Amentia – Scourge (Technical Brutal Death Metal)


From Belarus a techdeath band named Amentia have come to surprise us all with some of the best brutal technical death metal you will hear all year. They might not be a household name within the genre, yet, but Amentia have existed since 2003 with Scourge being the bands third full-length release, six years after their sophomore album Incurable Disease. Having never heard of the band myself I was caught off-guard by the bands tight riffs and blasting drums. To me this is close to a perfect score, everything just seems to hit the right notes at the right times.

Not a single song on the album is even close to being bad and Scourge has been on repeat several times these past days. Only thing is that the songs tends to be a bit indistinguishable which makes it hard for the songs to stand out to one another. Sometimes that can be a good thing, sometimes not and in this case I would like there to be some more variation. In a year when heavy hitters like Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, Hideous Divinity and Hour of Penance are releasing killer techdeath Amentia are making a great effort to stand tall next to those monsters. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know a great upcoming band with an album you do not want to miss.

Label: Satanath Records / Amputated Vein Records
For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Decrepit Birth
Favorite song: Noble Death
Score: 4/5


Hour of Penance – Cast the First Stone (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)


Italian brutal techdeath masters Hour of Penance are back with a flurry of blistering riffs and brutality some bands can only dream of to jell together into a perfect mix. And oh does it deliver! After having listened to the single XII Century Imperial Crusade a million times already I knew this album was going to be something special. However after listening to the album I am still in ave. XII Century Imperial Crusade, as great as it is, isn’t even one of the best tracks on the album!

Track after track Hour of Penance keeps on giving me some of the best riffs and music I’ve heard in a long time. The album is so polished, yet undeniable crushing and I can only applaud them for keeping such high quality during their career even on their seventh release. The addition of drummer Davide “BrutalDave” Billia (Beheaded, Septycal Gorge and Xenomorphic Contamination) only seems to have fuelled this tank of destruction that is Hour of Penance. I have to say time after time again when I hear Davide he rises on my list of the best drummers in the world, he puts in a lot of hard work and has never let me down so far.

Hour of Penance has already released a contender for album of the year. I urge you, do not miss this album!

For fans of: Nile and Origin
Favorite song: Cast the First Stone

Katalepsy – Gravenous Hour (Brutal Death Metal)


Ah Katalepsy, one of the two Moscow giants of slam together with Abominable Putridity. Both who recently signed with Unique Leader Records, a label known for their quality brutal death metal. Saying that the stakes have been high for Katalepsy to perform after their latest brutal hit Autopsychosis.

With Gravenous Hour you can see the band move away a bit from the slam, leaning a bit more towards technical death metal. I am sure a few of the older fans will see this as a bad step and that it isn’t brutal enough anymore and I can get that. I however really like this new direction. Blindead Sultan and Critical Black Mass are freaking great and even though they are not on par with the bands monster of a song Cold Flesh Citadel (one of the best brutal songs ever made in my opinion and got me into the band) they do add something different to Katalepsy’s releases and there is no denying that it’s good brutal death metal.

So to sum it I think it’s a good album, a bit different from what I expected but still a really good listen. Katalepsy consists of some very talented musicians and I like they changed it up a bit, but didn’t do it too much. A great buy for any fan of the brutal metal school. Katalepsy – Gravenous Hour is out now by Unique Leader Records.

For fans of: Abominable Putridity and Pathology
Favorite song: Blindead Sultan


Wormed – Krighsu (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)


Spanish juggernaughts Wormed have taken their spaceship back into our galaxy to spread their brutal tech death over our planet. Wormed have always had an interesting lyrical theme about human evolution and science fiction. Their music is very robotic/artificial intelligence like. Take this part of the song Psuedo-Horizon for example:

Telemetry: command links connected
Pulse: internal acoustic pressure
Orbital insertion
Actuators: installed
Loading structural interface

Very unusual type of lyrics but also very cool and what makes Wormed stand out in that sense. It’s basically a horrifying sci-fi experience that has some truth in it. Wormed has released one of the most brutal technical death metal albums of the year. You will do best to embrace yourself for a merciless ride unlike any other that will blow your brains out.

For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Cryptopsy
Favorite song: A-Life Omega Point


Inherit Disease – Ephemeral (Brutal Death Metal)


The heavy slamming Americans in Inherit Disease are back! It’s been six years since their last hard hitting album Visceral Transcendence came out and I was almost thinking the band had called it quits due to the long absence. Instead the get back hitting me straight in the face with brutal force! Be warned Ephemeral is not for the faint of heart. This is brutal death metal in it’s rawest heaviest form, American style. Obie Flett is just as visceral as ever in his insanly deep growling technique, just as Josh Welling’s grooves on the bass sticks out putting the tempo just right (which is brutal as fuck). Dan Osborn should get an award for keeping the insane drumming up without dying while doing so. Lets not forget the guitar duo Derek De Roos and the bands newest member and album debut Tom Wilson who seems to be the apocalyptic riders duo Death and War taking human form blessing us with their riffs.

Inherit Disease continues their Man vs Machine theme and it’s just as cool as ever. Very fitting to their brutal death metal style as well. These is not a single bad track on this album either, it was worth the six years waiting. If you are an Inherit Disease fan you are going to love Ephemeral. If you haven’t heard Inherit Disease before then get ready to get your mind blown by the sheer brutality they unleash.

For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Wormed
Favorite song: Drone


Defeated Sanity – Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)


Defeated Sanity is one of the oldest running brutal death metal bands still going, having formed in 1994. Defeated Sanity have changed vocalist quite often during the years and it’s now up to Josh Welshman to take after the long line of vocalists. When I started writing this I was three songs in and Josh is doing a fine job, to me personally this is the best Defeated Sanity has sounded. Which is no bad feat seeing the history the band got with a great discography and famous within the metal underground.

What makes Defeated Sanity special (except that they change vocalist a lot and yet stay top tier) is that they take their time between releases. Making the fans getting hyped for a long time and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Their releases have always been very solid, as is Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata. The album is full of surprises, as Defeated Sanity has managed something I am unsure if any band has done before. A split album with themself. Disposal of the Dead being the brutal death metal part, bringing all the classic brutality we all love with the highlight being The Bell. Dharmata is the second part which gives us the bands technical death metal side, where At One With Wrath is the high point. I really like this concept and it just shows what Defeated Sanity can do.

Going over to Dharmata much of the brutality and deep pits of hell growling is changed to a more progressive technical sound. I myself am more of a fan of the Disposal of the Dead sound than Dharmata but just the fact that you get both on a full-length album is wicked. I am sure many of you out there will think just the oposite. I am also sure that this is an album you need in your collection as it features some of the best riffs, grooves, vocals this year. You name it Defeated Sanity got it and their showcase of talent is supreme.

For fans of: Suffocation and Wormed
Favorite song: The Bell