Serocs – Vore (Brutal Technical Death Metal)

Serocs was a band that many got to know in 2018 with their fourth full-length album The Phobos/Deimos Suite. The album crushed all competition in the genre and I myself had it high up on my yearly list and got the “brutal death metal album of the year” award. With that being said I was obviously stoked for their upcoming EP Vore. The album consists of seven tracks, where the two last tracks “Nihilus” and “Anthropic” are from a 2011 demo (“Nihilus” was featured in a new version on The Phobos/Deimos Suite, while the new “Anthropic” is the opener for Vore). So for an EP this is actually pretty sweet, close to a full-length I would say seeing the running time is over 26 minutes. The line-up has stayed mostly the same, with the big difference being that Phil Tougas (Chthe’ilist, First Fragment and Funebrarum) is not a full member any more like he was on The Phobos, but instead has helped as a session member with sick guitar solos on track two and additional songwriting on track one and five so he has been apart of almost half the album.

It starts of just like I’d hoped on the opener “Anthropic”, with some fast and heavy music that got killer technical riffs which they set the bar really high for on their last full-length. Gotta love those bass solos too! Need more of that in metal overall in my opinion. Following it up “Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands” comes on, the single I quickly fell in love with and made me pre-order the album. This is also were Phil Tougas comes in with wicked solos. This is Serocs at its peak and it’s one of the best songs that will be released this year. If you don’t just go ape-shit over that solo half-way into the song then I don’t know if you even like guitars! It’s close to a perfect track in this style. After a short breather with the instrumental tune “Shallow Vaults” it’s time for another previously released single in “The Temple of Knowledge”. The track is a bit slower paced than the first two were but still packs a punch that will sucker punch you if you’re not ready for it. “To Self Devour” has some nice hooks to it but that song doesn’t really connect with me at first. I feel they might have strayed away from their sound a bit too much on the start of that song until it, around 1/3 in, ramps up where I then feel at home again and it ends on a high note. Then we have the two demo tracks. I could have lived without them in all honesty but at the same time it’s actually really fun to hear how two instrumental songs can turn into something quite different on the end results. The blueprints they used did eventually turn into two killer songs after all.

As it usually is with a good EP it’s over way too fast. Vore is another great piece in the Serocs discography and while it didn’t blow me away like The Phobos/Deimos Suite did (which I consider being one of the best brutal death metal albums of the decade) it’s superb musicianship by a very hungry band. Vore has some real highs but it isn’t near the same overall level however it showcase different sides of Serocs that fans can appreciate. I do miss having Phil Tougas on guitar on the whole album that’s for sure, but Serocs is all about quality and do extremely well on their own anyway it has to be said. Serocs is a band everyone should know by now, if you don’t Vore is a great place to start your journey before jumping on their masterpiece The Phobos/Deimos Suite.

Artist: Serocs
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Release date: June 26th, 2020
Favorite track: Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands
For fans of: Defeated Sanity & Unfathomable Ruination
Score: 4/5 Excellent


Everlasting Spew Records

Visions of Disfigurement – Aeons of Misery (Slam/Brutal Death Metal)

Let me get started with saying I was not a big fan of of Visions of Disfigurement going into this review. I personally didn’t enjoy my time with Abhorrent Extinction and it wasn’t until I heard a single from Aeons of Misery I thought “what is this the same band? They sound a lot better now!”. I’m sure the fans of the band who liked their first material might think the other way around but their change into a much, much better mix between brutal and slam (leaning more towards brutal death in this case) with great production and overall just better performances by all the members spoke to me more than before.

End result is an absolute killer of an album. Visions of Disfigurement will slay you with Aeons of Misery. One of the heaviest, most compact albums I’ve heard in a long time and this is definitely the road the band should walk and hone their craft. From start to finish the album just keeps on bashing your skull with sick vocals and heavy riffs. There is no denying fans of the extreme will get their fill here and extra gains for the gym sessions. Was actually a really long time since I gave an album within the brutal/slam school higher than a 4 in score but Aeons of Misery deserves it. They don’t reinvent the wheel or do anything ground breaking for the genre, but they do reinvent themselves and it knocked me out cold. It’s just filthy, sick heavy music done to crater the fans of this style, nothing more, nothing less. Also has to be said the cover art is wonderful, that Balrog kind of looking demon fighting a Lovecraft like creature is a most fitting cover that adds the cherry on the top (great work by Pedro Sena). This will be a hard album to beat in its genre this year so don’t miss out on it!

