Whore of Bethlehem – Extinguish the Light (Brutal Death/Black Metal)


With a name like Whore of Bethlehem and an album cover like they have you can tell this is going to be some brutal music. Whore of Bethlehem was created in 2009, USA, plays a Brutal Death/Black Metal mix and Extinguish the Light is the bands sophomore release after getting some good reviews from Upon Judas’ Throne I am interested to hear what these guys are all about.

What do you get if you mix Dark Funeral with Belphegor and a smidge of old Suffocation? You get a Whore of Bethlehem! The black and death metal mix hits the right spots and they are brutal enough to get my blood pumping but not losing out on the technical musicanship. From the start to finish this a solid gem of metal. There are a couple tracks that sticks out for me with Invocation, Overtaken by Evil and Rebirth in Fire. That’s almost half the album right there. I am telling you reading this that Whore of Bethlehem is a band that extreme metal lovers will have a jolly good time with!

Solid album, not a single bad song on it but also no song that’s good enough to make me go “hot damn this is insane stuff!”, which is the only downside to the album really. It needed at least one or two stand out tracks for the higher scores. This is definitely a good pickup for any metalhead out there.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wobethlehem
Label: Black Market Metal Label
For fans of: Dark Funeral and Belphegor
Favorite song: Invocation
Score: 3.5/5


Theotoxin – Atramentvm (Black/Death Metal)


Are you a fan of Belphegor, Behemoth and Dark Funeral? Good then this is something for you! From Austria a band has started brewing a vile toxic plague that will eradicate religion that’s poisoning our minds. Featuring members from Zombie Inc., Hollenthon, Raising the Veil and Molokh these guys plays aggressive black/death metal that is sure to get you pumped up. As a fanatic listener to Belphegor and the like I was of course pleased to hear an album that’s very close to their style. A bit too close perhaps as it lacks originality but to be honest I don’t really care. I am happy to listen to a new band with a debut album that crushes hard like the more known acts within the scene.

All this anger and hate coming out through this music fuels me. It’s raw evil power that both scares and amuse me at the same time. Devoured by Sin opens up Atramentvm really good like a tank on full speed, and it doesn’t intend to stop… 28 minutes of full-throttle black/death metal madness against religion is what Theotoxin offers. Nothing more, nothing less and sometimes less is more. This is the type of music you turn on when your mad or simply wants to let some steam out, hit the gym or what not. Great debut and I hope Theotoxin continues down this path, refine their sound and makes an even better sophomore album. As of now I am happy to have found this hidden gem that is sure to please many metalheads out there.

Atramentvm is out now as an independent release.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheotoxinOfficial
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Theotoxin666
Label: Independent
For fans of: Dark Funeral and Belphegor
Favorite song: Devoured by Sin
Score: 3.5/5

Enragement – Burned, Barren, Bloodstained (Brutal Death Metal)


I usually review albums that are already out or soon to be out. However this time I got a promo from Inverse Records on a Finnish band called Enragement and their sophomore album Burned, Barren, Bloodstained which isn’t out until June 9th. When I get an album that’s not released until so far away in the future I usually wait for the release date to be closer but this time I couldn’t, the album is simply too good and I couldn’t wait! Lets start with some background on Enragement. The band was formed in 2006 by Lasse Sannikka (drums), Erkka Järvinen (guitars) and Jouni Mäkelä (vocals), Erkka left to focus on hockey, Jouni later on left to focus on his other band Reflection Dies. Left with no members, nor any album releases, Lasse rebuild Enragement and the band is now a four-piece, featuring three vocalists (!). It took just a bit more than a year for Lasse to assemble the new group together and release their debut album Omnimalevolence of Man. Now three years later they are active with Burned, Barren, Bloodstained.

I did mention Enragement consists of three vocalists. That’s the part that makes this band really stick out. Jarkko Niemi (Brymir), Atte Ojanne and Tuomas Iivanainen all got different types of growling, all from classic death metal, brutal death metal and shrieks as taken from a black metal band. And it’s not just the vocals that differs, the music overall also demonstrates a wide range of musical influences all from old school death metal to grindcore. One song can lean towards black metal (Ashen Unity), just to on the next track, As the Acid Burns, become a groovy riff-fest classic death metal type of song. What makes it all jell together in harmony is the intense heavyness and brutality that never stops. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is an album that will go down as a hidden gem in Finnish metal scene and I hope many of you out there will notice this rare display of brutal death metal from a country that hardly dabbles in the scene. I am actually quite stunned to find such rare talent with a unique sound and never heard of them before. Being half Finnish I try to give that market an extra ear (just like with the Swedish scene) but this has simply went by me. For that I am sorry but I am now a true believe of Enragement’s quest to create the ultimate song to capture the human condition at its darkest.

