Interview: Devour the Unborn

A band that made some waves in the brutal death metal community straight from the bat on their 2012 debut Consuming the Morgue Remains is the international act Devour the Unborn. Since then there has been a lot of problems on finding a stable trio, did the joining of Andy Tseung from Sweden finally made the line-up complete? With a new album coming in April I thought it was the right time to have a chat with the founding member Joseph Carrillo.

Could you start by telling me and the readers some history of the band? How did it all start?

Joseph: Hello! I started Devour The Unborn back in 2007 but didn’t do anything with it until 2011 when we self-released a Demo and got signed to Ossuary Industries. We then recorded our debut in 2012 and it literally blew the doors wide open, I was not ready or anticipating that sort of reaction. I guess we just came in at the right time.

How did you happen to get the fellow Swede Andy Tseung in the band? What’s the story there?

Joseph: Devour The Unborn has been plagued with frontmen issues since it’s inception, in 2016 I found myself without a full lineup and in need of a vocalist, if I was going to move forward with this band, I knew i had to make some adjustments and consider the possibility that DTU could work better as an international band rather than a local band, I already knew I wanted to ask Andy because I have been a huge fan of his vocals since I heard him in Vomitous, I knew his crushing gutturals would compliment the texas pit riffs, so I asked him about joining up and he was down right away, this was in october 2017 i believe, we didn’t announce his addition into the band until mid 2018 because I wanted to have some riffs in the oven before announcing anything, fast forward, we have completed our first collaberation which is the mCD entitled “Liturgy of Irreverent Oblation” we’re already working on our next DTU release for Lord of the Sick Records which should be dropping in late 2019. Two DTU albums in one year. Talk about coming back with a bang.

Being an international band with members around the globe I can guess the process when creating music is a bit different. Talk us through the process on how the upcoming EP Liturgy of Irreverent Oblation was created.

Joseph: It’s actually even easier this way, I’m the one that writes all the music and then I send it out to Andy and he does his thing, when DTU had local members I still had to help with the lyrics and with vocal patterns, I basically had my hand in everything which can be cool but sometimes i just want to write a song and not have to worry about anything else, now it is far more professional and I thoroughly enjoy it more. Less stress.

You share both ex and current members of Defleshed and Gutted (who also released a great album last year), was that how you got in touch with Lord of the Sick Recordings?

Joseph: Myself and TJ Lara are also in Defleshed and Gutted, we just released a banger of an album late 2018, how I got in touch with LOTS was because I was having issues with a former label, I decided Defleshed and Gutted needed a more professional, responsible label and reached out to LOTS, I’ve worked with them in the past and never had any issues with them and while we were in talks about releasing DAG album i decided to offer them both bands and they were more than happy to accept. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Talk about Liturgy of Irreverent Oblation, what can brutal death metal fans expect from it?

Joseph: They can expect the most crushing, brutal, pit-inducing musick come out of DTU to be put on record, sickest vocals on any DTU release and the best produced DTU album thus far. Our 2nd full-length had some really great bangers but unfortunately the production was utter failure, although I understand some fans really do enjoy it, which is why I plan to re-record most of those songs on every new DTU release in order to give them proper justice. Kinda like how Suffocation are re-recording songs off the breeding the spawn album.

Texas seems to be a region that keeps on giving great brutal death metal bands, why do you think that is?

Joseph: It’s the heat, it’s hotter than satans ass out here, especially in our region, it’s dry and unforgiving, the west is brutal and so is the gotdamn weather. Arizona get’s it worse but we’re not far behind. I hope that’s a good enough answer.

The art for Liturgy of Irreverent Oblation looks sick (made by Armaada Art), how was it working with the artist to come up with that? Was it a long process or did you know from the start how you wanted it to look?

Joseph: We didn’t come up with the idea, it was created by label owner Maxim, when he asked me what kind of art direction we wanted to go, my mind was buried in riffs and soley focused on that. Andy was moving into a new home so he was occupied as well, I basically left it in the hands of the label to get it going while we finished up the mCD, the end result was amazing, certainly did not see that coming, very hapy.

What’s your favorite albums of all time?

Devourment – Molesting the Decapitated
Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten
Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline
Internal Bleeding – Voracious Contempt
Disgorge – She Lay Gutted
Cryptopsy – None So Vile
Prophecy – Foretold, Foreseen
Dehumanized – Prophecies Foretold
Deathspell Omega – Trilogy
Misfits – Earth AD
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
Immolation – Here in After
Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

Got a favorite game of all time?

