Unmerciful – Wrath Encompassed (Technical Brutal Death Metal)

Unmerciful really needs no introduction for brutal death metal fans around the world. The band was created in 2001 by Clint Appelhanz, who was also an original member of the band Origin. Another ex-Origin member eventually joined in 2005, just in time for their fantastic debut album in 2006 Unmercifully Beaten, Jeremy Turner and the duo had found each other again laying the foundation that would become one of the most solid brutal death metal bands around. There has been some turmoil in the line-up during the years were especially the vocal spot has been hard on the band with Joshua Riley being the sixth vocalist they have. Line-up changes aside Unmerciful has released two very strong albums during their time and obviously I expected their 3rd album Wrath Encompassed being yet another excellent addition to their growing discography.

Pummelling your skull with a fierce fury Unmerciful is here to deliver the goods of hard hitting riffs. The album never slows down nor lack focus and Wrath Encompassed is an even better output than their latest, also superb, Ravenous Impulse. The new members Joshua Riley on vocals and Trynt Kelly (Marasmus & The Messiah Complex) on drums kick some serious ass and in all honesty I even think Riley is the best vocalist they’ve had (his range is insane) so I hope he will be a long-time member of Unmerciful. Kelley, a.k.a Sgt. Blast, does a fine job replacing John Longstreth (Origin, Hate Eternal (live), ex-Gorguts) which was something I was worried for seeing Longstreth is one of the best drummers in the world in my opinion. Hard to replace of course but Kelley makes a valid effort for you to forget all about Longstreth.

There is nothing on Wrath Encompassed that’s left for granted and Unmerciful has once again shown they are a band that’s symbolic for high standard. The production is the best they’ve had yet, likewise on the vocals front and the rest is just as good as you remember it from Ravenous Impulse. Fans of Unmerciful can sleep well tonight knowing the band never slows down, always work hard and always delivers what they promise. Intense, angry, and destructive brutal technical death metal of the highest quality. This is an album I will have with me at every gym session for those extra gains!

Artist: Unmerciful
Label: Willowtip Records
Release date: April 24th, 2020
Favorite song: Blazing Hatred
For fans of: Suffocation & Origin
Score: 4/5 Excellent



Willowtip Records


Mutilatred – Ingested Filth (Brutal Death Metal)

The American death metal act Mutilatred had a rather solid debut in 2015 with Dissecting Your Future. It was one of those album that if you’re a fan of brutal death metal you’d have a great time but it would probably quickly disappear from your memory as it didn’t really stand out. Four years later the band is at it again, this time with an EP instead of a full-length and hopefully a more memorable experience.

There is of course more pummeling death metal to get here! The drum sound is a bit of a hit or miss to me (as it was on the first album too), took a while for me to get used to it but even so I’m not a big fan of how it sounds. The “organic” snare sound (first word that comes to mind on explaining it, excuse my English) is used quite a bit on other death metal albums but it’s one of those things I’m picky on and more often than not can’t seem to enjoy (listened to Malignant Altar’s Retribution of Jealous Gods the other day where I like it for example).

There are quite a few things Mutilatred has made some big steps in the right direction on here too though, and I’m not one to just focus on the section I’m not getting into. The vocal performance is spot on, not that it was bad on the debut but it’s just more varied, got better growling and is simply nastier. The songs are still clocking around the two minute mark, but this time around though they have upped the tempo and for the better. A heavier album than their debut and it fits the band like a glove. No bullshit, just pedal to the metal raw hardcore brutal death metal the way it’s meant to be played. The production has become a lot better too to bring a nice bow on top of this neat package. These small things together makes Ingested Filth a more complete album than their debut, especially the more direct brutal death metal approach I hope they stick by for coming releases. An album like this needs that ferocity all the way through.

I still can’t drop the fact it isn’t an album I will return to in a few months as the bait used on the hook isn’t quite what I need. Ingested Filth won’t bring any new fans over to the brutal death metal scene but the old-school ones. It’s undeniable that Mutilatred have released another solid album though, better than their previous effort and definitely brings good music to fans of the genre.

Written by J.B.

Artist: Mutilatred
Label: Redefining Darkness Records
For fans of: Suffocation and Skinless
Release date: August 30th, 2019
Favorite song: Sifting Through Needles
Score: 3/5 Good

Mass Infection – Shadows Became Flesh (Brutal Death Metal)

It’s not often I stumble upon bands that’s been going for quite some time but to me they are completely new. Mass Infection from Greece is one of those bands that I’d honestly never heard about until just over a couple weeks ago. What’s more, and just as rare, is that Shadows Became Flesh hit me so hard that I had to make an order for it straight away, while listening through the rest of their discography. Where has Mass Infection been in my life? What I found is that this is band that leaves no riff to chance, has a perfect blend of classic death to the brutal ways and are superb songwriters.

