Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Technical Brutal Death Metal/Slam)

The year starts heavy for The Metal Gamer as the first review of the year comes from the brutal tech-death band Wormhole and their sophomore release titled The Weakest Among Us. Their debut album Genesis was a sleeper hit that came out late 2016, which I personally didn’t find out about until around a year after but it was definitely one of the better brutal tech-death albums for its time where I enjoyed the hints of slam and deathcore. Fast forward to 2020 and the Kumar brothers now got a drummer in Matt Tillett (Greylotus, ex-Cognitive (live)) and Anshuman Goswami (Perihelion, Cognitive (live)) on vocals joining them on The Weakest Among Us after Goswami having been doing vocals live for Wormhole. He got some big shoes to fill as both Calum Forrest and, the almost legendary, Duncan Bentley were doing solid work prior. Will The Weakest Among Us solidify Wormhole as a giant within the genre or will it prove to be the weakest among us, seeing the band take a step backwards with the member changes?

To start of with The Weakest Among Us got a whole different feel to it than their debut, the deathcore vibe is completely gone and it’s a lot more technical. The title-track “The Weakest Among Us” showcase that right from the start and shows a new side of the Wormhole that sounds more mature, heavier and vastly improved songwriting. With “rA9_myth” bringing way more slam bits into the giant hole I’m just about ready to be devoured by this worm as it is surely going for the kill by now. “D-S3” slows it down a notch, walking on the progressive path for a while, where you can hear some similarities to Sanjay Kumar’s other band Equipoise at times.

With more heavy slam in “The Gas System” putting the….gas back in the tank…. and the mouthful “Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon” we quickly go back into full gear again. The album closer “Ingswarm” is a wicked way to start your 2020 with some filthy breakdowns and the highlight of the album for me together with the opener, and title-track, “The Weakest Among Us” has been my two most played songs at the beginning of this year. Those two songs I think capture perfectly who Wormhole are in 2020.

One thing is certain The Weakest Among Us is a completely different beast than their debut Genesis and a much more varied effort. While Genesis was solid it might have lacked some bits to make it stand out and be a long lasting album in my playlists I find The Weakest Among Us bringing all the right stuff. As far as technical brutal death metal goes this is definitely one of the more experimental albums I’ve heard in the genre. Or as the promo said “prepare yourself for a new generation of Slam and Technical Death Metal!”. It might be a bit too nice and a bit too little brutality at times, while going too hard on the progressive/technical side but at the same time that’s a thing I like with the album. The Vulvodynia resemblances are basically all gone in my opinion, welcome the lovechild of Wormed, Decimated Humans and Equipoise in all its glory. A band that says “fuck it lets go nuts on our sophomore album”, try breaking some boundaries and the result is a good fucking album that makes 2020 have a flying start. Oh and did I mention they base their music on not only common sci-fi but Metroid lore (which you can see through the cover art)!? Metal gamers better dig this!

Written by J.B.

Artist: Wormhole
Label: Lacerated Enemy Records
For fans of: Wormed & Decimated Humans
Release date: January 14th, 2020
Favorite song: Ingswarm
Score: 4/5 Excellent

Infectology – Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment (Brutal Death Metal)


Coming from Ecuador, a country I honestly didn’t know produced brutal death metal, we have Infectology. A band I hadn’t heard of until yesterday when I read No Clean Singing’s top 40 brutal death metal albums and I got interested in checking what these crazy dudes have done. And let me tell you it’s all about the gore and torture with these guys!

This is fast and brutal as it is technical. A complete devastating attack of riffs and grovy rythm hits you straight on and you can’t defend yourself. Only thing that sticks out in a bad way is the drums. It sounds like they aren’t playing on a real drumset? Might just be the production quality being crap but sadly it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Had it not been for the drums this would be a killer brutal death metal release. Right now though I say give it a spin if you’re a brutal death metal fan who just can’t get enough of it. If you only want the very top-tier within the genre though this is not for you (unless you can stand the drums, as the rest is sick). I do however look forward to hear what they come out with next, as there is loads of potential just waiting to be unleashed.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/infectologybrutaldeath
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/InfectologyBdm
For fans of: Internal Devour and Putrified J
Favorite song: Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge

Decimated Humans – Dismantling the Decomposed Entities (Technical Brutal Death Metal)


Starting with the sound of a brutal death by some alien, apparently a sample from a video game, it lays the grounds for what is to come, and it is brutal torture by aliens! I got to know of Decimated Humans as I got some recommendations that they got some kind of progressive mix with their brutal death going on, just like Swine Overlord who hit me like a bulldozer the other day. Difference between the two bands though is this is more towards slam and less progressive but more techdeath. Good, technical and brutal nevertheless, just not as progressive as I had in my mind when I first heard of them.