Joseph: I like a lot games man, I usually fuck with Diablo the most though, but man, that’s a tough question. Too many games, so little time.

Thanks for your time, any shoutouts or other last words?

Joseph: Shout out to my boys in Defleshed And Gutted and Devour The Unborn, the Sick Boys in Lord of the Sick, Alex Cadaver, Reinier Van Loon and UltraMagnus from Old Skull Zine, Brian Wynn and Kill Everything, TJ Mundy and Putrid Womb, Nefarious Zombie, the Sculpting Atrocity crew, all my buds in Texas I’ll see y’all soon, my brother Danny G from Seraphic Enthronement, my boy Joe H from Omnicast, Joe L from Disgruntled Anthropophagi, Jake Nelson from Post Mortal Possession, Donovan Dettle and Parasitic Ejaculation, Jason L and Putrified J, Joe K (SWW) , the sick Aussie crew from Nails of Imposition, all our online and real life supporters, we appreciate you all a lot, go to and grip our new album from DAG and DTU and all the sick bands on our roster. Thanks for the interview Jimmy! Best of luck with your zine bro!


Relics Of Humanity – Obscuration (Brutal Death Metal)

The Belarus band Relics of Humanity is back to utterly destroy you with their most relentless release yet! This is their first new material since Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible in 2014 and one major change since then is that they’ve add the legendary vocalist A.J. Magana (ex-Defeated Sanity, ex-Disgorge and ex-Condemned (live)) to their brutal horde. This is no small piece to add to the puzzle and believe me it shows straight from the start this is a piece they have been missing in the past. During the 12 years the band has been going I haven’t really got into them, I mean sure I have a couple tracks on my gym playlist and both their previous releases are solid albums but they aren’t albums I get that feeling I need to take for a spin. That’s the major difference maker as with Obscuration I do, short and sweet as it is with its 16 minute runtime.

Obscuration showcase just about every great element you need for a top tier brutal death metal release. The songwriting is their best yet, which I thought was even their strong side before. Drumming is tighter and have more room than before, guitars sounds meaner and nastier than ever and then we have the insane gutturals from Magana. Can he even do a bad performance? The production is right where I want it to be for this genre, not over-produced gnarly sounding, giving each instrument the right sound (I would like to put the volume up a tiny bit on the guitars though) and in general just making the album feel alive.

As I mentioned before this is a short album, an EP, and the 16 minutes does fly by rather quick. Quality over quantity though and when Relics of Humanity can produce such an evil old school sounding brutal death metal album like this then I will take it every day of the week. One thing is certain, this is the most brutal album you will hear this month and it’s a now looking bright for brutal death metal after a slow January. They even packed this deadly piece of EP in a sweet package on top with covert art from Dan Seagrave (Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Morbid Angel). I can definitely recommend Obscuration to fans of Defeated Sanity, Unfathomable Ruination, Disgorge, Condemned and Disentomb. Relics of Humanity have now found a sound that works really well for them and I can only hope we don’t have to wait long for a full-length when they are on form.

Written by J.B.

Label: Willowtip Records
For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Condemned
Release date: February 22nd, 2019
Favorite song: Legions of the Unbowed
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Desecravity – Anathema (Technical Brutal Death Metal)

Japan’s very own answer to Origin are back with their third full-length album! After a change in the line-up since their last critically acclaimed album Orphic Signs I was interested to hear what that would do to Desecravity’s sound. I mean not only is Shogo Tokita a great guitarist, he also did vocals in the band so it’s not an easy member to replace. Now the growling duty falls solely on Yujiro Suzuki (who plays guitar as well), while they’ve added Yuya Takeda (Deadly Spawn) on guitar to the band.

