Decomposition of Entrails – Abnormality (Brutal Death Metal)

Lets get br00tal metal gamers! We all know Russians knows how to slam and get their moshpits going hard. Fact is the band I got for you today is from Russia and a personal favorite of mine as I reviewed their last release Pestilential Synthesis back in 2017 (album released in December 8th, 2016) where I mentioned it was one of the best brutal death metal releases all year. Guess what? Abnormality is yet another step in the right direction! The Russian bulldozer that is all about the Decomposition of Entrails aint stopping anytime soon and it just goes faster and faster!

What’s happened since the last album? Well the band has added the drummer Evgeny Egolnikov to their ranks, going from a trio to party of four. One of the main thing that is the icing on the cake on Abnormality is just the drumming section, because wow has that improved! Not that I thought it was bad on Pestilential Synthesis but it sure does add a lot when it isn’t programmed and just feels more fluid and alive. From start to finish this close to 26 minutes of brutal death metal machine will hammer your skull with massive gutturals and moshpit starting riffs, with superb headbang friendly drums to boot. Not a single bad song on the album but at the same time not that massive hit that could push them closer to a perfect album score. Who knows next time they might just raise that bar even higher? They’ve improved with each album so far and there seems to be no limit to what these guys can do!

Yet again Decomposition of Entrails prove to be a force to be reckoned with and Abnormality is one of the best brutal death metal albums you will hear all year.

Written by J.B.

Label: Realityfade Records
For fans of: Disfigurement of Flesh and Abated Mass of Flesh
Release date: May 30th, 2019
Favorite song: Viral Eruption
Score: 3.5/5 Very good


Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (Brutal Death Metal)


New Zealand, a country that not only has beautiful scenery and was where my favorite movies were filmed Lord of the Rings but it’s also the home of Organectomy. The band was totally unknown to me until one day I got a single called “Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths” and since then I was hyped for their debut Domain of the Wretched. I am perfectly aware though that a good single and a good album are two completely different things so where does this leave Organectomy?

Well hell this is one sweet domain they got there. From the get-go this is kickass brutal death metal that’s everything I hoped it would be. This is the music your mother has warned you about and it reeks of filthy death metal gore. It’s heavy as hell and once the album got its claws in you it never let go. Domain of the Wretched honestly got it all going from what I want in a brutal death metal album. There are the breakdowns, got a lot of technical aspects, insane gutterals, some slam in there and heck even a couple classic filthy old school death metal riffs here and there too (like on Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths). It’s a complete package. For me this is a mix of Disentomb, Analepsy and Bloodbath getting mixed in a blender to produce this retched filth, and it’s glorious. Actually it’s not just those band getting put in a blender, so is your brain as this will leave it in a muss from all the brutality. It may not be as heavy as Pathology, it may not be as technial as Defeated Sanity or whatever but they use all the elements I enjoy and perfected the mix with just the right amount of each part.

It’s been some time now since I had so much fun with a brutal death metal album. Domain of the Wretched does just about everything right on their debut and I am glad it wasn’t just the single I heard before being good, it’s the whole album. Anything from Sanctum of Deceit, Carnal Bloodlust to the epic, closing in on eight minute long, instrumental track Cascading into Despair (how many BDM songs you heard being that long before?) with an acoustic intro are of high quality. The best brutal death metal album I’ve heard all year which uses all the tools available.

Label: Unique Leader Records
For fans of: Disentomb and Rendered Helpless
Release date: April 6th, 2018
Favorite song: Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths
Score: 4/5

Analepsy – Atrocities from Beyond (Brutal Death Metal)


Portugals very own Analepsy have been on many brutal death metal fans minds since their debut EP Dehumanization by Supremacy came out in 2015 like a hurricane and destroyed any competition in its path. Follow up the EP Analepsy has finally given us their first full-length Atrocities from Beyond. Continuing their path to extinction Analepsy are more than ready to devourer their competitors in the brutal death metal slam scene. I have to say this is one of the best debut full-length albums I’ve heard within the genre. Even with the change of a vocalist from Ricardo Proenca to Diogo Santana getting both guitar and vocal duty they still keep it brutal and it’s like nothing has changed in the band.