Decimated Humans is an international two-piece band and Dismantling the Decomposed Entities is the sophomore release from the well received To Provoke Genocide, which came out two in 2014. I really like their technical take on brutal death and even though their sound have a lot in common with slam overlords Vulvodynia or Ingested they mix it up with some brutal tech Unfathomable Ruination vibes. Speaking of Vulvodynia and Ingested there are guest vocals on the album from Vulvodynia, Ingested, Goemagot and Disfigurement of Flesh. Some heavy hitters in the genre.

I am still in awe with how many good brutal death metal bands there are out there that I’ve never heard about. As much love Unfathomable Ruination and Vulvodynia releases got during 2016 Decimated Humans should be within those same talks, because this is bloody awesome. If you’re a fan of brutal or slam death metal and want it on the technical side then this is an album for you.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DecimatedHumans
For fans of: Vulvodynia and Unfathomable Ruination
Favorite song: Consumed By Cadirus

Swine Overlord – Entheogenesis (Progressive Brutal Death Metal)


What’s this, progressive brutal death metal? Does that even exist? Apparently it does and it’s the American duo Will Peplinski and Anthony Viscusi who’s made something rather unique and named it, as awesome as it is, Swine Overlord. Entheogenesis is the bands second full-length actually as the band released Parables of Umbral Transcendence in 2014. Since then the band has taken the song-writing even further and Entheogenesis is a concept album “which offers a unique look at the development of the human psyche through the lens of western religion and eastern spirituality” as stated on their store. The album cover is stunning and is created by Chinese artist Yang Guang (Equilibrium, Putridity, Inanimate Existence) who’s made one of his best works as of yet.

I was unsure what to expect from this album as I’d never heard of this cross-over of genres before. After listening to Entheogenesis though I just want more of this. Think Beyond Creation molded with Black Crown Initiate on speed and you’re halfway there. This is great. The song-writing and religious horror-story filled with gore is crazy epic and Swine Overlord are great at changing the tempo throughout the whole album. The instrumental intermissions, as you can call it, in the album works great to add extra prog to the party (I: The Creator and Riverchrist for example). Meld it all together and you have yourself an album that stands out and is beautiful yet sick and brutal. Now excuse me while I dig into all of Swine Overlord’s discography while I keep on telling you how great they are.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SwineOverlord
For fans of: Decimated Humans and Beyond Creation
Favorite song: Procreating the Offspring of Gods and Men

Decomposition of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis (Brutal Death Metal)


Russian goremasters Decomposition of Entrails are back with their slamming brutal death metal and they are just as sick as ever! The original duo Rustam Minuraziev and Kirill Nazarov are this times joined with guitarist Dmitriy Ustinov and I dare to say this is better than their debut album Perverted Torments. A fun fact is that the band turns four years old in just four days, so I almost clocked their birthday when finding out they had made a new release in 2016 at the right time. Oh and if you wonder how these bastards got so freaking brutal it’s due to the band formed in 2013 in the depths of the harsh Ural Mountains. Obviously you would get a bit twisted, sick and vile getting a joy out of gore as a result of it.

I missed a lot of good brutal death metal last year, Decomposition of Entrails sophomore Pestilential Synthesis being one of those. This was definitely one of the better BDM releases last year that you shouldn’t miss. There will be a lot of brutal death metal reviews coming these next days and I advice you to check all those demented and twisted bands out, starting with Decomposition of Entrails!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DECOMPOSITIONOFENTRAILS
For fans of: Whoretopsy and Analepsy
Favorite song: Epicyclic Biomorph