Father Befouled – Desolate Gods (Death Metal)


Since the bands formation in 2007 Father Befouled have been very active releasing two EPs, four splits and Desolate Gods will make it their fourth full-length album. This is very slow tempo, heavy death metal the way Incantation and Dead Congregation also does it. Almost on the verge of sounding doom or sludge metal at times just as they up the tempo and unleash the chaos. The atmosphere on the album is very filthy and vile, especially due to the lyrical content filled with death and blasphemy.

The album starts off with Offering Revulsion and Mortal Awakening being the raw destructive force I had in mind when I got this album. The tempo-changes hit the right spots and Father Befouled shows they have really taken a few steps in the right direction since their 2012 release Revulsion of Seraphic Grace (haven’t listen to their first two full-length albums though so have that in mind). It’s the small bits and pieces here and there which makes Desolate Gods better. The core sound is very much the same but the production and overall quality of the songs are better. There are a couple of songs I am not too sold on like Exalted Offal but Ungodly Rest instantly makes up for it as the last four tracks are also the best ones on the album.

Desolate Gods is a rather good release and Father Befouled have taken steps in the right direction to perfect their sound. I still think Father Befouled got some way to go before they can take on the beast that is Incantation for real but they are showing nice progress. Fans of the bands earlier releases or Incantation will dig this vile spawn. Desolate Gods is out now through Dark Descent Records.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FatherBefouled
Label: Dark Descent Records
For fans of: Incantation and Dead Congregation
Favorite song: Ungodly Rest

Martyrdoom – Grievous Psychosis (Death/Doom Metal)


You like your music raw and in a big sludge pile of filth then Martyrdoom is the band for you! Heavy down-tempo riffs and death metal groove is what these Polish musicians gives you in a neat package. Poland as a country keeps on giving great metal. The amount of good bands I’ve discovered as of late that originate from there is really starting to stack up. Martyrdoom (fitting name) were formed in 2010 and has since then been working hard in order to finally release their full-length debut.

Their debut is a good one at that and been worth the wait. Already on the opener Betrayed Trust you get into this grime headbang friendly album that is Grievous Psychosis. The album keeps on spinning at a heavy brutal pace throughout it’s 37 minutes and you can’t help but to fall in love with yet another Polish band that knows how to present death through music. The slow doom passages that Martyrdoom uses is a perfect fit in their sound and Sociak’s voice. Mix Obituary, Triptykon, Grave and Autopsy in a blender and this would be the result basically. Menacing and vile stuff that’s sure to get most metalheads going.

I like the mix of death and doom Martyrdoom presents and Grievous Psychosis is a solid debut album, one of the better ones so far this year. A few tracks I wasn’t too keen on, such as Face Without a Person, but all in all a fine debut. Will be interesting to see how they follow this up and perfect their sound even more. My favorite tracks are Betrayed Trust, Lucifer Rise and Corpsefuck.

Martydoom’s debut album Grievous Psychosis is out now through Memento Mori.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/martyrdoomdeath
Label: Memento Mori
For fans of: Obituary and Grave
Favorite song: Corpsefuck

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot (Death Metal)


Ah Cut Up, a band everyone that got some love for Swedish Death Metal should in all honestly know off. Why you may ask? Because they were formed from members of the legendary band Vomitory, that’s why! Not only that, drummer Tobias “Tobben” Gustafsson is currently active in God Macabre (one of the very fist death metal bands in Sweden) and Nifelheim. Not a bad lineup to say the least. As you might guess Cut Up plays old school death metal very much in the veins of Vomitory. That said it is not a straight up Vomitory clone, even if I would love that haha, as influences from God Macabre and Nifelheim can be heard at times.

One thing that does continue the Vomitory legacy is the lyrical theme. It’s full of death, gore and violence just like you remember it, making it a more brutal death metal experience than some other bands out there due to the song-writing alone. In the Aftermath and Behead the Dead I would take with me as my two favorite songs on Where They May Rot. In the Aftermath gets that groove harsh death metal style down just the way I like it just to the go all heavy speed on your ass, while Behead the Dead is just straight up brutal with a melodic solo to top it off. Giving me that Vomitory feeling that I crave.

Death metal fans will have a good time with Wherever They May Rot. Cut Up lives up to the hype surrounding a band of their caliber. It’s a solid release from some of the veterans that helped make the genre big in the early 90’s. Definitely worth a listen from old Vomitory fans around the world.

Wherever They May Rot is out now through Metal Blade Records.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cutupofficial
For fans of: Vomitory and Vader
Favorite song: Behead the Dead

Earth Rot – Renascentia (Death/Black Metal)


Starting as a two-piece by Thomas Waterhouse and Jared Bridgeman who wanted to create some grindcore Earth Rot was formed in 2013, all songs were eventually discarded though and the band added three more members as well as changing genre to a mix of black and death metal. Now the band play their music to celebrate all that is dark and vile in music, taking influences from grim bands such as Gorgoroth, Anaal Nathrakh, Septicflesh, Svart Crown and Naglfar. All bands who got different takes in music style but also got that mist of darkness surrounding them. Since the start Earth Rot have been very active already released two EP’s and a full-length and now adding their sophomore full-length to the discography with Renascentia.

Active as the band may have been I’d actually not listened to any of their songs before grabbing a hold of Renascentia. Hence I did not know what to expect coming into this album. Now I know though, this is the same type of darkness that Naglfar ships out from when setting sail to conquer the world. Earth Rot is such a fitting for a band of this filthy caliber and at times I can even hear some of their early grindcore influences. Hell on The Bones That Lay Beneath the Earth they even got a freaking saxophone solo! When I read up on Earth Rot’s history, their influences and how they want to portrait sinister noise shaped by the world around you I had my hopes up that this was going to be good. I am glad to tell you guys that they deliver exactly what they promise.