Enragement now got a new fan, this is one of the best releases of the year. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is out June 9th. I suggest you mark it down on your calendars and get it from Inverse Records for your own salvation. This is Extreme Death Metal, this is Enragement!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Enragement
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EnragementMetal
For fans of: Beheaded and Immolation
Favorite song: Dead Flesh Treasury

Hate Unbound – Plague (Death/Trash Metal)


American band Hate Unbound are quite the new kids on the block but have in a fast fashion paved their way towards the top having already shared the stage with big acts such as Origin, Dying Fetus, Belphegor and Beyond Creation. Hate Unbound plays a mix of trash and death, drawing influences from all kinds of bands like Lamb of God and Death.

When I listen to Plague the closest I can compare their sound to is Lamb of God or Slayer. It’s fast and heavy metal that’s easy to take in and headbang to. The riffs are groovy as fuck and songs like Cut really takes me back to Lamb of God’s Sacrament album (which to me is their best release yet).

I am not surprised Hate Unbound has shared the stage with big acts already and are rising quickly. Heavy music created like this is undying and not a single metalhead can stand still to it. Filled with killer riffs, solos you will want to play air-guitar to at home and heavy hard hitting vocals you can’t go wrong with picking up Plague. I think most metalheads have, or still do, listened to bands such as Lamb of God, Slayer, Megadeth and Death and if you want to experience something that can basically be called a tribute to those bands then Hate Unbounds sophomore release Plague is the perfect way to start off 2017.

Plague is out February 17th 2017 by Inverse Records.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HateUnbound
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hateunbound
For fans of: Lamb of God and Slayer
Favorite song: Cut

Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy (Brutal Death Metal)


Brutal death metal with a lyrical theme heavily about anti-religion and death from Italy? That’s blasphemy! Good thing they named themself Blasphemer then. Jokes aside I found it fitting from a country I associate with Christianity. So who are Blasphemer? I had never heard about them before and only reason I came across them was due to Unfathomable Ruination posting about their latest release Ritual Theophagy on their facebook page. Sometimes social media can really help spreading the good music out! Anyways Blasphemer have existed for quite some time actually, being formed in 1998 but only released one full-length album prior to this release, On the Inexistence of God in 2008. So if they keep this tempo up it might be another eight to ten years until the next release. Which I certainly hope not.

The lyrics are vile and revolting. The whole feeling of the album actually makes me think of one of Lucifer’s favorites, Belphegor. Granted the music in itself is more towards Dying Fetus brutal death metal sound I guess you could say those two bands had a bastard while touring together in Italy, and that bastards name is Blasphemer. Blasphemer is now back angry as fuck and ready to spread their worship of the void just like their parents does. Only issue I got with Ritual Theophagy is the lenght, being 11 tracks but only clocking 28 minutes. However those 11 tracks being all of great quality I can’t really compain too much.

If you want an grotesque and evil brutal death metal album this year in the veins of Dying Fetus and Belphegor then Blasphemer’s sophomore release Ritual Theophagy will be something to put on to get into the right mood for Christmas.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blasphemerbrutal
For fans of: Dying Fetus and Belphegor
Favorite song: Obscuring the Holy Light

Helleborus – The Carnal Sabbath (Black Metal)


Helleborus is the musical demonic black metal brain child from brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman. The name is taken after a gorgeous but poisonous flower that blooms in winter. Very fitting their lyrical theme, which has a lot to do about sexual mysticism. The Carnal Sabbath is the duo’s debut album after releasing three singles last year.

I would best describe Helleborus as an evil mix of Satyricon and Belphegor brought together with sinister riffs and vocals that is sure to lure you in, like a Siren, to Helleborus world. Just to make you want to pick that deadly flower in the winter, being there calling out for you to grab it, and you will grab it. You will not just do it as Helleborus lures you in, you will do it because this album is one of the great debuts of the year made by two brothers who has created something truly amazing.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HelleborusBlack
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/helleborusblack
For fans of: Satyricon and Belphegor
Favorite song: Temple of Seventh Death