Artist: Visions of Disfigurement
Label: Realityfade Records
Release date: June 8th, 2020
Favorite track: Spawning Putrefaction
For fans of: Rendered Helpless & Gutrectomy
Score: 4.5/5 Near perfection

Visions of Disfigurement

Realityfade Records

Grimentitiy – To Perfection (Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore)

For those unfamiliar the band Grimentitiy is a new challenger that’s arrived from Belarus and with the short EP titled To Perfection (also called Promo 2020) have released their first physical album. The band is a trio which features a known name in Pavel Lapkouski on guitars and vocals, you might now him as the bass player in Relics of Humanity or from his past band Stickoxydal. Stickoxydal actually plays a similar style as Grimentitiy (where Pavel did guitars and vocals too) so it’s safe to say that’s something Pavel has built on when founding the band along with Roman Drobishevski (drums) and Nikita Metelskiy (vocals, bass).

Instantly the album begins with some intense instrumental works, soon followed by Pavel’s and Nikita’s vocals which are a great combo. Mixing the brutal death metal and grindcore feeling just perfectly where you can’t help but to think about Dying Fetus. “The Power of Broken” then comes on and what a track! While I thought the opener was a nice introduction where I got to know Grimentitiy they just blow me away with the next one, literally skipping a few bases going straight to the finish line. Ending To Perfection they did a Lock Up cover on the song “Dead Sea Scroll Deception”. Truth be told I think this is better than the original version, it has more power to it and I simply just love the vocals of Grimentitiy.

There isn’t really anything to complain about on To Perfection, only that it’s too short! Less than nine minutes long it still managed to get my blood pumping and I can’t wait to here more from Grimentitiy. They do grindcore just the way I want to to be, with a touch of brutal death in the mix. It’s well executed, done by a trio that knows their shit, well mixed and pays homage to some of the best death/grindcore music you’ve heard. Done by fans of the genre and I’m sure will be loved by fans of the genre!

Artist: Grimentitiy
Label: Independent
Release date: February 10th, 2020
Favorite track: The Power of Broken
For fans of: Dying Fetus and Lock Up
Score: 4/5 Excellent


Esophagus – Defeated By Their Inferiority (Slam/Brutal Death Metal)

Formed 2008 in Chile the band Esophagus has had some turbulent years. At the start they were a very active group, releasing two demo’s and two EP’s in four years. After that the band was quiet for a few years, trying out different members and it wasn’t until late last year we got new material in form of a split with Supreme Banishment that had two Esophagus songs in it. One of those two songs “To Reveal the Lifeblood of the New Race” has followed from the split to their debut full-length titled Defeated By Their Inferiority. Before I start the review it has to be said Realityfade Records and their founder Dimitri Sagaidak has done a superb job with the limited edition box of this album! Inspired with how the gaming (and movie) world does it with all the goodies that comes with a limited edition box it features a cool trading card and Predator inspired poster just to name a few things. That’s the way I want my limited edition boxes and I’ve personally ordered one (plus the Visions of Disfigurement box)! Only thing I really miss is a patch because I collect them. I’ve never seen a box like this before so thought it was a fun note but anyways back to the music!

What hits me first is the devastating vocals from the duo Fabian Muñoz and Hugo Ojeda. They complete each other so well and the sounds the two combines slays like a Predator on steroids. When “Pulverized by Misanthropic Behavior” comes on the filthy breakdown and tempo changes has now won me over, Esophagus sure knows how to mix brutal death metal with slam in a great way. On “Emperor Flesh Crown Supremacy”, “Offering to the Elder Gods” and “Beating Her to Deformity (Heinous Killings)” is where the really juicy slams drops though and those three tracks alone makes Defeated By Their Inferiority well worth your time. What an ending! The only thing I can actually complain about from this album is that I would of hoped the first part of if had blasted me away into oblivion just as much. There is no denying though that Esophagus has dropped a very good debut album with the last segment of it being totally killer stuff, much fitting a Predator on the hunt looking for blood. An interesting band to follow for the future to see if they can build on this!

