Interview: Crawl

Signed to the ever growing Transcending Obscurity Records the Swedish death metal band Crawl made a splash in the vast scene with their punk and crust influenced take on the genre. Here at The Metal Gamer their album “Rituals” even landed in the top 50 albums being released in 2018, and a top 3 debut. The band are embarking on a tour in just a couple of days but I managed to get a hold of founder Martin Sjögren just before said tour started!

Crawl is a new name in the metal scene. How did the band start off?

Hey! The banded started in Kalmar with me and Ämir. I had some riffs and we both wanted to start an old school death metal band. It started in Tormention’s (Ämirs other band at the time) rehearsal and we progressed and developed from there.

You made changes in the line-up two years ago when you became both a bass player and vocalist short. Was it a mutual agreement on the split or how did this come to happen?

No it was not a mutual agreement. We struggled at the time which direction we wanted to take ”Rituals”. It was just to many opinions and it did not work out as I and Ämir wanted to. That combined with personal problems made us finish the album by ourselves. No hard feelings to any of the past members from our side though!

One of the new members that joined Crawl was Joachim Lyngfelt but on vocals and not as a bass player. To me that a shock seeing his past in Decomposed. Did Joachim approach you wanting to be a vocalist or how did that switch take place?

Actually we contacted Joche and asked him if he wanted to join CRAWL and lay down some vocals on ”Rituals”. We did know Joche before we asked him, he released our ”Worship Death” on his label Bloodsoaked Records so we know he was a cool and easy going dude! And later on Ragnar joined us on bass and is now the permanent bass player in CRAWL. We got only love for those dudes.

Your style of death metal has different elements to it, like punk. What bands has fueled you as influences to create this style?

We do love the classics with Dismember, Entombed, Vomitory but is also into the more hardcore/punk/crust stuff. Right now it’s a lot of Black Flag in my stereo!

Rituals got a lot of stellar reviews. Has this increased your own expectations on the future follow-up album?

Of course we want to do a even better album than ”Rituals”. And we got some new songs brewing that are shorter, longer, heavier, filthier. The riffs are in focus as usual and no fucking bullshit here, haha!

You’re going on a Sweden tour in May. Is this your first Crawl tour?

It’s the first tour that we headline yes! We’re really excited for this!

Is there any club or town you have on your wishlist to play live in the future?

Honestly, I don’t know, just glad that people show up on our shows and supports us! That means a lot and makes us keep going!

You guys released one of the best debut albums last year in my opinion. Is the writing process at full speed for the sophomore release?

Yes it is, think we got like 5-6 tracks that are half way done! We take our time, we are a bit slow but I am sure these song gonna slay!

When can we expect more info on the new album, maybe even a release date?

After the summer we’re hopefully heading into the studio. Which one we don’t know yet, I got some ideas for our second album but nothing decided yet. So to answer your question, yes you can expect some more info about the album, just not yet, haha!

Final question! Does anyone in Crawl play games? If so what’s your favorites and what are you playing right now?

I played the Resident Evil series, that’s about it. The other guys I don’t know!

Thanks for the interview! Any parting words?

Thank you for your time and support! Uh!


Interview: Månegarm

It’s with great pleasure I can share this interview today. Månegarm has been one of my favorite metal bands for many years now so getting the chance to interview Erik Grawsjö is something of a dream come true to me. A lot has happened with Månegarm in recent years, a new album is approaching and they even started their own festival. Read about the viking life of Månegarm, get information on the upcoming album Fornaldarsagor and Månegarm Open Air!

Your new album Fornaldarsagor comes out April 26th (Napalm Records has a sweet exclusive box), four years after your self-titled album. How long has this been in progress?

It’s not really 4 years, more like 3,5 years between the releases, but still a pretty long time though.

After the last album I was kind of empty on ideas so it took a while to find the creativity and motivation but I think that we slowly started to compose new songs about 2-2,5 years ago or something like that. The last year we have spend pretty much time in the studio.

In comparison to other metal bands you write a lot of your lyrics in Swedish. Why is this?

When we started the band in -95 this was a big part of the idea/concept. We wanted Swedish lyrics because we thought, and still think, that it sounds better in our music. One other thing is that our former bassist Pierre wrote almost all lyrics and he thought it was easier to express himself in Swedish. Today Jakob writes the lyrics and he also find it easier in Swedish.