Sometimes you find an album that might not revolutionary the genre but they do just about everything right, Shadows Became Flesh is such an album. As I just had to listen through the rest of their discography, which is also incredible and much recommended, I found this being their most complete work yet. Everything is better all the way from how the snare sound, how the guitar is tuned to production. Also the addition with the very talented Giulio Galati (Hideous Divinity, Blasphemer (live), Bloodshot Dawn (live)) on drums have worked wonders as him and the band seems to be a great fit right from the start.

From Omnious Prevision to Shadows Became Flesh every single song is a massive bulldozer of quality death coming at you. One of the most complete albums of 2018 where every song stands well on their own and it’s a great example of how to create a near perfect album in the genre. Even the cover art is astonishing and helps paint the full picture as one say of what is to come from Shadows Became Flesh.

If you like Severe Torture “Slaughtered” era, Monstrosity, Deeds of Flesh or just death metal overall then Mass Infection is right up your alley. Simply put this is brutal death metal done right with all the punishing blast beats, technical riffs that you can’t get enough of and crushing growls for your needs. One of the best albums in the genre that came out a bit too late to hit my yearly list.

Written by J.B.

Label: Comatose Music
For fans of: Severe Torture and Monstrosity
Release date: December 7th, 2018
Favorite song: To the Lords of Revulsion
Score: 4.5/5 Near Perfect

Habitual Depravity – Realms Of Abysmal Servitude (Brutal Technical Death Metal)

Habitual Depravity is a new name on the ever growing death metal scene hailing from Australia. I personally came around them as I follow the Realityfade Records quite closely as their releases is usually of really high quality and guess what? To no surprise at all fate would have it that so is this release!

What better way to start off one of the best brutal death metal albums of 2018 with a crushing intro where the drums will slam your face in? I don’t know about you but that’s exactly how I want to get up in the mornings, works better than coffee. Having Marco Pitruzzella (Six Feet Under, ex-Brain Drill, ex-The Faceless and ex-Vital Remains) on drums surely helps a ton as he is a pure mastermind on drums. Overall I think that’s one of the stronger points to take from Habitual Depravity’s debut Realms of Abysmal Servitude as it’s such a standout performance it’s hard not to take an extra liking to it. That being said it’s not like the other part of the deadly duo Jonathan Urwin does a bad job. Quite the contrary as his vocal range is great and reminds me a lot about Frank Mullen of Suffocation and if that wasn’t enough he also does all the other instrumental works. A very talented duo we got here for sure. The instrumental parts of Realms of Abysmal Servitude is a highlight of the year and even if the album would come without vocals it would be a joy to listen to, which can’t be said to many albums.

As each song passes by and I give the album more and more spins it gets to me, all the songs stand out very well on their own. They each got their own thing going on, and even though there is a brutal death metal core there is a lot of different technical aspect to it which breeds differently on the tracks. It’s brutal, technical and got a lot of variety to it with each song being a whole different beast that wants to tear you apart limb from limb. The production is great and the only real problem I got is that I would like the album to have a track or two more but from the 29 minutes we get this is pure technical brutal death metal on the high tier levels. The closing track, which is the album titled one, get my favorite song choice here as it offers me the perfect blend of brutality along with great riffs and bludgeoning drums.

A superb album that would land on my best of the year list if only it had only come out sooner. One every brutal death metal fan should have in their collection.

Written by J.B.

Label: Realityfade Records
For fans of: Suffocation and Brain Drill
Release date: December 30th, 2018
Favorite song: Realms of Abysmal Servitude
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Of Hatred Spawn – Of Hatred Spawn (Death Metal)

Close to Christmas I got one last album to review. What better genre to review before going on a break than the one I love the most, death metal! Of Hatred Spawn were formed in 2017 by the two brothers Remy and JJ Tartaglia who later on added ex-Annihilator bass-player Oscar Rangel and Matt Collacott on vocals. Hailing from Toronto, Canada they are said to play old-school death metal in the vein of Decapitated, Suffocation and Dying Fetus. So far so good right?