Artist: Esophagus
Label: Realityfade Records
Release date: May 10th, 2020
Favorite track: Offering to the Elder Gods
For fans of: Abominable Putridity & Disnormality
Score: 3.5/5 Very good


Realityfade Records

Unmerciful – Wrath Encompassed (Technical Brutal Death Metal)

Unmerciful really needs no introduction for brutal death metal fans around the world. The band was created in 2001 by Clint Appelhanz, who was also an original member of the band Origin. Another ex-Origin member eventually joined in 2005, just in time for their fantastic debut album in 2006 Unmercifully Beaten, Jeremy Turner and the duo had found each other again laying the foundation that would become one of the most solid brutal death metal bands around. There has been some turmoil in the line-up during the years were especially the vocal spot has been hard on the band with Joshua Riley being the sixth vocalist they have. Line-up changes aside Unmerciful has released two very strong albums during their time and obviously I expected their 3rd album Wrath Encompassed being yet another excellent addition to their growing discography.

Pummelling your skull with a fierce fury Unmerciful is here to deliver the goods of hard hitting riffs. The album never slows down nor lack focus and Wrath Encompassed is an even better output than their latest, also superb, Ravenous Impulse. The new members Joshua Riley on vocals and Trynt Kelly (Marasmus & The Messiah Complex) on drums kick some serious ass and in all honesty I even think Riley is the best vocalist they’ve had (his range is insane) so I hope he will be a long-time member of Unmerciful. Kelley, a.k.a Sgt. Blast, does a fine job replacing John Longstreth (Origin, Hate Eternal (live), ex-Gorguts) which was something I was worried for seeing Longstreth is one of the best drummers in the world in my opinion. Hard to replace of course but Kelley makes a valid effort for you to forget all about Longstreth.

There is nothing on Wrath Encompassed that’s left for granted and Unmerciful has once again shown they are a band that’s symbolic for high standard. The production is the best they’ve had yet, likewise on the vocals front and the rest is just as good as you remember it from Ravenous Impulse. Fans of Unmerciful can sleep well tonight knowing the band never slows down, always work hard and always delivers what they promise. Intense, angry, and destructive brutal technical death metal of the highest quality. This is an album I will have with me at every gym session for those extra gains!

Artist: Unmerciful
Label: Willowtip Records
Release date: April 24th, 2020
Favorite song: Blazing Hatred
For fans of: Suffocation & Origin
Score: 4/5 Excellent


Willowtip Records

Albums of the month: March

When writing this April is soon coming to an end but life has been in the way to get this out, I will try to be better for the April edition! March was yet another great month with a varied mix of metal offerings. The death metal releases really stood out for me this month and there was a lot of wicked music to be heard once again with Sutrah, Vredehammer, Earth Rot, Temple of Void and Afterbirth leading the charge in March.

Album of the month:

Temple of Void – The World That Was

Temple of Void is one of the best, if not the best, death/doom metal bands going. The World That Was is yet another amazing album by the Americans who can rumble with even the best Finnish bands in the same genre.

Temple of Void – The World That Was was released March 27th via Shadow Kingdom Records.


Vredehammer – Viperous

One of Norway’s best bands these past years have been Vredehammer in my book. Back in 2016 they blew me away with Violater and now they follow it up perfectly with Viperous. Don’t miss out on this one!

Vredehammer – Viperous was released March 6th via Indie Recordings.

Afterbirth – Four Dimensional Flesh

Afterbirth is one of those brutal death metal bands which you can basically from the very first note tell it’s them. They got their own thing going and they do it with style. While I personally liked their debut from 2017 The Time Traveler’s Dilemma more this is some of the most innovating music you will hear in the genre this year.

Afterbirth – Four Dimensional Flesh was released March 13th via Unique Leader Records.

Sutrah – Aletheia

What started of with me almost giving this album a miss after its first spin eventually turned into one of my favorite albums this month. What a grower! It just keeps on giving and I like it more with each spin. Big surprise to me and Sutrah has become one of my latest bands to follow closely. You can read my review of Aletheia here.

Sutrah – Aletheia was released March 13th via The Artisan Era.

Earth Rot – Black Tides of Obscurity

Earth Rot’s death and black metal mix has been something that’s been a homerun in my book since the debut album Follow the Black Smoke from 2014. With their latest offering Black Tides of Obscurity the band showcase themselves at their best and the band seems to only go from strength to strength.

Earth Rot – Black Tides of Obscurity was released March 6th via Season of Mist.