How much time do you spend researching the viking age when going into the writing process?

For Jakob it’s a part of his every day life; besides from a huge interest and fascination he is both a historian and secondary school teacher so he really knows his history. He is also really serious and does all research that is necessary to get it all right and accurate.

When did your love for vikings and our heritage start?

I don’t remember exactly but from a young age I’ve had a fascination for it. When we started Månegarm it naturally developed.

Is there any chance to see anyone of you guys at a Viking market such as Foteviken or Vetlanda?

Right now I have no plans to go there but who knows, I might change my mind 😉
As for the others I don’t know really.

This time around you’ve been very active on social media telling about the stories (with nice artwork to boot) behind the songs. What made you decide doing this?

“Fornaldarsagor” is a concept album and on this this album we wanted to take a step further with the lyrics than before and not only tell stories about the Norse mythology, but to tell the REAL Norse sagas and myths that most likely were orally traded in Scandinavia during the Viking age. We wanted to bring the audience as close to the Norse saga and myth tradition as possible and to use social media for promotion is a good way to spread the message. We also wanted to show the great illustrations that Kris Verwimp made for each song. They are all included in the CD booklet but this way a lot more people are able to have a look at them and to read the lyrics and explanations.

What can Månegarm fans expect from Fornaldarsagor?

You can expect a true and honest Manegarm album with songs that are very varied; melodic, fast, epic, calm, powerful and harsh. Pretty much a bit of everything 🙂

What’s the biggest influences to Månegarm?

I don’t know really…I just love Running Wild and Motörhead so I guess they are to blame for many riffs, at least for many ideas and my motivation to compose. I guess it can be heard in some songs and less, or nothing, in others but that’s what I listen to mostly…can’t come up with any other band that influence me.

You recently announced your own festival named Månegarm Open Air (which I am attending, thanks to a friend of mine). How long was this in the making and what’s the story behind it?

We have had the idea for a couple of years now but finally we decided to go for it. It will take place in our home town Norrtälje the 23-24th of August 2019 and will be a two day festival. The first day will be a “warm-up” day where we will play an acoustic gig for a limited amount of people. On the main day there will be 7 great bands playing. We have asked bands that we really like and that we have played/toured with several times. I think that it will be a really nice festival with many great bands in the genre. There will be nice food and drinks, tattoo artists, folk musicians playing and a hell of a party!!

Will we ever see more Månegarm Open Air’s or is this a one time thing?

The idea is to make it a yearly event, that’s our goal.

Interview: Wretched Fate

After a great debut album the Swedish death metal band Wretched Fate has been on many death metal lovers minds. Questions like “how did the band start?”, “what’s influenced Wretched Fate when creating Fleshletting?”, “what’s brewing in Sweden to make a lot of new quality death metal bands emerge as of late?” and more needs to be answered! Turn in for The Metal Gamer’s biggest interview yet!

A lot of you guys share a past in Non Divine Sun. How did Wretched Fate start from that?

Non Divine Sun consisted of five rather stubborn wills, constantly pulling in different directions.

Mats did most of the writing together with drummer Leo Collett (Mass Murder Agenda) but was always held back by differing opinions, my lack of skills as a guitar player, etc. Non Divine Sun’s best songs are actually the ones we wrote after the release of the debut album, but since Leo moved to Stockholm we split up after some time and that left us at a musically anti-climactic point. Since I’d heard some of the other stuff Mats had written before and during the Non Divine Sun era, I knew he was an amazing composer as long as he was creating without any restrictions. In the summer of 2016 I had an obsession with the Swedish evolution of metal after reading some books on the subject. I told Mats I wanted him to write some death metal as an homage to the 80’s/90’s era of Swedish death metal. Besides using a Boss HM-2 and allowing me to do the vocals I told him he would have more or less free rein over the song. That’s how we wrote “Only Death to Abide” and from there things just kind of took off on their own, Mats would get inspired and keep writing songs and I’d make the trip up from Örebro to Dalarna to lay down some vocals.

As Adrian mentioned, all of us where pulling in different directions, which caused disturbance within the band, and when Leo moved to Stockholm and joined Mass Murder Agenda, I don’t think anyone of us had any major motivation to continue with Non Divine Sun anymore. So naturally, we just dissolved. Shortly after that, I joined Incised where Samuel play the drums, and Adrian and Mats started to write the first songs of what would later become Wretched Fate.

