Spectrum of Delusion – Esoteric Entity (Technical Death Metal)


You can never get too much quality techdeath in your life. Spectrum of Delusion knows this and despite this being a debut album coming from a country that’s not really produced a whole lot of techdeath, namely the Netherlands, this band can rock. Spectrum of Delusion has taken it’s time since their formation in 2013 to produce a debut that will be a great starting point, leaving nothing to chance. One of the bands that basically came from nowhere in my eyes but released a killer techdeath album last year was Virvum and I get a lot of the same vibes when listening to Spectrum of Delusion. Both bands took a long time in order to release their debut (granted Virvum took way longer) and both have done really well to release a debut that shakes up the scene, gaining a lot of new fans and leaving people wanting more. Mission accomplished.

Esoteric Entity might not offer anything you haven’t heard before but what they do offer is an insanely tight album with few errors. This has been 36 minutes of joy to listen to through and through. However I do feel like the start was a bit slow compared to the ending of the album. The last three tracks on the album Unborn Tragedy, Mixotrophy and Timelines are really great tracks that shows Spectrum of Delusion on form while the first songs were just good. Which in a year where techdeath has really thrived with top releases from Origin, Decrepit Birth and Archspire just to name some won’t break them into the higher tier of things. At the same time though this is the bands first album, a good one at that, and I am sure this will pave the way for even better releases to come in the future. Spectrum of Delusion is a band I will have an extra eye on to see where they go with their next release. For now I am happy with a tight debut that makes me hope they can be the next big thing within the genre.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpectrumofDelusion
Label: Independent
For fans of: Virvum and Tethys
Favorite song: Unborn Tragedy
Score: 3.5/5


Enigma – Stars Misaligned (Technical Death Metal)


Having recently toured with Inanimate Existence, one of the bands I rank really high within the techdeath sphere, I knew the San Jose based band Enigma had something special to offer. I am glad I wasn’t wrong! Stars Misaligned is the debut EP from Enigma and since there is a lot of hype surrounding other new bands such as Virvum, Blade of Horus and Burial in the Sky it might be easy to miss Enigma just due to the sheer amount of good new bands coming out in 2016.

Believe me when I tell you that Enigma can easily be named in the technical death metal debut albums of the year, just as the previous named bands. Bonus note that has to be said! I think Petr Oplatka sounds a lot like The Black Dahlia Murder singer Trevor Strnad. This is only positive stuff though as Trevor is a sick vocalist and a good influence.

I really like their progressive style shredding (guitar solo on Of Vile and Bliss is just sick) and lyrical take on the album. Philosophical questions like why do we exist, views on humanity, are we in control of our own destinies and what exists out there in the universe? These lyrical themes I find really satisfying to listen to when it comes to techdeath with the more sci-fi sound that techdeath usually is and Enigma ends up making me question everything about existence. This is as good as a band within the genre can leave me feeling and I hope to see a full-length album from Enigma soon.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enigmametal408
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EnigmaMetal
For fans of: Inanimate Existence and The Ritual Aura
Favorite song: Of Vile and Bliss

Virvum – Illuminance (Technical Death Metal)


Ah Technical Death Metal, a genre that has really shined these last couple of years with great bands such as Black Crown Initiate and Fallujah showing how the heavy technical death metal side can sound if done well. Virvum continues the trend with good tech death metal bands spawning as Illuminance is a debut album worth taking an extra look at with their wicked riffs, solos and simply incredible musicianship overall.

Every song on the album is top notch (making it hard for me to pick a favorite song) and the instrumental play is so great it basically tells a story all on its own. Safe to say the progressive side on the album shines just as much as the death metal side. Which probably has a lot to do with Arran McSporran, De Profundis member, being a part of the band. Illuminance sets the bar very high for other contenders that might want to crown themselves with the “debut album of the year” title. As a side note the cover art is beautiful and really captures the essence of the album.

Illuminance  is an album you just have to listen to and be taken away to the fantastic world of Virvum. You won’t regret it!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/virvum
For fans of: Fallujah and The Faceless
Favorite song: Ad Rigorem