After a beautiful intro on the epic side in Aeon and Ashes the technical brutality is unleashed on Impure Confrontation, the single I’d heard many times before but still haven’t got tired of. The utter chaos is created with such a technical precision it’s almost silly. Bands like Defeated Sanity, Origin and Cryptopsy will be proud to know there are bands like Desecravity out there that keeps the legacy going for years to come. If you think Impure Confrontation left you breathless then wait for Ominous Harbinger and Bloodthirsty Brutes which are two of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard in a long time and an instant favorites of mine. Anathema never lets you breath either, track after track it hits you with fast, technical and skull splitting tunes for you to devour and after the ride is over you will need to sit back, relax and take in just what the hell just happened to your now blown mind. It isn’t an easy feat to create such well crafted, well balanced, brutal techdeath that Desecravity has done. While their previous efforts were good in their own rights they weren’t finding that sweet spot between chaos and order. Now they have and we as metal fans can only be joyful that Japan gives us a band that can challenge any 2019 best of the year list in January already.

This is Desecravity’s best album yet, a band that keeps exploring and striving for improvements, and I only wish they can keep this lineup intact so that we can get even more of this insanity for years to come! A must have for any fan of the technical death metal scene.

Written by J.B.

Label: Willowtip Records
For fans of: Origin and Cryptopsy
Release date: January 25th, 2019
Favorite song: Bloodthirsty Brutes
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Mass Infection – Shadows Became Flesh (Brutal Death Metal)

It’s not often I stumble upon bands that’s been going for quite some time but to me they are completely new. Mass Infection from Greece is one of those bands that I’d honestly never heard about until just over a couple weeks ago. What’s more, and just as rare, is that Shadows Became Flesh hit me so hard that I had to make an order for it straight away, while listening through the rest of their discography. Where has Mass Infection been in my life? What I found is that this is band that leaves no riff to chance, has a perfect blend of classic death to the brutal ways and are superb songwriters.

Sometimes you find an album that might not revolutionary the genre but they do just about everything right, Shadows Became Flesh is such an album. As I just had to listen through the rest of their discography, which is also incredible and much recommended, I found this being their most complete work yet. Everything is better all the way from how the snare sound, how the guitar is tuned to production. Also the addition with the very talented Giulio Galati (Hideous Divinity, Blasphemer (live), Bloodshot Dawn (live)) on drums have worked wonders as him and the band seems to be a great fit right from the start.

From Omnious Prevision to Shadows Became Flesh every single song is a massive bulldozer of quality death coming at you. One of the most complete albums of 2018 where every song stands well on their own and it’s a great example of how to create a near perfect album in the genre. Even the cover art is astonishing and helps paint the full picture as one say of what is to come from Shadows Became Flesh.

If you like Severe Torture “Slaughtered” era, Monstrosity, Deeds of Flesh or just death metal overall then Mass Infection is right up your alley. Simply put this is brutal death metal done right with all the punishing blast beats, technical riffs that you can’t get enough of and crushing growls for your needs. One of the best albums in the genre that came out a bit too late to hit my yearly list.

Written by J.B.

Label: Comatose Music
For fans of: Severe Torture and Monstrosity
Release date: December 7th, 2018
Favorite song: To the Lords of Revulsion
Score: 4.5/5 Near Perfect

Habitual Depravity – Realms Of Abysmal Servitude (Brutal Technical Death Metal)

Habitual Depravity is a new name on the ever growing death metal scene hailing from Australia. I personally came around them as I follow the Realityfade Records quite closely as their releases is usually of really high quality and guess what? To no surprise at all fate would have it that so is this release!

What better way to start off one of the best brutal death metal albums of 2018 with a crushing intro where the drums will slam your face in? I don’t know about you but that’s exactly how I want to get up in the mornings, works better than coffee. Having Marco Pitruzzella (Six Feet Under, ex-Brain Drill, ex-The Faceless and ex-Vital Remains) on drums surely helps a ton as he is a pure mastermind on drums. Overall I think that’s one of the stronger points to take from Habitual Depravity’s debut Realms of Abysmal Servitude as it’s such a standout performance it’s hard not to take an extra liking to it. That being said it’s not like the other part of the deadly duo Jonathan Urwin does a bad job. Quite the contrary as his vocal range is great and reminds me a lot about Frank Mullen of Suffocation and if that wasn’t enough he also does all the other instrumental works. A very talented duo we got here for sure. The instrumental parts of Realms of Abysmal Servitude is a highlight of the year and even if the album would come without vocals it would be a joy to listen to, which can’t be said to many albums.

