Bloodphemy – In Cold Blood (Death Metal)

Oh sweet death metal how I’ve missed you. After a week away from metal reviewing I’m back to a genre I adore. Bloodphemy’s sophomore album In Cold Blood is here to get me right back into the fray and what hits me straight from the start are the really deep and freaking great vocals from Olivier van der Kruijf. Where has this guy been all my life!? I’ll be honest I wasn’t at all sold on the bands debut Bloodline in 2017 but wow what a difference it makes switch vocalist! Not only that the band overall has got their shit together and plays a heavier, meaner sound than on the debut (sometimes I even think they’re close to the brutality of Deranged). How’s that for an upgrade!?

Lets get one thing straight, it’s hard not to get your head banging for this release. You’ve been warned! The album length is just enough that together with the meaty buzzsaw riffs and Oliver’s sick vocal performance will get you hooked throughout the album. Old-school death metal fans will rejoice that Bloodphemy has taken a major step, no a leap, as a band. There is much to like here for fans of the meaner side of death metal with acts like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Sinister and Pestilence in mind. They still have some ways to go but the brutal and evil sound on display here is more than enough to keep this album in my repertoire for death metal this year. If you just want to check out one song then I have to advice on “Bloodline”, damn that is a song for the heavy gym sessions!

Written by J.B.

Label: Black Lion Records
For fans of: Morbid Angel and Sinister
Release date: April 12th, 2019
Favorite song: Bloodline
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Spectrum of Delusion – Esoteric Entity (Technical Death Metal)


You can never get too much quality techdeath in your life. Spectrum of Delusion knows this and despite this being a debut album coming from a country that’s not really produced a whole lot of techdeath, namely the Netherlands, this band can rock. Spectrum of Delusion has taken it’s time since their formation in 2013 to produce a debut that will be a great starting point, leaving nothing to chance. One of the bands that basically came from nowhere in my eyes but released a killer techdeath album last year was Virvum and I get a lot of the same vibes when listening to Spectrum of Delusion. Both bands took a long time in order to release their debut (granted Virvum took way longer) and both have done really well to release a debut that shakes up the scene, gaining a lot of new fans and leaving people wanting more. Mission accomplished.

Esoteric Entity might not offer anything you haven’t heard before but what they do offer is an insanely tight album with few errors. This has been 36 minutes of joy to listen to through and through. However I do feel like the start was a bit slow compared to the ending of the album. The last three tracks on the album Unborn Tragedy, Mixotrophy and Timelines are really great tracks that shows Spectrum of Delusion on form while the first songs were just good. Which in a year where techdeath has really thrived with top releases from Origin, Decrepit Birth and Archspire just to name some won’t break them into the higher tier of things. At the same time though this is the bands first album, a good one at that, and I am sure this will pave the way for even better releases to come in the future. Spectrum of Delusion is a band I will have an extra eye on to see where they go with their next release. For now I am happy with a tight debut that makes me hope they can be the next big thing within the genre.

Label: Independent
For fans of: Virvum and Tethys
Favorite song: Unborn Tragedy
Score: 3.5/5

Lucifer’s Cold Embrace – Sovereign Heresy (Symphonic Black/Death Metal)


Lucifer’s Cold Embrace is the devilish solo project by the Dutch talent Martin van Beek. It all started with Martin and his girlfriend sharing the passion for bands like Dissection and Naglfar so Martin decided to write songs for her with the diabolical inspiration they give you. The result is nothing short but a five track EP that captures the very essence of satanic melodies, singing symphonic hate for God while giving love to Lucifer.

The starting song Rising gives me The Serpentine Offering by Dimmu Borgir vibes all over (with a touch of Satyricon). A very good start that definitely gets me going. Lucifer’s Cold Embrace follows it up with Black Death, a foul track about the pestilence that takes me more towards the older Dissection sound and lyrics. It’s just so evil. Then we have my favorite song on Sovereign Heresy, The Gift of Life. I think this is one of the best songs released this year. It makes Jon N√∂dtveidt (ex-Dissection) turn in his grave with joy that out there is a Dutch mastermind that can follow some of the work he has made legend. Martin then end Sovereign Heresy journey with Serpentine Flames – Embers of Hate and The Shepherd’s Rod. Two just as diabolical songs as the rest of the album and after spending 20 minutes with Lucifer’s Cold Embrace you are left begging for more.

Good thing is though that Sovereign Heresy is the first in a planned series of many and I can’t wait what Martin comes out with next. Everything from the song-writing, music and production is top notch which will give every fan of Dimmu Borgir, Dissection and Naglfar a reason to rejoice as Lucifer’s Cold Embrace takes you.

For fans of: Naglfar and Dissection
Favorite song: The Gift of Life