King of Asgard – :taudr: (Viking/Death Metal)


This is one of those albums I’ve had to wait with before reviewing. Why you ask? Because I had to cool down before giving :taudr: my first listen. King of Asgard is a band I really like and hold in a high regard when it comes to viking metal (together with Thyrfing, Månegarm and Amon Amarth for example). That being said I’ve listened to this album several times and I still find this a good experience each freaking time. Before you even listen to this album you should grab yourself both some meed and beer, maybe even some snacks for the sake of it and get ready for a great time of raiding.

For those of you who doesn’t know about King of Asgard they are a creation of one of the members from Mithotyn Karl Beckmann. Keeping the viking spirit alive they have since then been making albums of high quality and their fourth conquest :tuadr: is of course no different. The memory of Mithotyn lives on in many ways with their releases as the songwriting and folk inspired melodies hits me with the same force as they once did. Having listened to a few tracks on :taudr: I know already that this is another great album to add to their already top notch discography. As a viking lover and a metal lover you just can’t get enough of King of Asgard that’s one thing that’s certain. Out of the five tracks on :taudr: there isn’t a single one I doesn’t like, however there are two tracks I find taking my breath away. Those two are Taudr and Upon Raging Waves, whereas the last one is a homage to everything Mithotyn has ever done. Basically if you want a viking experience this is the album, and the band to go for. Are you a fan of Mithotyn? This is the closest you can get! Love King of Asgard’s old albums? This is just as good if not better (have to say that …to North is hard to beat). Either way every fan of viking music will love this album! The atmosphere and music screams viking music!

King of Asgard’s fourth full-length album :taudr: is out now through Trollmusic.

Label: Trollmusic
For fans of: Mithotyn and Thyrfing
Favorite song: Upon Raging Waves


Helheim – landawarijaR (Black/Viking Metal)


Norwegian pioneers of viking metal Helheim are back with another album just two years after raunijaR. landawarijaR is the bands 9th full-length release since their formation in 1992. What’s quite astonishing is that Helheim still has the founding members active within the band with only three changes throughout the career.

Not much has changed since raunijaR. Helheim still delivers black/viking metal with a Norse mythology theme, epic songs over five minutes long and more often than not getting close to the ten minutes mark. That being said why would it have to change? Helheim knows by now what works and not for them and they do it so well I can only salute them for being one of the most consistent bands these 20 years, not releasing a single bad album so far.

If you’ve heard Helheim before then you know exactly what to expect and this is more of that sweet candy. If you haven’t then it’s right about time to dig into the Norwegian beast. landawarijaR is simply great and it’s the perfect way to embrace the cold winter that’s still going here in Sweden. Take a sip of that mead, sit back and relax because you’re in for another viking journey to Helheim.

For fans of: Enslaved and Kampfar
Favorite song: Ouroboros