The first thing that catches my eye is the cover art, a great looking fantasy painting that captures the lyrical themes of slavery, darkness and the balance of evil well. What awaits in the musical section is modern extreme metal meets the ways of old. The razer edge guitar plays fused with groove and blast beats along with the superb vocals from Collacott is nothing short but great music to my ears. As soon as the opener Global Dehumanization hits me with it’s fast paced aggression I am hooked but the 28 minute span the album offers is over too quick, I want more. I do hear a lot of grindcore death a la Dying Fetus, Aborted and Benighted influences when I listen to Of Hatred Spawn, mainly due to the way Collacott sings, which is like a blend between Frank Mullen of Suffocation, Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé of Aborted and Julien Truchan of Benighted. There is also a lot of technical death metal aspects as the drumming and riffs leans more towards newer Suffocation, Misery Index or even Hour of Penance at times than for example Obituary or Entombed.

There is really nothing negative to say about this album, it was solid throughout albeit a bit short for a full-length. Sure it isn’t anything groundbreaking that re-invents the wheel but the skill involved in this group is more than enough to win me over. Death metal fans should definitely check this out as here is something for everyone.

Label: Boonsdale Records
For fans of: Suffocation and Aborted
Release date: December 21st, 2018
Favorite song: Nocturnal Swarm
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Nails of Imposition – Surpassing Carbon Decay (Brutal Death Metal)

Woho more brutal death metal! This time I took it upon myself to look through the latest releases from a label I personally enjoy, namely Lord of the Sick Recordings. There I found they had released an album in August called Surpassing Carbon Decay by Australian four-piece Nails of Imposition. With a new vocalist in Ewan Lambert (Corpseflesh, Facegrinder) since the bands full-length debut Bloodletting Eroticism they were now ready for the next step as a band.

My initial thought is damn this album is a lot better than the debut, which I was not a big fan of. Everything from the slick riffs, growls of death from Lambert to crushing drums is an improvement and there is little to dislike on Surpassing Carbon Decay. Their talent shows and if it wasn’t for the fact none of the tracks really stand out this album would get an even higher score. It kind of goes through without leaving a big impact on you but it’s still a perfectly good album that does few wrongs that’s a solid choice for those of you who want a fine crossing between old school American death metal and the brutal death metal scene.

While I’ve heard this kind of take on brutal death metal many times before I like this kind of thing. Sure there are bands out there who does this better but if you enjoy brutal death metal with a lot of technical aspects to it like Defeated Sanity, Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh then you’re sure to have a good time here too.

Written by J.B.

Label: Lord of the Sick Recording
For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Deeds of Flesh
Release date: August 1st, 2018
Favorite song: Contrived of the Spoliate
Score: 3/5 Good

Infuriate – Infuriate (Brutal Death Metal)


Alright first of all I need to start with saying sorry for my absence, I was meant to review this album and one more last week but I simply didn’t have much spare time so I am a bit behind on things here now. I will do my best to catch up and give you the content you metal gamers deserve! I do have a real treat for you guys though. Infuriate consist of veterans within the Texas grindcore and brutal death metal scene who joined forces to create some old school brutal death metal in the veins of Deeds of Flesh, Disavowed and Severe Torture. One of the bands the members have, or are, a part of is Whore of Bethlehem. I actually got the 2017 release Extinguish the Light in a The Metalhead Box last year and it was a good album so that in itself made me a bit interested what this debut had in store for me.

While I know this was advertised as Deeds of Flesh, Disavowed and Severe Torture kind of music I would personally say Monstrosity mixed in with Deeds of Flesh is closer to the truth. It’s a bludgeoning riff-fest that leaves no head without the banging. It’s hard to not get caught in the flurry of riffs, relentless drumming or Jason Garza’s great vocal performance. The best part about the album though is that Infuriate does a great work changing the pace and what flow they want on the different tracks, making the almost 30 minutes a joy and easy to get back to. Be it the bas that is prominent in some tracks with a sweet groove solo or the hard hitting drums Infuriate got a knack for creating music that leaves the listener wanting more. In all honesty I hoped there was more too, 30 minutes is fine for this type of music as it does leave your brain in a mush but hell this is awesome stuff so this once I could want another song or two. One thing that sometimes can be a bit disappointing in this genre when listening to an album fully and not just a track here and there is it can feel monotone, Infuriate does not fall into that trap and that’s exactly what makes them stand out for me. They have that red thin line to follow throughout but also goes outside it from time to time to add a breakdown here, some slam there and extra heavy bas to top it off. Be it classic American crushing death metal “Mori Terrae”, the slamming “Surrogate” or groovy “Engastration” Infuriate does a superb job and has released one of the most memorable brutal death metal albums of the year.

Label: Everlasting Spew Records
For fans of: Monstrosity and Deeds of Flesh
Release date: August 31st, 2018
Favorite song: Mori Terrae
Score: 4/5