I remember hanging out one night with Mats and Adrian at Mats’ place when they had just finished writing “Only Death to Abide” and were working on “Embedded in Flesh”. They played the songs for me for the first time and I got hooked immediately. They seemed really fun to play too, so Mats showed me some of the bass work, just for the fun of it. After that, I was completely sold, so as soon they would finish writing a song, I would show up at Mats’ place and learn the bass stuff. I think we started talking about the possibility to turn it into a full band around early 2017.

We just needed a drummer. And since I was also a member of Incised, I thought it would be a great idea to add Samuel to the Wretched Fate lineup. I suggested it to Mats and Adrian, they agreed and, in the summer of 2017, the four of us went to Gefle Metal Festival together. We had a couple of beers, talked about it with Samuel and he was on board straight away. After that, everything just fell into place and here we are!

Personally, I think your debut Fleshletting was a very strong one, one of the best releases early on in the year. How long was it in the making?

We wrote, recorded and produced “Fleshletting” during a two-year period between 2016 and 2018. Most of the album was recorded in the summer of 2017. Mats and I would grind at our day jobs and do some writing and record the album during the nights. I would get up rather early in the morning, get off from work at 6 or 7, immediately go to Mats’ place and record some vocals. We would stop at about 10 o’clock since the neighbors would complain otherwise, so we had a tight schedule. It was quite hectic, I would pass out on a thin mattress on the floor in the studio every other night while Mats was mixing and tweaking.

Speaking of Fleshletting the reception seems to have been going really well for it. Did it exceed your expectations or did you from the start think this album would be a sort of a sleeper hit within the death metal community?

It’s definitely been overwhelming thus far. We knew from the beginning that we’re in tough competition with a myriad of other bands, so the reception has been great! Our label has been doing an excellent job with promoting our debut, which we’re very thankful for.

You’re signed with Redefining Darkness Records, a label I think is on the rise. How did you get in touch with one another?

We were actually supposed to release via a Swedish label, but things didn’t really take off and we started reaching out to multiple labels. I started sending some emails, filling in contact forms and such, with a demo attached. The only problem was that I mistyped our email address and so any response would bounce. Thomas at Redefining Darkness Records figured he should get in touch with us via our Facebook and that’s where we’re at now!

Swedish death metal seems to be having a new era with a lot of new bands spawning, you being one of those. Why do you think there is a new wave coming at this time?

That’s a really great question! I personally think that a lot of metal has become very formulaic. There seems to be this collective idea of how a modern metal tone should sound, it’s really polished, and it feels like it’s lacking some of that aggression and rawness. I’d say overall that there are lots of mixes sounding overworked nowadays. On the other hand, I sometimes feel that the new “formula” is throwing in some HM-2 in there and then that’s it. But you really have to utilize the HM-2, and even though I like hard-hitting punk riffs and d-beats they become quite stale after a while.

Due to our age, we didn’t get to experience the full bloom of the Swedish death metal scene in the late 80’s and 90’s, so this is as close to it as we get. I believe it’s a generation thing, really.

I mean, many of the “greats” of the Swedish death genre have split up or quit and I think it’s only natural for the next generation to pick up the torch in order to keep that flame alive, so to speak.

What bands has influenced you guys the most when creating Fleshletting?

The most obvious influence is Bloodbath, I’d say. Though I was completely mesmerized with Dismember in 2016 so that’s definitely had an effect on me. Considering the vocals, we worked hard with the articulation and so Mikael Åkerfeldt was of great inspiration. There’s definitely some Peter Tägtgren and George Fisher influences in there as well.

Other than the ones Adrian mentioned I’d say Vomitory is a huge influence when it comes to the relentless energy. And whether or not I do it on purpose there’s always a touch of At the Gates in my riffs.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could bring one album with you, which one would it be and why?

Slaughter of The Soul. It’s got more or less everything, from rage and aggression to melancholy and some real beauty to it. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic as well with some interesting themes. I think At The Gates really captured the atmosphere of Swedish winter on that record and it kind of feels like the soundtrack to our society as a whole. I guess it would remind me of home, for better or worse! REINKAΩS by Dissection is also a strong contender though. I think you’ve really come up with something great when you manage to conjure a version of death metal that’s just beautiful, awe-inspiring and that has you absolutely spellbound. God of Forbidden Light is a great example of this. The whole album really inspires you to delve into some mythology as well, which is always welcome in my book!

