Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence (Metalcore/Trash/Heavy Metal)


One of my favorite bands of all time is Trivium. Ascendancy was one of the first metal albums I got at the age of 16 which made me like the music even more (along with Linkin Park, Disturbed and other early 00 releases). With that said Trivium got a soft spot in my black heart. A thing that makes me really like the band, but dislike some of their albums, is the fact that they are not afraid to change their sound. One album can be very metalcore, next trash and next one almost a bit of popish heavy metal. Going from growling to clean singing, changing their sound but still putting out good albums isn’t easy but Trivium manages to do that (most of the time). With that said my three favorite albums with them are Ascendancy, Shogun and Silence in the Snow, until now.

Whereas Ascendancy will always be very close to me and I will probably always regard it as their best album due to that reason I am completely sold on The Sin and the Sentence. There is something for every era of Trivium, for every fan, new and old. The opener and titletrack of the album The Sin and the Sentence is almost a perfect example on how a Trivium song should sound like to cover their different sounds in one go. Here you got the clean singing, the catchy riffs, the change of tempo that takes you in with the old trashy and heavy sound Trivium first got known for into the mix (last minute of the song). I’ve listened to that song endless of times and it gets better with each listen. Beyond Oblivion and Other Worlds might not go to history as some of my favorites but they are solid songs. The Heart From the Hate is so damn catchy it hurts. Then comes Betrayer which is freaking sweet, it captures the rawer sound Trivium once had and together with The Sin and the Sentence and The Heart From Your Hate quickly becomes some of the best songs on the album. Bear in mind those are the three singles Trivium released previously so I’d already had quite a few listens to them and goten to know every single riff, the lyrics etc inside out which probably clouds my judgement.

From the songs I hadn’t heard prior the album release The Wretchedness Inside is a really good song with memorable riffs and feels a bit hardcore sounding. In all honesty there isn’t a single song I find bad but some are definitely more memorable than others. Beauty in the Sorrow is a prime example of that, if you want me to name the songs on this album in a year that one would easily waste away compared to lets say The Sin and the Sentence. Also has to be said I originally thought Thrown Into the Fire was a really average but with time has grown on me. Which has actually been the way The Sin and the Sentence has worked for me. The more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. This is one of the best albums Trivium has released with a lot songs that will be remembered as some of their best when we look back at their discography in the future.

Label: Roadrunner Records
For fans of: Killswitch Engage and All That Remains
Favorite song: The Sin and the Sentence
Score: 4/5


Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (Brutal Death Metal)


Being a very new listener to Broken Hope as I actually discovered them on Twitter a couple of months ago when I followed Suffocation and got them as a recommendation I am sorry to say I will have to review this album as it is a debut basically. Some history about the band to begin with, as I obviously had to check these bad boys out to know what I am dealing with. Created in 1988 (very good year mind you) the band has had quite the history with a band member being kicked out due to basically hustling, disbanding in 2001, reuniting in 2012 and being droped from a Deicide tour in 2013. All that shit aside the band is still going strong and Jeremy Wagner on guitar is the only original member still in the band. Has this made Broken Hope lost….their hope?

As I said earlier I haven’t listened to this band at all before and I am going into this album with a very fresh mind and don’t know what to expect, unlike I did with Origins for example. Holy crap though! If John Carpenter’s The Thing was a music album this could be it! I’m a big fan of Damian “Tom” Leski’s (Gorgasm) vocals and it really sets the tone together with the rest of the band and lyrical theme of Mutilated and Assimilated. This is a brutal death metal album filled with gore and horror. All the pieces are set in the band to make it an experience you deserve in that theme. The album proves to be a good one for me, it lacks that extra punch as I am having a hard time finding a song that sticks out from the rest. It’s solid brutal death metal through and through though but could use that tank of a song that breaks it out of the cage. With Broken Hope re-assembled (or mutilated and assimilated?), having new members and new hope (sorry) I am sure this is just the beginning for the band as they go for that tier one brutal death metal spot.

