The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion (Black Metal)

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Continuing my black metal wave up next we have the Turkish band The Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus are veterans within the scene and one of the longest living metal bands hailing from Turkey, having formed in 1996. Starting as a melodic black metal band this changed to a more raw and aggressive approach with Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) joining in 2009. Still keeping it melodic on some levels but more of a hybrid between pure black metal evilness and the melodic kind. Even after his departure a couple of years later (and the addition of Morkbeast on vocals) The Sarcophagus still plays the same style of black metal that listeners of Mörk Gryning, Setherial, Emperor and Lord Belial will have a lot of fun with.

What The Sarcophagus manages to do is creating a ferocious raw atmosphere along with the more melodic second wave black metal a la Emperor. It’s dark, mystic and got a medieval feel to it. Tracks like Dymadiel are perfect examples of what I mean with feeling medieval. Listen to it and you will feel it too. Most of the album gives you this crazy and evil urge surrounding it that you’re not entirely sure how to react. It’s just bewitching and dark. My favorite track has to be Ain Sof, the melodic aspects on this track makes me think back of Emperor and it’s gorgeous. While Triumphant Divine Terror is a close second due to it’s raw nature. Overall this is a good metal album that takes a lot of influences from the second wave of black metal. Fans that love this era will not be surprised to what The Sarcophagus offers but neither will they be displeased.

Beyond This World’s Illusion by The Sarcophagus is out now through Satanath Records.

For fans of: Mörk Gryning and Lord Belial
Favorite song: Ain Sof


4 thoughts on “The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion (Black Metal)

      • Hello again! I can make some recommendations about metal from Turkey.
        1)Furtherial-Un Mondo Infinito

        It is essentially a melodeath record but it has some nice suprises like acoustic passages in the middle of some songs. Also there are plenty of sweet riffs.

        2)Sails Of Serenity-Gold to Rust (EP)

        This record has some mixed elements. It has elements of metalcore, prog death, djent. It is a breath of fresh air for these genres I think.

        I hope you consider reviewing these records in the future, have a great day!


      • Thanks for these tips! I will have a listen to them. I don’t really review albums older than 2016 though so Furtherial I won’t review. However there is a chance I might with Sails of Serenity 🙂

        Have a wicked Tuesday my friend!


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