More great albums of March:

Violet Cold – Noir Kid
Deadspace – A Portrait of Sacrificial Scars
Disembowel – Echoes of Terror
My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion
Medium – Medium
Svengahli – Nightmares of Our Own Design
Rotting Kingdom – A Deeper Shade of Sorrow
Putrid – Antichrist Above
Aronious – Perspicacity
Klysma – Mental
Wardaemonic – Acts of Repentance
Graceless – Where Vultures Know Your Name
Angerot – The Divine Apostate
Tribe of Pazuzu – King of All Demons
Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth and Sacrifice
Wombbath – Choirs of the Fallen
Æra – The Source of Ruin
Unholy Desecration – Unholy Horde
Deranged – Deeds of Ruthless Violence
Raider – Guardian of the Fire
Ergodic – Ergodic
Nox Formulae – Drakon – Darshan – Satan
Aodon – 11069
Tethra – Empire Of The Void
Torn in Half – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Hangatyr – Kalt
Chronicle – Demonology
Molested Divinity – Unearthing the Void
Vulcano – Eye in Hell
Brain Stem – Symptoms of Annihilation – Stage 2
Hemotoxin – Restructure the Molded Mind
Nexorum – Death Unchained
Hyperconvolutor – Hyper Convolution
Here and Beyond – Eternal Recurrence
Hyborian – Volume II
Borgne – Y
Aeternam – Al Qassam
Svartkonst – Black Waves

The Metal Gamer songs of the month Spotify playlist

Interview: Embodiment of Suffering

Interviewed: Vile Kyle

A new brutal death metal band recently emerged from Texas, USA as Embodiment of Suffering released their debut in December 2019. After I reviewed the album less than a week ago I was lucky enough to catch the founder of the band for a quick chat on the how the band got created and how they operate, among other things.

Hi Vile Kyle! First off thanks for doing this interview. Lets start with asking how everything is done in Embodiment of Suffering. According to metal archives you work as a one-man band but I’ve also read that Embodiment of Suffering is a duo with Rene Martinez. Do you play every instrument yourself, is some digital, do you use session musicians or is Embodiment of Suffering actually a duo featuring Vile Kyle and Rene Martinez?

When I started EoS it was originally a one-man band home studio project. I would write all the music and program the drums. I eventually debuted EoS at a house party with a good friend and drummer named Sterling Junkin (Narcotic Wasteland, Infuriate, Id). After that Rene Martinez and Meryl Fry joined and it became a solid live line-up. During this time we recorded the EP and played many many shows for well over a year straight. To make a long story short, I was an asshole to them and they left the band last year. I was partying pretty hard at the time and I regret how things happened, sometimes we fuck over the people closest to us, like family. Hopefully thing can be made right someday, its def been a learning experience and I’m gonna handle shit more professionally in the future. We’ve never really been a duo, but Rene was featured on some of the promo stuff since he did the drums on the EP. As of right now I’m writing and playing a couple shows solo style. 

You recently released your debut album Revoking Salvation, how has the reception been for it so far? 

Its been pretty good, I think lots of people in the States are just now getting copies, and distros will start to circulate it more. The Corpse Is My Domain single seemed well received online and Ungodly Ruins is def on top of their game. I know its not your typical BDM release, so I just hope people don’t think it sucks hahaha. I’m proud of this being our very first release though, and I’m def gonna push things in a more brutal direction.  

You signed with the Russian label Ungodly Ruins Productions for this album, how did you two find each other?

I met them through Unopsis Records, who was originally going to release the EP. I’m not exactly sure what happened but Unopsis was unable to release
the album at the time so they passed it on to Vad and Ungodly Ruins. They’ve been amazing to work with and knocked it out of the park. All the merch looks awesome and the cd’s look killer. 

Even with only six songs (one being an intro) Revoking Salvation touch a lot of different subject, such as religion, society issues and even a beer run. How did the progress go to write the album?

That’s a good question. I’ve always liked to touch on social issues like greed and poverty because those things anger me and it drives the music and passion. When I’m playing live or recording a song its my chance to get on the mic and say what I need to say. When I wrote the song Revoking Salvation it practically wrote itself, the lyrics just came pouring out and it matched all the riffs I had recorded. I actually started writing most of these songs right after my girlfriend was hospitalized and nearly died. We had no insurance and could have lost our house. It was a very stressful time but everything ended up ok, and it helped fuel the start of this band. Beer Run is actually a real story, some buddies of mine saw this guy get shot to death trying to steal a 12 pack of shitty Budweiser. As far as writing the album I had written most of it on my own as demos before there was a full line-up. Rene and I wrote Fuck Religious Freedom together and made small changes before we recorded the EP.   

