Albums of the Month: January

Welcome to a new section of The Metal Gamer! You’ve already noticed two changes these past few months with both interviews and gaming reviews being new segments to the TMG camp. I’ve always thought something has been lacking, that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Especially in the sense of finding new great underground metal in a quick and easy way, which is one of the key things for me when starting this blog. Each month you will find the five albums I’ve enjoyed the most, a few lines on why and of course a link so you can listen to it yourself.

Album of the Month

Desecravity – Anathema

As a fan of the technical and brutal this is a no brainer for me. Japan’s heavy hitters Desecravity has made their best album yet and is a must have for fans of Cryptosy, Origin and Defeated Sanity. Released January 25th via Willowtip Records.


Malist – In the Catacombs of Time

Atmospheric, dark and sinister. This black metal band from Russia is one of the most promising new acts I’ve heard in a long time. Released January 25th via Northern Silence Productions.

Festerday – Iihtallan

What can I say I am a sucker for old school death metal. Finnish Festerday are veterans of the scene and shows the old dogs got bark. Their blend of death metal with both punk and even hints of grind elements to it makes it stand out. Released January 4th via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Rendered Helpless – Suffer, Seraphim

With a new direction from their previous releases and lyrics that draws influences from Warhammer, Diablo, Doom the third album from Rendered Helpless became an instant hit to me. A change that was much needed for me to get into the band for real! Released January 25th, 2019 as an digital independent release. Out on CD February 25th via
Inherited Suffering Records.

Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

It was my most anticipated album of 2019 and while it didn’t quite live up to those it’s still a very solid death metal album. Seeing the loss the band had I am honestly surprised they are still going, and going hard too! Released January 18th via Century Media Records.

I also need to name some honorable mentions that I’ve had a few spins with but didn’t quite make it. Who knows if they would of knocked one of those mentioned above if I had more time with them though?

Noctambulist – Atmospheres of Desolation
Altarage – The Approaching Roar
Barshasketh – Barshasketh

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this new segment of The Metal Gamer and that it gives you some new great music! Did I miss any great album? What’s your top five of the month? Feel free to comment metal gamers!


Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (Brutal Death Metal)


New Zealand, a country that not only has beautiful scenery and was where my favorite movies were filmed Lord of the Rings but it’s also the home of Organectomy. The band was totally unknown to me until one day I got a single called “Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths” and since then I was hyped for their debut Domain of the Wretched. I am perfectly aware though that a good single and a good album are two completely different things so where does this leave Organectomy?

Well hell this is one sweet domain they got there. From the get-go this is kickass brutal death metal that’s everything I hoped it would be. This is the music your mother has warned you about and it reeks of filthy death metal gore. It’s heavy as hell and once the album got its claws in you it never let go. Domain of the Wretched honestly got it all going from what I want in a brutal death metal album. There are the breakdowns, got a lot of technical aspects, insane gutterals, some slam in there and heck even a couple classic filthy old school death metal riffs here and there too (like on Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths). It’s a complete package. For me this is a mix of Disentomb, Analepsy and Bloodbath getting mixed in a blender to produce this retched filth, and it’s glorious. Actually it’s not just those band getting put in a blender, so is your brain as this will leave it in a muss from all the brutality. It may not be as heavy as Pathology, it may not be as technial as Defeated Sanity or whatever but they use all the elements I enjoy and perfected the mix with just the right amount of each part.

It’s been some time now since I had so much fun with a brutal death metal album. Domain of the Wretched does just about everything right on their debut and I am glad it wasn’t just the single I heard before being good, it’s the whole album. Anything from Sanctum of Deceit, Carnal Bloodlust to the epic, closing in on eight minute long, instrumental track Cascading into Despair (how many BDM songs you heard being that long before?) with an acoustic intro are of high quality. The best brutal death metal album I’ve heard all year which uses all the tools available.

Label: Unique Leader Records
For fans of: Disentomb and Rendered Helpless
Release date: April 6th, 2018
Favorite song: Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths
Score: 4/5