Mutilated and Assimilated is out now through Century Media Records.

Label: Century Media Records
For fans of: Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse
Favorite song: The Carrion Eaters
Score: 3/5

Best of 2017 so far

Picking a top 10 is always hard, I personally try to mix it up with various genres as well. There were some albums which on any other day could be in this top 10 but this is what I am sticking with! Also just like last year I only choose albums I’ve reviewed. Meaning there are some albums that’s actually good and been out before this is written but I haven’t had the time to review them, hence they are not in the running. So here you go The Metal Gamer top 10 albums of 2017… far!

Mordbrand – Wilt (Death Metal)

HerezA – I Become Death (Death Metal)


Havukruunu – Kelle Surut Soi (Pagan/Black Metal)


Svartsyn – In Death (Black Metal)


Svart Crown – Abreaction (Black/Death Metal)


Hideous Divinity – Adveniens (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)


Shadow of Intent – Reclaimer (Deathcore)


Firespawn – The Reprobate (Death Metal)


Evocation – The Shadow Archetype (Death Metal)


Hour of Penance – Cast the First Stone (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)


Bloodgod – Catharsis (Death Metal)


Lets start with saying I am very glad Bloodgod themselves contacted me as otherwise I would probably have missed this independent release. Bloodgod is a Dutch three-man outfit that features members from Disquiet, Hymir and Neustros Derechos. Being from these bands you get members who have backgrounds in different genres. Namely black, death and trash metal. This is also where the bands strength lays, they fuse together different genres to give their own take on death metal (similar to what Post Pulse have done). Main influences I would say are death and trash metal, sometimes I think their songs sound like old Trivium albums (which is a really good thing mind you).

The flow of the songs, change of tempo and vocals (minus the clean singing) is what takes me back to, as an example, Trivium’s Ascendancy album. It just seems to have the same kind of attitude as they did back then. That said they aren’t a Trivium rip off or anything like that, I just find bits and pieces that reminds me of them from their early stages. That together with some Machine Head, DevilDriver and Lamb of God then you get a rough idea on Bloodgod’s sound. Definitely music a lot of metalheads will enjoy and that Bloodgod can continue building on. Only thing I really got to comment on in a negative sense is that the two songs Valar Morghulis and Satan’s Smile sound too similar for my taste (especially the intro).

All in all this is a sweet EP, 18 minutes of enjoyable metal that can act as a teaser of what Bloodgod are capable of when it’s time to work on their full-length debut. The foundation is there and it will be interesting to hear what they come up with next. Catharsis is out now as an independent release.

Label: Independent
For fans of: Trivium and DevilDriver
Favorite song: ‘t Schrickelik Tempeest

Entrails – World Inferno (Death Metal)


Ah Entrails, a band I always know what to expect from. Solid old school death metal with crushing riffs. For those of you that don’t know the band has a quite interesting history. Entrails was formed in 1990 but never actually released anything as they were never satisfied with their demo recordings so the band eventually died out. However in 2008 the guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist resurrected the band and in 2010 (20 years after their original formation) Entrails debut album Tales from the Morgue was finally released. Since then the band has been very active and released some killer albums with World Inferno being the bands fifth full-length album.

So how does World Inferno stack against their solid discography of death metal madness? It has to be said Entrails definitely knows how to create death metal by now. Just like their past albums this is a most have for fans of old school death metal. It’s a hard hitting and soul ravaging tank coming at you. Entrails have always had a nack to get those catchy tunes going which you will find yourself singing along to the course already on the opening track World Inferno.

It’s hard to say if this album is better or worse than the rest because, just like with their older albums, this is simply solid. They deliver what you expect of them, nothing more nothing less and they don’t have to with the band being a go to for many death metal fans. World Inferno is an album you will need to grab if you want some riff friendly music that is sure to make you bang your heads. If you’ve liked their past albums you will have a good time with World Inferno as well that’s for sure. Favorite tracks on World Inferno are Condemned to the Grave, Serial Murder (Death Squad), Insane Slaughter and Suffer.