As each song passes by and I give the album more and more spins it gets to me, all the songs stand out very well on their own. They each got their own thing going on, and even though there is a brutal death metal core there is a lot of different technical aspect to it which breeds differently on the tracks. It’s brutal, technical and got a lot of variety to it with each song being a whole different beast that wants to tear you apart limb from limb. The production is great and the only real problem I got is that I would like the album to have a track or two more but from the 29 minutes we get this is pure technical brutal death metal on the high tier levels. The closing track, which is the album titled one, get my favorite song choice here as it offers me the perfect blend of brutality along with great riffs and bludgeoning drums.

A superb album that would land on my best of the year list if only it had only come out sooner. One every brutal death metal fan should have in their collection.

Written by J.B.

Label: Realityfade Records
For fans of: Suffocation and Brain Drill
Release date: December 30th, 2018
Favorite song: Realms of Abysmal Servitude
Score: 4/5 Incredible

Ineffable Demise – Beyond the Marrow Gates (Brutal Death Metal)

Who are Ineffable Demise you might ask yourself? Hell I didn’t even know until I had a look on Trevor Strnad’s top 100 list which always features a lot of great underground bands I might have missed. Seeing this was a year where I didn’t have a lot of brutal death metal albums coming in my mailbox his list was the best way to listen to the gems I had missed. Ineffable Demise is an international trio that hails from the United States and United Kingdom, both countries having had a lot of great BDM bands over the years. Ineffable Demise started only two years ago and with Beyond the Marrow Gates their debut was upon us.

From the get go Ineffable Demise goes hard and shows they aren’t here to fuck around, instead they want to use their brutal sledgehammer to leave your brain in a mush. Music wise this is classic brutal death metal on the more technical side where bands like Defeated Sanity thrives, with some heavy hitting slams being used from time to time to hit you extra hard. In all honesty this is a great example on how to showcase musical skills but within the boundaries of their peers. While I did mention the album starts off merciless, leaving nothing to chance, it’s on the fourth track “Tyranny” the real fun starts and the slams are more incorporated making it one of my personal favorites instantly. Then the last three songs “Undercity”, “Pummel” and especially the closing song “Abolition” ends the album on a really high note where the drums and bass are really dominant acting like a tank to destroy everything in its path. The good use of audio clips and instrumental parts hitting its peak makes “Abolition” one of the best BDM songs I’ve heard this year.

There is really nothing wrong here, maybe a bit too much of Defeated Sanity worship for some but if you, like me, think they are one of the best bands to ever reach your eardrums then Ineffable Demise and their debut Beyond the Marrow Gates is for you. The mixing is good, the album got a few standout tracks, length is perfect for this genre as it keeps you interested all the way to end. An impressive debut that can be built on and I am looking forward to hear what they do next now that I got my eye on them.

Written by J.B.

Label: Realityfade Records
For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Fixation on Suffering
Release date: July 20th, 2018
Favorite song: Abolition
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

Klysma – Sick (Slamming Deathcore)

Klysma is inviting you to a slamming deathcore party with all their friends and what a party it is! This houseparty goes hard from the start and never stops until you’re completely wasted. When you got friends over like Scordatura, Devour the Fetus and Obsolete Incarnation you’re bound to have a one of a kind, fun, loving and cuddly bash. Add the fact that the members of Klysma can also be heard in bands like Human Barbecue, Putrified J, Human Vivisection and Brutal Sphincter then you know this is no joke.

Let me tell you a not so very secret secret. You know what makes a metal gamer like me go extra hard? When you add some gaming sample in the music! Guess what? Kylsma did just that on the ending of “A Thousand Rotting Corpses” where you can hear music from a Kirby level, that’s right people it’s Kirby slam time! Now that’s fucking brutal! I am not going to lie I’ve heard this kind of music a bunch of times before but Klysma with friends make a rather varied effort on the genre with a lot of sick tunes for the sick minds out there. It’s pure fun and sometimes that’s more than enough. If you just want to check out a couple of tracks to see what Klysma is all about I suggest “Viral Sickness”, “Burning the Dead” and “A Thousand Rotting Corpses”.

Great production, variation to the slaughter, perfect length for this type of music and a lot of fun. It might not end on my albums of the year list but this is definitely worth checking out for fans of early Ingested, Stillbirth and Purefilth!

Written by J.B.

Label: Ghastly Music
For fans of: Stillbirth and Purefilth
Release date: September 7th, 2018
Favorite song: A Thousand Rotting Corpses
Score: 3.5/5 Very good