It would have to be Get Lucky by Mark Knopfler. It’s one of my all-time favorite records and it’s been that for quite some time. The way Mark tells stories with his songs together with how he writes the music really speaks to me and I never seem to get tired of him. Great music for road trips!

Probably Blackwater Park by Opeth. It’s one of those records and band that changed and shaped my view of music and creativity. I was so blown away by all their songs in my early teens that I became a real prog/metal snob. If the song wasn’t 10 minutes long and contained growls and clean vocals it was not advanced enough!

Also, Martin Lopez, their former drummer, has been a huge inspiration for me since I heard him on Opeth’srecords.

Ah man, that’s a tough one! I would have to agree with Adrian about Slaughter of The Soul. However, I think if it really comes down to choosing one, single album, I will have to say Dance of Death by Iron Maiden. Simply because it was the first metal album that I ever owned, so it has huge sentimental value to me. Plus, it’s a fantastic album! Either that or Nightmares Made Flesh by Bloodbath because that eerie, nasty sound just speaks to me. Everything on that album is so well made from top to bottom, and with Peter Tägtgren on vocals at that. There is just something about his strength, deepness and rage on that album that really gets me going – The lows, the highs and the hardcore screams; the whole thing is just great.

Will we see Wretched Fate going on a tour this year?

First of all, we’re ripping of a gig at Gamrocken Festival 2019. We’re hoping that a strong performance at Gamrocken will help in kickstarting bookings and tours now that the album is out and we can focus on other things than the promotion.

We’ve been pretty busy with the release of the album and everything around it up until now, but as Adrian said, now that the album’s finally out, we are so ready to get out there, and play as many live shows as possible. With that being said, I don’t think we’ll be going on any tour this year, or at least not for the coming six months. But hey, who knows? We’ll see what happens. Keep your eyes peeled!

What’s next for Wretched Fate? I know Fleshletting just got released but are you already working on a new album?

There are a couple of songs written. We can’t really say we have started working on an album yet, but songs are growing and riffs are always being written here.

So far, I’ve only just started with the “research” for upcoming lyrics. I get tons of ideas that all of a sudden pop into my head every now and then though, and I feel the lyrics will be a lot easier to write this time around. The creation of “Fleshletting” required somewhere about two years of our time so I would expect the same for the next record. If I were to guess I’d say we’ll write the next record parallel with live shows as well.

I need to know, do we got any metal gamers in Wretched Fate? If so what games are your favorites?

Definitely. I’m a sucker for DOOM, especially the 2016 revival! It pretty much sums up death metal as a genre and translates it into a game. I’m a big fan of YouTubers Accursed Farms and Ahoy as well, the latter which produces excellent documentaries on retro-gaming, such as the original DOOM for instance. Other than that, I think the Dark Souls franchise is fantastic. The gameplay is great (most of the time) and the scenery, atmosphere and soundtracks are very immersive. Who can resist the monstrous melancholy of the “Firelink Shrine”-themes? I also really enjoy horror games such as Amnesia, Dead Space and Outlast.

I don’t consider myself a gamer anymore, but I used to be a big one. I grew up on Age of Empires 1 & 2 and the Grand Theft Auto franchise and in my late teens I got really into Half-Life 2. I have a lot of nostalgia for the Zelda games on N64 and GameCube and I really love those games. Like a lot of people, I have my fair share of hours put into Counter-Strike: GO but all that game stuff is not for me anymore. Now I just hoard old and new consoles and games and make other people play them I guess, ha-ha.

Just like Mats I’m not a gamer in its rightful meaning anymore.  I usually just “game and chill” when the evening comes. I’m a huge sucker for RPG so I’ve played a lot of The Witcher: Wild Hunt. Probably the best single player RPG I’ve ever played. Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077!

Yeah for sure. I play a little bit of everything. I used to play games like Counter Strike, PUBG and Overwatch, but lately I’ve been getting into a lot of the newer fighter games, like Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur 6. I’m really looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 as well. However, my favorite games of all times are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (2003) and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (2004), both of which I got with my first Xbox, back in 2004. The story, the scenery, the graphics, the gameplay – It’s all amazing. They still hold up really well today, too. I’ve probably finished them around 20 times in total over the years and every time I play them, to this day, I still discover new things in the game.

