Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades (Death/Doom Metal)


The album title Where All Hope Fades really capture the sound of Ataraxy. Their death-doom mix is one gruesome experience that brings horror along with every hammering bass rhythm or when the deadly vocals kicks in. This is an album fans of Hooded Menace, Krypts and Undergang will enjoy listening to. One Last Certainty and the epic dirty sounding finisher The Blackness of Eternal Night are the two tracks I will take with me from this album as they superb. What brings the score down a bit is the fact I think the other four tracks don’t have the same bludgeoning force in them. Still a good album but it could be even better in my opinion. There is something dark brewing from Ataraxy though and I am sure they will only get better and better.

Label: Dark Descent Records
For fans of: Krypts and Undergang
Release date: February 16th 2018
Favorite song: The Blackness of Eternal Night
Score: 3/5


Moribundo – Raíz Amarga (Death/Doom Metal)


Are you a fan of bands such as Swallow the Sun, Draconian, Paradise Lost and Amorphis? Then look no further! Moribundo (means “Dying” in Spanish) and the melancholic thoughts you might get when thinking of death is something Moribundo expresses through their music. Created in 2014 Raíz Amarga is the Spanish bands debut album and what a debut it is!

The various influences Moribundo takes from have created a new beast entirely. The use of different instruments like piano and violin combined with the depressed growls creates an almost funeral doom experience at times. Not only that the four tracks are really different to each other, with a lot of variety to the music it makes Raíz Amarga an album you can easily listen to several times without getting bored. Death and despair. Take those words in and what they really mean to you then listen to this and you will experience the bitter rot Moribundo so beautifully expresses.

I found this to be a rather epic experience. It’s sweet melancholic symphonies and variety in music that makes it stand out from the average doom act. Adding the mixing of Hiili Hiilesmaa at Yellow House Studio (Swallow the Sun, Moonspell, Amorphis, Sentenced) and you got yourself one of the better doom albums of 2017.

Raíz Amarga is out now through Satanath Records.

Label: Satanath Records
For fans of: Swallow the Sun and Draconian
Favorite song: Luz (Ciego Color)

Atrexial – Souverain (Blackened Death Metal)


Atrexial comes from sunny Spain but it’s not all sun and rainbows over there. The band focuses on the brutality of death metal and mixes it with the elegance and darkness of black metal, blackened death metal at it’s finest. Souverain being the bands debut album.

Starting with a haunting instrumental intro you have heard in horror movies you know there is darkness brewing. The spaniards wastes no time and with The Hideous Veil of Innocence you get an onslaught of riffs and great quality blackened death metal that their piers in Behemoth would be proud of. And guess what? Atrexial doesn’t slow down and this is just the kind of brutal aggression I wanted in my music this Tuesday morning along with my coffee to wake up. This sheer aggression reminds me of Swedish black metal giants Dark Funeral or Valkyrja at times. Which is definitely music made for my ears!

Founding member Naga S. Maelström (Human Carnage and Cauldron) along with his two brothers in arms Louen (Nyctophobia) and Labelua (Ex-Ered, ex-Famishgod, ex-Abrahel) has created one of the best debut albums of 2017. There is nothing I dislike with this album really. It’s a powerful experience filled with horror, torment, darkness and death. Just the way mama used to make it. A mix of death and black metal made really well and quality songwriting that makes this a complete album. Favorite three songs on the album I would say are Catharsis Through Torment, Illuminatur and Shadows of the Nephilim.

Atrexia’s debut album Souverain is out now through Godz Ov War Productions. Also with this review I will start broadcasting the labels more at the bottom. Seing my main reason for reviewing albums is to promote the well made music from the underground it’s best to highlight the labels behind the bands as well. I hope you will like it.

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
For fans of: Behemoth and Dark Funeral
Favorite song: Shadows of the Nephilim

Wormed – Krighsu (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)


Spanish juggernaughts Wormed have taken their spaceship back into our galaxy to spread their brutal tech death over our planet. Wormed have always had an interesting lyrical theme about human evolution and science fiction. Their music is very robotic/artificial intelligence like. Take this part of the song Psuedo-Horizon for example:

Telemetry: command links connected
Pulse: internal acoustic pressure
Orbital insertion
Actuators: installed
Loading structural interface

Very unusual type of lyrics but also very cool and what makes Wormed stand out in that sense. It’s basically a horrifying sci-fi experience that has some truth in it. Wormed has released one of the most brutal technical death metal albums of the year. You will do best to embrace yourself for a merciless ride unlike any other that will blow your brains out.

For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Cryptopsy
Favorite song: A-Life Omega Point

Ulfsark – Einherjar (Epic Viking/Power Metal)


Oh some viking metal from Spain to listen to? Don’t mind if I do! The spaniards in Ulfsark, who were founded in 2014, recently released their debut EP Einherjar. Like the sucker I am for epic viking music I just knew I had to dig into this. Checking through their pictures as well I could see they are the real deal, getting Ensiferum vibes like crazy. This aside though, how do they sound? Well what do you know, they sound like Ensiferum as well! This isn’t a bad thing though as Ensiferum is one of my favorite bands, just like I guess Ulfsark thinks too.

With songs about valhalla, travels, feasts, drinking and war you know you got the recipe for a wicked viking metal album. I think Ulfsark is on to something with their EP Einherjar and I hope to see them release a full-length album in the near future.

For fans of: Ensiferum and Brymir
Favorite song: Blood and Beer