Albums of the Month: January

Welcome to a new section of The Metal Gamer! You’ve already noticed two changes these past few months with both interviews and gaming reviews being new segments to the TMG camp. I’ve always thought something has been lacking, that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Especially in the sense of finding new great underground metal in a quick and easy way, which is one of the key things for me when starting this blog. Each month you will find the five albums I’ve enjoyed the most, a few lines on why and of course a link so you can listen to it yourself.

Album of the Month

Desecravity – Anathema

As a fan of the technical and brutal this is a no brainer for me. Japan’s heavy hitters Desecravity has made their best album yet and is a must have for fans of Cryptosy, Origin and Defeated Sanity. Released January 25th via Willowtip Records.


Malist – In the Catacombs of Time

Atmospheric, dark and sinister. This black metal band from Russia is one of the most promising new acts I’ve heard in a long time. Released January 25th via Northern Silence Productions.

Festerday – Iihtallan

What can I say I am a sucker for old school death metal. Finnish Festerday are veterans of the scene and shows the old dogs got bark. Their blend of death metal with both punk and even hints of grind elements to it makes it stand out. Released January 4th via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Rendered Helpless – Suffer, Seraphim

With a new direction from their previous releases and lyrics that draws influences from Warhammer, Diablo, Doom the third album from Rendered Helpless became an instant hit to me. A change that was much needed for me to get into the band for real! Released January 25th, 2019 as an digital independent release. Out on CD February 25th via
Inherited Suffering Records.

Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

It was my most anticipated album of 2019 and while it didn’t quite live up to those it’s still a very solid death metal album. Seeing the loss the band had I am honestly surprised they are still going, and going hard too! Released January 18th via Century Media Records.

I also need to name some honorable mentions that I’ve had a few spins with but didn’t quite make it. Who knows if they would of knocked one of those mentioned above if I had more time with them though?

Noctambulist – Atmospheres of Desolation
Altarage – The Approaching Roar
Barshasketh – Barshasketh

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this new segment of The Metal Gamer and that it gives you some new great music! Did I miss any great album? What’s your top five of the month? Feel free to comment metal gamers!

Desecravity – Anathema (Technical Brutal Death Metal)

Japan’s very own answer to Origin are back with their third full-length album! After a change in the line-up since their last critically acclaimed album Orphic Signs I was interested to hear what that would do to Desecravity’s sound. I mean not only is Shogo Tokita a great guitarist, he also did vocals in the band so it’s not an easy member to replace. Now the growling duty falls solely on Yujiro Suzuki (who plays guitar as well), while they’ve added Yuya Takeda (Deadly Spawn) on guitar to the band.

After a beautiful intro on the epic side in Aeon and Ashes the technical brutality is unleashed on Impure Confrontation, the single I’d heard many times before but still haven’t got tired of. The utter chaos is created with such a technical precision it’s almost silly. Bands like Defeated Sanity, Origin and Cryptopsy will be proud to know there are bands like Desecravity out there that keeps the legacy going for years to come. If you think Impure Confrontation left you breathless then wait for Ominous Harbinger and Bloodthirsty Brutes which are two of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard in a long time and an instant favorites of mine. Anathema never lets you breath either, track after track it hits you with fast, technical and skull splitting tunes for you to devour and after the ride is over you will need to sit back, relax and take in just what the hell just happened to your now blown mind. It isn’t an easy feat to create such well crafted, well balanced, brutal techdeath that Desecravity has done. While their previous efforts were good in their own rights they weren’t finding that sweet spot between chaos and order. Now they have and we as metal fans can only be joyful that Japan gives us a band that can challenge any 2019 best of the year list in January already.

This is Desecravity’s best album yet, a band that keeps exploring and striving for improvements, and I only wish they can keep this lineup intact so that we can get even more of this insanity for years to come! A must have for any fan of the technical death metal scene.

Written by J.B.

Label: Willowtip Records
For fans of: Origin and Cryptopsy
Release date: January 25th, 2019
Favorite song: Bloodthirsty Brutes
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Hideous Divinity – Adveniens (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)


Guess what? There is a third good album that came out April 28th! Hideous Divinity is a band I am sure many of you are familiar with. Being formed in 2007 (in Norway actually) and featuring two ex-Hour of Penance back then they took the brutal technical death metal scene by storm. Since then quite a few lineup changes have happened, one were Mauro Mercurio (ex-Hour of Penance) left forcing Enrico Schettino to rebuild. That didn’t stop him nor the band though as the debut album and sophomore received much praise from the metal community. Adveniens has been on many peoples minds when thinking what album can be a contender for best techdeath album this year.

What strikes me straight away is the punishing drums that keeps on hammering your skull. Enrico hasn’t lost his touch on the guitar either as he has yet another really strong performance. Stefano Franceschini on bass (Aborted) adds a lot of heavyness with his bass play, as expected from a man with his caliber and he already showed it on Cobra Verde, this time he is even better though. There is a lot here that you can hear have the roots from Hour of Penance, which isn’t a bad thing since it’s one of my favorite bands when it comes to techdeath. Ages Die starts off violent with some of the best work Hideous Divinity has done. Hard to top that you would think right? Be sure as hell they do though! Passages starts off slow (one of the few times you get to breath on the album) and it features several different “passages” throughout the song, showcasing a lot of different aspect to their music. The song got a bit of a Nile touch to it that way (I’ve always loved how they change tempos) and it sticks out for me.

All in all this is a great album. Hideous Divinity is definitely one of the best technical death metal bands going, having released three solid albums now. Getting slightly better with each one. Italy might just have Europe’s best techdeath scene right now with Septycal Gorge, Deceptionist (featuring two ex-Hideous Divinity members), Hour of Penance and Hideous Divinity all released top albums these past three years. And they don’t look like they are slowing down either!

Adveniens is out now through Unique Leader Records.

For fans of: Hour of Penance and Nile
Favorite song: Passages