World Inferno is out now through Metal Blade Records.

Label: Metal Blade Records
For fans of: Entombed and Grave
Favorite song: Serial Murder (Death Squad)

HerezA – I Become Death (Death Metal)


Created in 2014 by the duo Slobodan Stupar (guitar, bass, drums and backing vocals) and Ivan Kovačević Kova (vocals) this Croatian death metal band were quick to release their full-length debut Misanthrope the year after. Since then the duo have worked on I Become Death, an album that hopefully put Croatia on the death metal map this year.

You want the aggression from punk and death metal joined together in a wonderful symbiosis? Then this is what you need in your life. I’d heard from a few people this was a really good death metal album but already on the opening track I Become Death I am stunned. This isn’t just really good this is a death metal masterpiece! I am getting my brain put into a blender from these crusing riffs and sheer brutal force Slobodan and Ivan hits me with. You hear their influences from the old school death metal sound, like the masters Entombed or Obituary, with the groove on tracks like Jebem vas u usta ladna and Homo homini lupus est (yes they do have songs in their own language). Hell they even manage to fit in a sweet slow paced intro on Tombcrawler just for the sake of it. Their influences doesn’t stop there though! I dare say I hear a bit of Aborted, Anaal Nathrakh and even grindcore a la Carcass. Meaning this is some heavy shit and you should get prepared before listening. Not just with the standard beer but you need a bucket next to you as your brain will come out of your ears.

I’ve been insanly lucky this week. I’ve not only found one but two contenders for album of the year! Hereza is not just one of the best death metal albums this year but one of the best albums this year full stop. It’s brutal, raw, full of headbangning hits and mixes a lot of metal styles with perfection. HerezA has quickly got themselves a new fan and put Croatia on the metal map for me. My favorite tracks, this week have been hell choosing those mind you, would have to be I Become Death, Full Moon Slaughter and Tombcrawler. Hereza’s sophomore album I Become Death is out now through Godz ov War Productions.

Label: Godz ov War Productions
For fans of: Entombed and Anaal Nathrakh
Favorite song: Tombcrawler

Post Pulse – Halls of the Damned (Death Metal)


With a lineup consisting of members from the likes of Hung and The Man-Eating Tree you knew this was an interesting project seeing the different metal styles they come from. Together they create death metal that is quite unlike what you’re probably used to by now. In many ways this feels rather unique in the death metal genre and I am sure that’s what Post Pulse have strived for. Everything seems carefully planned out, songwriting, solos, drums, vocals, mixing everything is hitting the right spots at the right times.

It’s very rythm and groove based, just like death metal should be. Less filthy though than I personally like it but that’s ok I am actually quite happy to hear someone try something new and not the old school death metal sound that has been revitalized (which I love by the way). Every song on the album got something different to offer the listener, which I am sure has to do with all the metal styles that’s represented within the band. What all the songs got in common is the aggression and groove that never slows down to keep that red line accross this concept album. The concept album’s story by the way! Halls of the Damned is about one man’s struggle with life given a unique set of personal circumstances. This is shown throughout and also adds value to why Post Pulse plays such mixed styles.

I am quite surprised with Halls of the Damned. Here I was expecting a old school death metal album, instead I get something new and fresh and I like it! Songs like Final Goodbye and Frozen Heart are perfect examples on the bands style and also my favorites. Kind funny that this is the first time since, well probably forever, I had a hard time writing in the “for fans of” section since I personally haven’t heard much that sound like this (which is why it might be more off than ever). That is a good thing and very rare today, which alone should be enough for you to give this album a try.

Post Pulse debut album Halls of the Damned is out now through Inverse Records.

Label: Inverse Records
For fans of: Memoriam and Entrails
Favorite song: Frozen Heart