Thanks for your time! That’s all the questions I had, any last words?

Thank you very much for having us! Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram and to get your hands on “Fleshletting” at Redefining Darkness Records! See you at Gamrocken Festival, May 31st, 2019!

Wretched Fate – Fleshletting (Death Metal)

Alright metal gamers, after quite a few reviews within different sub-genres of death and black I am back with a review on what I enjoy the most, classic death metal! Not only is it OSDM but it’s also from Sweden, oh the joy! Though the four-piece features three of the five members from Non Divine Sun, a melodeath band, Wretched Fate instead offers HM2 death metal straight up with modern production value. Think Demonical, Feral, Bloodbath and Evocation and you know what these guys are all about.

I will tell it to you straight away. In all honesty Wretched Fate doesn’t offer anything new under the rotten sun but truth be told I am such a sucker for well crafted death metal of this school that I can’t help but to spin it time and time again. And that’s exactly what their debut Fleshletting has given me, a new album I get drawn to and I’ve listened to it at least once per day since its release. I can’t deny its appeal and this is the exact same reason why I had Evocation’s album The Shadow Archetype very high up on my best of 2017, or why Chaos Manifesto from Demonical got quite a few spins last year. Sometimes it just need to be catchy as hell and be the riffs that the doctor ordered.

The onslaught Wretched Fate unleash upon its listener already on the opening title track makes your head bang from the first note. However with its 12 songs and almost one hour long runtime it might be too much for the non diehard fan of the genre. There are a couple of songs that kinda flies by even after several listens but with standout tracks such as “Wretched Fate”, “Altars of Misery” and “Epitaph” there is a lot of quality and variation here. While at its peaks Fleshletting is one of the best death metal albums I’ve heard in months there are a few unmemorable tracks too many to have this album in the best of the year talks (yes I think of this stuff already).

Fleshletting is one of my most played albums for February, yet it came out late, and while I do think its close to one hour playtime is too long this is a solid death metal album that will please any fan of the genre. If they trim some fat (quality over quantity and all that) for the next release they might just have an album that will land high on the best of rankings at The Metal Gamer. With Fleshletting though we got a debut that’s already carved a way for Wretched Fate to reach the high tiers of Swedish death metal. The future is bright for these guys from Dalarna!

Written by J.B.

Label: Redefining Darkness Records
For fans of: Bloodbath and Demonical
Release date: February 22nd, 2019
Favorite song: Epitaph
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Grafvitnir – Venenum Scorpionis (Melodic Black Metal)

A band that took me by surprise with their 2017 release was Swedish melodic black metal act Grafvitnir. I’d never heard of them before their fifth album release but it was a superb offering to the Swedish black metal of old and with that release I now had the band on my radar. Fast forward to 2019 and the trio has now released their sixth album called Venenum Scorpionis via the ever so great Carnal Records. One thing worth noting on the line-up is Niantiel is in it, who has a past with Grá and is currently also in Cursed 13. Grá and Cursed 13 shares most of it’s members and are lead by the dark star Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Domgård, Grá, Cursed 13).

Venenum Scorpionis picks of right where Keys to the Mysteries Beyond left off and offers us 37 minutes of pure, cold black metal. They make no secret that this is yet another homage to the early Swedish black metal scene, great as it is. If you liked their old albums, actually scratch that, if you even like old school black metal then this will be right up your dark alley. Be it Dissection, Naglfar, Valkyrja, Funeral Mist or the new blood Blood of Serpents that’s your poison then you should know of Grafvitnir, if you don’t it’s time to repent. One thing I praised Grafvitnir for before was their use of Swedish lyrics on “Vargavinter”, here they offer one more with the track “Ormeld” and I still wish they would write even more as their songwriting in Swedish gives me chills to be honest.