Embodiment of Suffering is already playing live and you had Meryl Fry on bass and Rene Martinez on drums to complete the lineup for some time. Was it an easy step for you to find the musicians you wanted to play live and who do you play with now?

Yea, I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by extremely talented musicians and TXDM has some of the best. As far as a new lineup I’m about to begin working with a very sick drummer named Dennis Sanders (Unnecessary Surgery, Exulcerate, HOD) along with some other good friends out of San Antonio. At some point in the next couple months there should be some announcements and updates on the band page.   

What would you say is the biggest influence for Embodiment of Suffering when writing music?

Suffering. It sounds cliche, but I usually feel most inspired to write when I’m pissed off, stressed out, or hear about fucked up real-world events. Not always though, it can depend. That’s what I love about playing death metal and metal in general. Its a reflection of the evil in society, but also an escape at the same time. 

Texas seems to be filled with brutal death metal (and slam). Why do you think that is? Is it the heat?

Haha, it might be the heat. I think its a few factors. For one, its a huge state so there’s just tons of musicians spread out all over the place. I think another big factor is the musical influences in the south, things were always dark and heavy down here. Shit, Billy Gibbons still has a crushing guitar tone haha. There’s also the big Hispanic population down here, and they keep metal alive. Texas is just a melting pot of creativity and brutality! I don’t think it matters where you are though, brutal death metal is just part of the natural evolution of extreme metal music. 

What’s next for Embodiment of Suffering? Are you already writing music for album number two?

Yes! I’m spending this next entire year working on the full length album as of now titled- The Immaculate Conception Of Sickness. I’m already recording demo versions of new songs including the title track along with a new intro. A few other titles will be- Inoculation of Unholy Blasphemy, Rotting Body In The River, Blinded By Your Dogma, and The Pedophile Priest. I want this album to be 10x sicker, tighter, and lean more towards the BDM style. 

Alright I will end it with a quick one! What’s the greatest album of all time in your eyes?

I think everybody knows that’s a tie between – W.A.S.P. – The Last Command, Insidious Decrepancy – Extirpating Omniscient Certitude and S.P.M. – The Last Chair Violinist.

That was all, thanks! You got any shoutouts before we end this?

Yea, shout out to my girl Dee, all the homies and TXDM homies, Colonel Sanders, Joe Sandoval and Eviscerated, Nene & Meryl, Steveo, Bad Bois Santiago, my guitar hero Shawn Whitaker, Missy, Con, Brad, & Shaun of Defiled Crypt, them bois in Reviled, Demonseed, Necrosis, Putrid Womb, Flesh Hoarder, Cheesegrater Masturbation, Baptized by Fire, Uncleansed, Juan Pablo & Extremely Rotten, Suppuration, Limbsplitter, Grotesque Formation, Architectural Genocide, WOB, Zig & IOV, VBT, SIP, SPM, Black Jackal, Id, Infuriate, Teratism, Toluca, Alexis & Daggra, Ayasoltec, Gore & Orchiectomy, anyone else I’ve ever jammed with, and anyone I forgot. Shout out to Vad & Ungodly Ruins, Razor Hoof, Ritual Printing, Lady Death comics, my drug dealer, Al Pastor on Riverside, and shout out to Alaska Thunderfvck and Trixie Mattel. Thank’s for the interview and support bro! TXDM 666!

Waldhexen – Ego Canus Lunam Cano (Black/Death Metal)

It’s funny what a band with members scattered all around the metal sub-genres can do when coming together. You got members currently active in Blurring (goregrind), Abdicate (brutal death metal), The Crimson Edge (melodic black/death metal) while having a past from bands such as Goemagot (slam), Infernal Thorn (black/thrash) and Kalibas (black/death/grindcore). That’s a lot of experience, within a wide range of genres and it’s definitely heard in the new band Waldhexen.

It’s rather low-fi production brings the thoughts back to old school black metal and it works in Waldhexen’s favor and their black/death sound. It’s a flurry of riffs and where the drumming stands out to me with it’s fast, aggressive playstyle that sets the tone nicely. The vocals are also something that stands out as the different styles used aren’t something I usually hear in a, mainly, black death metal album. You can hear a variation of vocal sounds often heard within the scenes of punk, black, death and slam/brutal, all in one short three songs EP. Quite awesome really and at first I thought it might be a bit all over the place, lacking focus and maybe not knowing exactly where they want to go with this album. But those thought quickly diminished as when I write this haven’t been able to let the album go and am well into my 6th playthrough.

