Dig Me No Grave – Immemorial Curse (Death Metal)

Up for some Russian old school death metal anyone? Dig Me No Grave provides exactly that, and more, as their sophomore album Immemorial Curse is Lovecraft death metal at a high level. Formed in 2010 the band waited until 2014 to release their debut Cosmic Cult, which received good ratings from the critics. Immemorial Curse gives you more of the same concept that worked for them in the first place and it’s just as good.

Starting with an intro that tells the horror of the curse Dig Me No Grave blasts off with Ritual Slaughter. Catchy riffs and a lot of groovy from start to finish with some great solos to top it off, Dig Me No Grave got it all for you. As I’ve said before I am a big fan of death metal and Lovecraft, it’s simply a mix that goes very well together. The album is a bit of a mixed bag for me though. All in all it’s a good listen but it lacks consistency for it to reach the even higher scores as some tracks doesn’t feel quite as strong to me as they could have. In many ways this reminds me of a band I reviewed last year, Grond. Both from Russia, plays death metal and creates music about Lovecraft lore. Must be something in the water over there right?

Immemorial Curse is a great follow-up and Dig Me No Grave is sure to make old school death metal fans happy. It isn’t something I haven’t heard before quite a lot recently and it has it’s dark spots but it’s a solid album nevertheless.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/digmenograveband
Label: Satanath Records / Sevared Records / Wings of Destruction
For fans of: Grond and Monstrosity
Favorite song: Edge of Eternity
Score: 3/5


Grond – Worship the Kraken (Death Metal)


These crazy Russians brings H.P. Lovecraft to life through their music. In stormy weathers Grond is there to spread their horror music with old school death metal that just may summon the hordes of the deep vast sea. Be it the Hydra, Kraken or even the mighty Cthulhu one of those horrific beast will be heard through Grond. Apart from the awesome songwriting and style of Grond the music in itself sounds wicked. Imagine if Bloodbath and Nile spawned a creature so frightening it had to be banished into the lowest depths of the sea there you will find Grond.

Worship the Kraken isn’t just a good old school death metal album, it’s a story from H.P Lovecraft made into music.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/grondrus
For fans of: Bloodbath and Nile
Favorite song: Blood Monk