There aren’t really much differences from Keys to the Mysteries Beyond and Venenum Scorpionis, for the good and bad. As I stated before you know exactly what you get from Grafvitnir and if you’ve enjoyed their previous efforts then you will have a good time with this too. It’s a band that has found their sound and is sticking by it, I for one think this is one of the best underground black metal bands in Sweden right now so I say keep it up! The two main differences for me personally is that I enjoy the songwriting more on Venenum Scorpionis but I thought Keys to the Mysteries Beyond had more melodic and atmospheric sides to it which speaks to me more in the long run. Each to their own though and I advise you to give both a listen to compare. I do need to add the instrumental track “I nattens mantel svept” is beautiful, bringing that medieval acoustic flare and is a nice ice breaker that weirdly enough fits into the rest of the album. Will be interested to see which album I will get back to the most down the road but fact is they are both great and black metal fans have another sweet dark offering given to them early this year!

Written by J.B.

Label: Carnal Records
For fans of: Naglfar and Dissection
Release date: February 22nd, 2019
Favorite song: Ormeld
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Vanha – Melancholia (Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal)

Back to the pit that belongs to the everblossom music of Doom. The band on the menu is the Swedish act Vanha. The name means old in the language of Finland. The band was formed in Trollhättan (outside of Gothenburg) 2016 by the multi-instrumentalist Jan “Janne” Johansson, who started his musical career in the Black/Folk band Frostvang as guitarist and vocalist.

By 2016 Janne got a taste of doing his own musical journey. Together with drummer Jesse Oinas they released “Within the mist of sorrow”, which became a very respectful and solid debut. Since 2017 Janne has been on his own, and I will say that it has not been an negative impact on the music. Now we can hear all the talent and skills from this Swede. So in the last days of 2018 Vanha returned once again with it’s second full-length album Melacholia. A great follow up to his debut, and everything is sharper, darker then it’s precursor. A strong effort indeed.

The six songs are wonderfully produced. With a great depth of symphony and melancholic despair. Every track have been through a dark mist that containing feelings of lost love, hate, sorrow and constant suffering. Slow as Doom should be, still it feels very modern. I can hear that it have been written and produced recently…but the soul is old. The soul of Doom is a pale, bleak spirit that never gives up on you. It continues to make all of those that listen at it to always fight on his/her journey in life.

Vanha’s latest album is a beautiful example of Atmospheric/Symphonic Doom. This sound takes me back to my teens, when this was something new and extraordinary for me and it still gives me the same haunting feeling today.

And as a reminder, check up Jill Colbert-Manfish inc. Who have done a delicate artwork on the album sleeve.

Written by K.P.

Label: Black Lion Records
For fans of: Altars Of Grief and Second To Sun
Release date: December 30th, 2018
Favorite song: With Your Heart In My Hand
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Revenge Prevails – False Hope Cruelty (Black/Death Metal)


In Sweden there is a thriving underground black metal scene so there is no surprise Revenge Prevails is another promising act from the country. The band formed in 2008, it took it’s time to find a stable lineup and the debut album Dark Trembling Solace had to wait to see the light of the world until 2015. The band is quite influenced from the second wave of black metal where you can hear a lot of dark mysticism a la Mayhem for example but also some of the crushing agression that Dark Funeral offers. The album starts off really well with sweet varied riff after riff and Josef Svensson raspy vocals being just as good as they were on the debut. Having the female bass player Isabella Ramare accompanying on vocals is big step from their debut and it does add variation, with more power to their shadow concept as well.

There is two flaws on the album to me though that does bring the score down from what it could have been. Just like I thought on their debut this is too long of an album. There are very few bands out there who can do over one hour albums well without losing the listener in the process. Sadly this was not the case here. There are some highs and lows and well when it lasts for this long the lows feels lower than they are to me. The inconsistency along with the length holds the album back in my opinion. Sadly it doesn’t matter then if Revenge Prevails does a great job feeling rather unique with their music (one of the reasons it was hard to add “for fans of” and it’s probably a bit off), which is not that easy today, and have some memorable songs. These two things does add two really big bumps along the road though. Also I have to add the album cover doesn’t do it for me, maybe because I am used to a lot of covers being great work of art nowadays.

In the end it’s a good journey, albit a bit too long. If they trim the fat and make the journey a bit shorter then I think they will reach a new level and it the overall experience more enjoyable. Into the Depths, Shapeshifter Dawn and Habeas Corpus are examples of great songs that I will come back to often. They’ve also made some steps in the right direction from the debut but I do think they can make even bigger leaps to get closer to the top.

Label: Independent
For fans of: Dark Funeral and Mayhem
Release date: August 4th, 2017
Favorite song: Habeas Corpus
Score: 3/5