This might not be a record for everyone, but it is create thinking coming to life which is not something you hear too often and for that I applaud Waldhexen. Personally I had an sweet time with Ego Canus Lunam Cano and can’t wait to hear what the band comes up with next time around. Because this is simply a taste of what’s to come I’m sure.

Written by J.B.

Artist: Waldhexen
Label: Independent
For fans of: The Crimson Edge & Cursus Bellum
Release date: January 12th, 2020
Favorite song: The Oblation of One for Many
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Interview: Bloody Sadism

Interviewed: Pooyan Ahmadi

I was lucky enough to receive a request from the only brutal death metal I know from Iran about a month ago to review the debut album from one-man army Pooyan Ahmadi. After having written the review I just had to ask for an interview. So here it is my first ever interview with a metal band from Iran! Pooyan talks about things like the music environment in Iran, his background in music and why he considers Bloody Sadism as a pioneer of depressive brutal death metal among other things.

Hi Pooyan! To start it of I need to know how Bloody Sadism came to life and why did it become a one-man band?

It was 2014 and I was the first year of university and I decided to do some death metal music. The song “Ravenous Whore” was my first song. I like to do my works and processes all alone. When I can do everything, why should I use with anybody else in my own band!

Doing everything yourself what’s your background in music?

I am a solo artist in Classical genre too so this is a deep root in my music career. I rather do everything all alone. Even in my life’s issues. I don’t like to ask for help from anybody else.

What’s the biggest influences to Bloody Sadism?

Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and others are my influences but I try to do new music style not a copy of others.

Iran and brutal death metal is not something I commonly see. How is the scene over in Iran for extreme metal?

There is no scene. I am official all around the world but semi-official in my own country. It’s hard to do something without any earns from it in Iran but I believe in metal music so I do my best to do what I really like.

In your biography I read “Pioneer of Depressive Brutal Death Metal (New Style of Death Metal)”. What does that mean?

It directly mentions the song “Lucid Dream” and it’s a new wave of Brutal Death metal. If you listen several times carefully to this song, you will find out that it’s something new. The scale and the phase of this song are completely different with other songs that you have ever heard. The scale and the pattern of this song are really unique. If you take a look at the lyric of this song, you’ll find out that the first part is brutal and after the first Classical Guitar parts, the depressive mode begins and it’s kind of remorse of doing band thing like killing. I hope you understand what I want to say. It’s something that has come out from bottom of my heart. By the way there were questions from you about the “intro” and “outro” in your review. The “intro” mentions a man who is going to bathroom and takes a shower and then comes out. It expresses a person who is fighting with himself. Actually he fights with his bad thoughts about killing and other subjects. The “outro” is that person is dead inside of his mind by fighting between his Conscience and bad works that he liked to do. He couldn’t be survived and he’s DEAD.

You recently put out your debut album Eloquent Atrocity, how did the process go into creating the album? Was in production for a long time?

The project began in 2014 and the recording started in 2018 and everything in recording was cool and I recorded fast enough. But these 5 years was a dark way to find out my own style and my own way. I didn’t find my complete way yet. I know there is no complete way but I try to go straight and find new ways to explain my feelings by different and new ways. Find the right way for the moment that you’re living is the hardest way to live. You know I like to have special & pure feelings not weak feelings.

What can brutal death metal fans expect from Bloody Sadism?

The most emotional feelings in songs that they had come and they’ll come from bottom of my heart. The feeling that I sing about them, the riffs and everything are my pure feelings about different topics. The heaviest band from Middle East is alive…

Being a one-man band I understand it is harder to perform live, but do you intend to get some live musicians in order to go on tour one day?

I like to play alone. (bands like putrid pile and other bands). But if I forced to play with band mates, I’ll play with two other members.

What’s next for Bloody Sadism?

More albums… corporation with other musicians from around the world.

If you had to choose one album to bring with you on a deserted island which album would that be and why?

It’ll be “Eloquent Atrocity” hundred percent. Because I need someone to help me and I believe that no one can help me except myself.

Thanks for your time Pooyan! Got any shoutouts?

Thanks for the interview. Wish you the best. Thanks to my fans around the world. Thanks to everybody who didn’t help me in this way and everybody who helped me in this way (that they’re a few persons). Good luck. Support Bloody Sadism.