Analepsy are producing some of their best tracks on this album. Rifts to Abhorrence, Witness of Extinction and Atrocity Deeds are instant brutal death metal classics that will put Analepsy on the map for even more metalheads out there. Analepsy deserves all the praise they get and they are here to stay folks. The share brutality, shredding and gnarly vocals mixed in a blender is a sweet symphony of destruction. Atrocities from Beyond is a perfect debut album in many ways and Analepsy has really paved their way to the top now.

Atrocities from Beyond is out now by Rising Nemesis Records (who by the way keep releasing great stuff).

For fans of: Vulvodynia and Acranius
Favorite song: Witness of Extinction

Internal Devour – Doomed to Disembowelment (Brutal Death Metal)


The debut full-length release of Internal Devour his like a sledgehammer last year and the bands idea on bringing slam to the masses might just work. Australia are great at producing brutal death metal acts and Internal Devour are no different. The slam is definitely there and the beatdowns are as hard as ever. With tracks like Gagging On Aborted Mush and Pounded Slut you can be sure that Doomed to Disembowelment brings the gore theme to the extreme Cannibal Corpse style. The track Chopped Up and Smoked even features some of the greatest slam acts in Whoretopsy, Ingested, Acra and Cerebral Incubation. Great to make your neighbours wonder what kind of sick fuck you are!

If you liked the bands EP Aborted and Slaughtered then you will feel right at home here. A great full-length debut to follow-up with which brings more of the carnage, more brutality and more slamming gore to the people. Got the feel for some brutal slam? Then look no further!

For fans of: Whoretopsy and Vulvodynia
Favorite song: Chopped Up and Smoked

Decomposition of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis (Brutal Death Metal)


Russian goremasters Decomposition of Entrails are back with their slamming brutal death metal and they are just as sick as ever! The original duo Rustam Minuraziev and Kirill Nazarov are this times joined with guitarist Dmitriy Ustinov and I dare to say this is better than their debut album Perverted Torments. A fun fact is that the band turns four years old in just four days, so I almost clocked their birthday when finding out they had made a new release in 2016 at the right time. Oh and if you wonder how these bastards got so freaking brutal it’s due to the band formed in 2013 in the depths of the harsh Ural Mountains. Obviously you would get a bit twisted, sick and vile getting a joy out of gore as a result of it.

I missed a lot of good brutal death metal last year, Decomposition of Entrails sophomore Pestilential Synthesis being one of those. This was definitely one of the better BDM releases last year that you shouldn’t miss. There will be a lot of brutal death metal reviews coming these next days and I advice you to check all those demented and twisted bands out, starting with Decomposition of Entrails!

For fans of: Whoretopsy and Analepsy
Favorite song: Epicyclic Biomorph

Acranius – Reign of Terror (Brutal Death Metal)


Being one of the veteran acts within the deathcore/slam genre I was obviously stoked to get to review Germany’s slam kings Acranius third full-length Reign of Terror. Having had two years filled with touring with other heavy hitters Ingested back in 2015 and now lastly together with labelmates Within Destruction they are finally back to drop a behemoth of an album.

I know it’s only January and the year is literally less than 48h old when I write this but damn will it be hard to beat this album in sheer brutality. I know many of you out there had Vulvodynia and Within Destruction as the best albums for 2016 and that’s awesome, I think this is even better though! The breakdowns, brutal slamming and gut-wrenching vocals will leave you begging for more.

From the start to finish you will headbang to this album. This is one of those albums where I have a hard time saying which one my favorite song is too, since they are all good and exactly what I am looking for in slamming deathcore. Want to get your head banging again and start off 2017 brutal? Then grab Reign of Terror by Acranius on January 27th metalhead!

For fans of: Vulvodynia and Within Destruction
Favorite song: Warpath