This is one of those happy surprises that makes me want to dig into a bands whole discography. It’s not perfect but the world isn’t perfect, it’s sinister just as Renascentia. Take it from the band itself Earth Rot will rain down filth upon you. Earth Rot’s Renascentia is out now as an independent release.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EarthRotband
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EarthRotAus
For fans of: Naglfar and Anaal Nathrakh
Favorite song: Funeral Pyre

Enragement – Burned, Barren, Bloodstained (Brutal Death Metal)


I usually review albums that are already out or soon to be out. However this time I got a promo from Inverse Records on a Finnish band called Enragement and their sophomore album Burned, Barren, Bloodstained which isn’t out until June 9th. When I get an album that’s not released until so far away in the future I usually wait for the release date to be closer but this time I couldn’t, the album is simply too good and I couldn’t wait! Lets start with some background on Enragement. The band was formed in 2006 by Lasse Sannikka (drums), Erkka Järvinen (guitars) and Jouni Mäkelä (vocals), Erkka left to focus on hockey, Jouni later on left to focus on his other band Reflection Dies. Left with no members, nor any album releases, Lasse rebuild Enragement and the band is now a four-piece, featuring three vocalists (!). It took just a bit more than a year for Lasse to assemble the new group together and release their debut album Omnimalevolence of Man. Now three years later they are active with Burned, Barren, Bloodstained.

I did mention Enragement consists of three vocalists. That’s the part that makes this band really stick out. Jarkko Niemi (Brymir), Atte Ojanne and Tuomas Iivanainen all got different types of growling, all from classic death metal, brutal death metal and shrieks as taken from a black metal band. And it’s not just the vocals that differs, the music overall also demonstrates a wide range of musical influences all from old school death metal to grindcore. One song can lean towards black metal (Ashen Unity), just to on the next track, As the Acid Burns, become a groovy riff-fest classic death metal type of song. What makes it all jell together in harmony is the intense heavyness and brutality that never stops. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is an album that will go down as a hidden gem in Finnish metal scene and I hope many of you out there will notice this rare display of brutal death metal from a country that hardly dabbles in the scene. I am actually quite stunned to find such rare talent with a unique sound and never heard of them before. Being half Finnish I try to give that market an extra ear (just like with the Swedish scene) but this has simply went by me. For that I am sorry but I am now a true believe of Enragement’s quest to create the ultimate song to capture the human condition at its darkest.

Enragement now got a new fan, this is one of the best releases of the year. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is out June 9th. I suggest you mark it down on your calendars and get it from Inverse Records for your own salvation. This is Extreme Death Metal, this is Enragement!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Enragement
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EnragementMetal
For fans of: Beheaded and Immolation
Favorite song: Dead Flesh Treasury

Miserist – Miserist (Experimental Black/Death Metal)


When I get a promo labelled with experimental black or death metal I instantly think about my latest run in with the genre Veilburner. A band that still gives me nightmares. However there is a part of me that likes this scary stuff and wants to feel unease while listening. There is no better word to describe Miserist’s selftitled debut but gnarly. Miserist is an instrumental album that could definitely be the soundtrack to horror games such as Resident Evil or the movie Insidious. The fourth track Horror Infinitum is a perfect example on how Insidious like to incorporate music into horror.

What makes this debut even scarier is the fact that Miserist got the whole idea for the album from a documentary about a mental asylum for kids. The whole concept on the album is about how it would feel to be there, trapped in dark rooms and treated like an animal. Misery, darkness, death and horror.

The six tracks also represents different subjects from the asylum. Skin, Mold and Flame was written as Miserist imagines how a room would be like for the kids. In their (members being anonymous I am not sure if it’s a he, she or more) own words “Skin on the doorways and windows from people trying to escape, mold everywhere because it’s never cleaned, and flame because once all the kids died they burnt it down.” Continuing Miserist is the name taken from what they call the head of the asylum. Misery Generator. VIII is the average age of the children. Horror Infinitum that there is endless horror at the asylum. Lung Rust that the kids feel they can’t breathe at the asylum due to toxic fumes and diseases. Last but not least Narikuntu, which is about the asylum in general.

Having all this with you while listening to the album will make you feel scared, horrified and at unease. Which is exactly what I expected from the album.

Want to take a field trip to an asylum? Then make sure to visit Miserist and their selftitled debut. 30 minutes of horror that will make you stay up all night. Miserist is out now by Krucyator Production.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miserist
For fans of: Veilburner and Portal
Favorite song: Miserist

Cranial Engorgement – Horrific Existence (Brutal Death Metal)

It’s taken the Americans in Cranial Engorgement ten years (they formed in 2007) to release their full-length debut, that’s a long ass wait! One reason for this is the band, which consists of three members, has changed two of three members during this time and seems to have had a hard time getting it to find the motivation when losing the members (just speculating) to keep on going and actually release a full-length. Up until now that is!

Horrific Existence starts with an sample and instrumental track on Prelude to Horror, which is heavy and groovy that will kickstart your experience. On Dawn of The Final Day the mayhem truly starts! Blasting out like Dying Fetus on the good old days with tempo changes, brutal death metal groove and gutterals that will keep you going for days. After that is just keeps on going at full speed, Cranial Engorgement doesn’t know how to slow down but they don’t have to because this is fucking brutal death metal!

They say those that wait for something good can wait for a long time and Carnial Engorgement’s full-length debut Horrific Existence is the perfect example of that. It’s what the American brutal death metal scene is about and fans of Gorgasm, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh or Nile (for that technical spin) will be right at home with this album.

Cranial Engorgement – Horrific Existence is out now from Gore House Productions!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CranialEngorgement
For fans of: Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse
Favorite song: Dawn of The Final Day