Interview: Defeated Sanity

Interviewed: Josh Welshman

A band that hardly needs an introduction is Defeated Sanity. They’ve pushed the boundaries for what is brutal technical death metal over and over again and the expectations for their new album is high. They just finished the upcoming album so now we’re all eagerly waiting for more news but until then I hope this interview with the bands newest member, vocalist Josh Welshman, will make the wait a bit easier.

Defeated Sanity is rather unique as it started as a father and son project. Do you know if Lille Grubers father, Wolfgang Teske, was into the extreme side of metal before you two started the band as well?

-Wolfgang was into Proto Metal like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and also Jazz/Rock like Mahavishnu, Chic Corea or John Abercrombie. Back when he was younger Heavy metal (like the Scorpions etc…) was considered cheesy and not serious in his circles…..his attitude changed when he heard Slayer, Sepultura etc…through me. The rest is history as they say haha.

Being on the forefront of technical brutal death metal, does that come with a lot of pressure? If so does it press you on, pushing yourself to work even harder with each album?

-We’re definitely always pushing the envelope in the technical domain, and this new album will definitely be a testament to that. Pressure isn’t the right word though, mainly the only struggle I would say is the balance between the brutal and technical elements of the music, but for Lille this seems to come naturally.

Having been around for a long time you’ve toured a lot. Do you have any favorite memory from a tour you’d like to share?

-Granted I’ve only been in the band for a fraction of the band’s history, I’ve also been present during the most active years of the band as far as touring goes. There are so many great memories it’s really hard to isolate any in particular. The highlights always tend to be in the people we meet along the way, whether it be fans or the bands that we share the road and stage with. Every tour has its bullshit that happens inherently, but there are great memories from just about all of them for me.

A new album is coming which this time features you as the new vocalist, but you played with Defeated Sanity live back in 2015 too. How did Defeated Sanity find out about you to begin with?

-Lille had found me through a solo project I was doing at the time called “Autonomy”. I also had a vocal cover of Defeated up on YouTube at the time, which also peaked his interest. This was around 2010-2011 I want to say, and we had corresponded a handful of times about potentially collaborating in the future. Fast forward to 2015 and I was filling in on vocals for a US tour after Konni had left the band, which left me with some huge shoes to fill. The rest is history!

How come Defeated Sanity hasn’t had a permanent vocalist? What’s the reason behind wanting to change vocalist with each album?

-It was never intended to be as such, but as the story goes “life happens”. It’s hard to keep up with the touring schedule with families and careers to also balance. All prior vocalists of Defeated are still on good terms with everyone in the band so there were never any major issues that led to any sort of falling out. I’m planning to end this stigma attached to Defeated however!

Speaking of the new album, which you just finished recording, when will we get more info on it?

There will be info coming very soon. The music is ready and we’re moving onto getting artwork and stuff like that done now. We’ll have some news coming really soon, so hang in there!

The album as recorded at The Thousand Caves who also did the famous Psalms Of The Moribund album. Will it have a similar sound?

-This is actually the first record we’ve done with Colin so I’m not sure where you may have heard that (TMG: I read it on Discogs). Psalms was done at the Soundlodge in Germany if I recall correctly. The sound of this record will be different than anything prior though to answer your question.

What can Defeated Sanity fans expect of the new album?

-We’ll put it this way: Men are born with two balls for a reason, one is a backup for when an album like this one drops. We think it will crush, and we’re all extremely happy with the result on all fronts!

Will we get to see a Defeated Sanity tour to promote the new album in 2020?

We have plans to play extensively this year. We just announced a tour in support of Origin and Beneath The Massacre this Spring in the US, and a couple of shows in Iceland and London in May. We have a few other things in the works for this year but nothing that I can offer specific details about at this time.

If you had to choose one song by Defeated Sanity that you would show a friend what the band is all about, which song would that be?

-For me I would say a great well-rounded song for Defeated in terms of style is Consumed By Repugnance. It’s very fast but also has plenty of groove. It also displays some of the jazz influence and more abstract songwriting aspects of the band.

It’s not everyday you get to interview one of your all time favorite bands so I want to give a massive thank you for saying yes to this interview. Any parting words?

-Cheers man! Keep your ears to the ground, we’ll have more news coming soon and the record will be out late spring/early summer. We’re all really excited to present this new material to you guys!