Albums of the month: June

Half the year is over and with that we can look back and see there has been a lot of great metal albums released so far. Will the next half be even better or has the best music of the year already been released? Time will tell! I found June being a bit slower after having a couple months seriously stacked with album of the year contenders. Still there were good albums released this month as well and here are some releases you should check out!

Album of the month

Panzerfaust – The Suns of Perdition I: War, Horrid War

Having never heard of the band before this promo dropped into my mailbox I didn’t know what to expect. Safe to say their album blew me away and has been the album I’ve listened to the most since it’s release. Released June 14th via Eisenwald.
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Organectomy – Existential Disconnect

Organectomy keeps on pushing brutal and slam metal forward. One of the best, if not the best, albums in the genre this year. Released June 21st via Unique Leader Records.

Golgata – Skam

With each album Golgata grows stronger. Skam is their best release yet and this hidden gem of the finest Swedish black metal craft should be hidden no longer. Released June 17th via Satanath Records.
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Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

It’s always a safe bet grabbing a new Enthroned album. Even with all the band member changes the heart and soul always remains intact and Enthroned is yet to release a bad album. Released June 7th via Season of Mist.

Kingdom – Rotting Carcass Arise upon the Burial Mound

Kingdom is another hidden gem from Poland and their vast death metal market. With their latest album they evolve their sound to new heights (or should I say underground lows?) and this was easily the best death metal album I head all month. Released June 6th via Godz ov War Productions.

Honorable mentions

Beheaded – Only Death Can Save You
Memoriam – Requiem for Mankind
Hate – Auric Gates of Veles
Serpent of Gnosis – As I Drink from the Infinite Well of Inebriation
Ingested – Call of the Void
Vulvodynia – Mob Justice
Temple Of Demigod – Onslaught Of The Ancient Gods
Heilung – Futha
Bestialord – Black Mass Wedding
Ov Lustra – Tempestas
The Odious – Vesica Piscis
Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado
Flub – Flub
Shinda Saibo No Katamari – Saibogu
Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling
Putrified J – The Deep End of Horror

Enragement – Burned, Barren, Bloodstained (Brutal Death Metal)


I usually review albums that are already out or soon to be out. However this time I got a promo from Inverse Records on a Finnish band called Enragement and their sophomore album Burned, Barren, Bloodstained which isn’t out until June 9th. When I get an album that’s not released until so far away in the future I usually wait for the release date to be closer but this time I couldn’t, the album is simply too good and I couldn’t wait! Lets start with some background on Enragement. The band was formed in 2006 by Lasse Sannikka (drums), Erkka Järvinen (guitars) and Jouni Mäkelä (vocals), Erkka left to focus on hockey, Jouni later on left to focus on his other band Reflection Dies. Left with no members, nor any album releases, Lasse rebuild Enragement and the band is now a four-piece, featuring three vocalists (!). It took just a bit more than a year for Lasse to assemble the new group together and release their debut album Omnimalevolence of Man. Now three years later they are active with Burned, Barren, Bloodstained.

I did mention Enragement consists of three vocalists. That’s the part that makes this band really stick out. Jarkko Niemi (Brymir), Atte Ojanne and Tuomas Iivanainen all got different types of growling, all from classic death metal, brutal death metal and shrieks as taken from a black metal band. And it’s not just the vocals that differs, the music overall also demonstrates a wide range of musical influences all from old school death metal to grindcore. One song can lean towards black metal (Ashen Unity), just to on the next track, As the Acid Burns, become a groovy riff-fest classic death metal type of song. What makes it all jell together in harmony is the intense heavyness and brutality that never stops. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is an album that will go down as a hidden gem in Finnish metal scene and I hope many of you out there will notice this rare display of brutal death metal from a country that hardly dabbles in the scene. I am actually quite stunned to find such rare talent with a unique sound and never heard of them before. Being half Finnish I try to give that market an extra ear (just like with the Swedish scene) but this has simply went by me. For that I am sorry but I am now a true believe of Enragement’s quest to create the ultimate song to capture the human condition at its darkest.

Enragement now got a new fan, this is one of the best releases of the year. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is out June 9th. I suggest you mark it down on your calendars and get it from Inverse Records for your own salvation. This is Extreme Death Metal, this is Enragement!

For fans of: Beheaded and Immolation
Favorite song: Dead Flesh Treasury

Hour of Penance – Cast the First Stone (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)


Italian brutal techdeath masters Hour of Penance are back with a flurry of blistering riffs and brutality some bands can only dream of to jell together into a perfect mix. And oh does it deliver! After having listened to the single XII Century Imperial Crusade a million times already I knew this album was going to be something special. However after listening to the album I am still in ave. XII Century Imperial Crusade, as great as it is, isn’t even one of the best tracks on the album!

Track after track Hour of Penance keeps on giving me some of the best riffs and music I’ve heard in a long time. The album is so polished, yet undeniable crushing and I can only applaud them for keeping such high quality during their career even on their seventh release. The addition of drummer Davide “BrutalDave” Billia (Beheaded, Septycal Gorge and Xenomorphic Contamination) only seems to have fuelled this tank of destruction that is Hour of Penance. I have to say time after time again when I hear Davide he rises on my list of the best drummers in the world, he puts in a lot of hard work and has never let me down so far.

Hour of Penance has already released a contender for album of the year. I urge you, do not miss this album!

For fans of: Nile and Origin
Favorite song: Cast the First Stone

Beheaded – Beast Incarnate (Brutal Death Metal)


Malta’s brutal death metal heroes Beheaded are back after a long five years wait since Never to Dawn came out. So what’s changed since then? Well the band has seen two new additions to it’s lineup with Davide Billia (Hour of Penance, Septycal Gorge and Xenomorphic Contamination) joining on drums and Simone Brigo (Blasphemer) on guitars. Also their sound has changed a bit, might be due to the change of members but that I am not sure of. The band has taken a turn into the more old school death metal sound, while still keeping it very brutal death metal. While I personally think this is a good way to go seeing how popular OSDM has become yet again, plus the fact that I love the genre, but I can understand if some of the older fans of Beheaded might see this as something bad. This is something the band has slowly changed into since Never to Dawn though so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Beast Incarnate is a solid album, you can be sure of that (if you even thought otherwise). The album will surely grab the attention of new fans to the band but might also drive some of the older ones away. It’s always a big and hard step to move away from your comfort zone and try something new. I think Beheaded does it really well though and are now a sweet mix between the likes of Suffocation and Death. A mix I am sure most death metal fans will enjoy.

For fans of: Suffocation and Death
Favorite song: Fid-Dlam Ta Dejjem