Virvum – Illuminance (Technical Death Metal)


Ah Technical Death Metal, a genre that has really shined these last couple of years with great bands such as Black Crown Initiate and Fallujah showing how the heavy technical death metal side can sound if done well. Virvum continues the trend with good tech death metal bands spawning as Illuminance is a debut album worth taking an extra look at with their wicked riffs, solos and simply incredible musicianship overall.

Every song on the album is top notch (making it hard for me to pick a favorite song) and the instrumental play is so great it basically tells a story all on its own. Safe to say the progressive side on the album shines just as much as the death metal side. Which probably has a lot to do with Arran McSporran, De Profundis member, being a part of the band. Illuminance sets the bar very high for other contenders that might want to crown themselves with the “debut album of the year” title. As a side note the cover art is beautiful and really captures the essence of the album.

Illuminance  is an album you just have to listen to and be taken away to the fantastic world of Virvum. You won’t regret it!

For fans of: Fallujah and The Faceless
Favorite song: Ad Rigorem