecherous is simply too good of a song in my opinion. Other high points for me are Columbine and Dreameater, both tracks that’s become music videos and are probably the two tracks that’s drawn you into listening to Palace of the Pessimist. Rest of the album is solid too and if this release came out almost any other year I would place it as a contender for deathcore album of the year. The competition is simply too fierce this year though, a good or great album won’t win this year. A freaking amazing album that blows you away will. Who knows though, some albums grows on you more with time and some you like less with time. I might change my opinion giving this album more spins the coming eight months. Time will tell.

What I do know is that So This Is Suffering is a band some people might take too lightly. Even with them being veterans within the genre I sometimes think they are overlooked. Don’t be that guy. So This Is Suffering is a band among the greats of deathcore and Palace of the Pessimist will make any headbanger happy.

So This Is Is Suffering’s sophomore album Palace of the Pessimist is out now through your favorite brutal label Unique Leader Records.

For fans of: Boris the Blade and Fit For An Autopsy
Favorite song: Lecherous

Enterprise Earth – Embodiment (Deathcore)


One of my favorite deathcore bands Enterprise Earth are back at it again! It seems like it’s been forever since they came out with Patient 0, one of my favorite deathcore albums ever, but it’s actually only been two years ago. Since the bands formation in 2014 they’ve had quite a lot of change in the line-up, however the core duo Dan Watson and BJ Sampson have always remained. So it’s with a fresh new line-up we get Embodiment, Enterprise Earth’s sophomore release.

Dan is as good as ever, remaining as one of my favorite deathcore vocalists. The shredding, beatdowns, utter brutality is greater than ever and I dare say this is Enterprise Earth’s best work yet. You got Mortem Incarnatum’s short but great guitar solo, Dan showcasing his vocal range together with the sweet tempo-changes. Temptress then in turn got some of the greatest riffs Enterprise Earth have had, and this is just the beginning of the album! They don’t hold back on anything with this album and you can tell they have been really fired up to get their sophomore album out bigger, meaner and better than ever. Every song on this album got something to offer to the whole album experience and it’s a joy to hear deathcore being created at this level, even if some voices in the music scene says it’s dying. You sometimes get vibes from Rings of Saturn and Infant Annihilator with the more technical riffs or utter brutality on Embodiment. Seeing Enterprise Earth got roots from those said bands that’s not strange though and just adds to the wide range of skills they show.

Fans of deathcore be wary. This is a big year for the genre, Aversions Crown started it off early on with a wicked release, having had the likes of Lorna Shore, So This Is Suffering, Fit For An Autopsy and now Enterprise Earth to follow that road of greatness. And there’s more coming from bands such as Oceano and Shadow of Intent! Safe to say this is a year where it will be very hard to pick your deathcore album of the year.

This is an album deathcore followers would do best not to miss. Enterprise Earth – Embodiment is out now through Stay Sick Recordings.

For fans of: Angelmaker and Aversions Crown
Favorite song: Temptress

Creating the Godform – Odium (Deathcore)


Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa there is a new brutal down-tempo deathcore band in town called Creating the Godform. The band formed in 2016 and it didn’t take them long to release their first EP, Odium. Though it’s only 14 minutes long it shows a lot of promise from the band. Taking the down-tempo groovy sound from the likes of Black Tongue and brutal deathcore from Osiah, merging that into one entity and you get what Creating the Godform is about.

I am interested in seeing what Creating the Godform can do on a full-length release (hopefully in 2017?). Will they take their down-tempo brutal groovy deathcore to the next level? If they do will it be more towards the Black Tongue or Osiah sound? Or sticking to the mix, honing the craft. Time will tell and I liked what I heard on Odium so whatever road they choose I am sure it will be killer deathcore that will please any fan of the genre. Until then be sure to check out their EP Odium!

For fans of: Black Tongue and Osiah
Favorite song: Invasion

The Dialectic – The Dialectic (Deathcore)


Mitch Howie, remember that name as his vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard. I can understand that he’s won an award for his Whitechapel cover’s because wow is this top tier stuff that can stand against deathcore legends like them. He seems to be able to hit everything right with ease. Bring Mitch together with three other talented musicians and you got yourself a beast of a deathcore band.

The self titled album of The Dialectic is the bands debut after earlier releasing two EP’s. You got all your deathcore ingredients here, ruthless breakdowns, metallic riffs and sweet grooves. No down-tempo here but straight up deathcore with brutal death metal and speedy slamming.

Together with Osiah’s Terror Firma album this is definitely the best deathcore debut of the year so far.

For fans of: Whitechapel and A Night in Texas
Favorite song: Misbegotten One

Osiah – Terror Firma (Deathcore)


Wow, I am surprised to hear a band release an full-lenght debut as brutal as Osiah have done. Because fuck me is Terror Firma just brutal deathcore in its purest form, no bullshit just mutilating people full speed with a bulldozer. That’s how heavy this is. I mean holy shit they got the slow-tempo down like they were Black Tongue on the Brokden track then they just speed it up with a relentless assault Thy Art is Murder style on the next track Street Justice. Osiah is simply the complete package of extreme brutal metal. Some of the growling Ricky Lee Roper manage to do I’ve never even heard before (1min into Brokden, what the fuck is that even!?).

Whatever you do, do NOT miss this album! You might think deathcore is dull but I tell you that it’s bands like Osiah that tells you to shut the fuck up about the label deathcore and listen to our badass music instead!

For fans of: Thy Art is Murder and Carnifex
Favorite song: Brokden