Ereb Altor – Ulfven (Viking/Black Metal)


Free is the Ulfven! The start of Ulfven is a lecture in tales and mythology from the viking ages which lay down the grounds for what is to come. Eventually it blasts off with En Synd Svart Som Sot, the single some of you have probably heard prior to this albums release, which is an epic piece of work that takes Ereb Altor’s Bathory connection closer than ever. If you don’t know who Ereb Altor are then you should know their music is as close as Bathory that you can get in this day and age. Being formed in 2003 from the core of Forlorn and Isole Ereb Altor have been a band every Bathory fan just has to love, me included. Their whole discography is an homage and filled with Bathory like music we all have come to love and respect. With six full-length and one EP prior Ulfven that’s been nothing but top notch viking/black metal music it’s interesting to hear if they can keep it up.

Ulfven is everything Ereb Altor is all about, epic fucking music. With me having Blot – Ilt – Taut as one of my favorite albums last year you know I am a big fan of this type of thing. Ulfven is just as good, if not better initially as the first songs makes me wonder if this is Ereb Altor’s best work yet. However the last songs, which are bonus songs mind you and not on the standard version, lacks and leaves me a bit disapointed after that start of an album. Either way those are just bonus songs and should be seen as such so I am not laying too much value on them.

All you need to know is Ulfven is Ereb Altor on form, showing their teeth and devouring the world bringing ragnarok to us with their music. This is an album any fan of the band or Bathory should get. You know what the best thing about the album is? It is out today from Hammerheart Records!

Label: Hammerheart Records
For fans of: Bathory and Primordial
Favorite song: En Synd Svart Som Sot
Score: 4.5/5


King of Asgard – :taudr: (Viking/Death Metal)


This is one of those albums I’ve had to wait with before reviewing. Why you ask? Because I had to cool down before giving :taudr: my first listen. King of Asgard is a band I really like and hold in a high regard when it comes to viking metal (together with Thyrfing, Månegarm and Amon Amarth for example). That being said I’ve listened to this album several times and I still find this a good experience each freaking time. Before you even listen to this album you should grab yourself both some meed and beer, maybe even some snacks for the sake of it and get ready for a great time of raiding.

For those of you who doesn’t know about King of Asgard they are a creation of one of the members from Mithotyn Karl Beckmann. Keeping the viking spirit alive they have since then been making albums of high quality and their fourth conquest :tuadr: is of course no different. The memory of Mithotyn lives on in many ways with their releases as the songwriting and folk inspired melodies hits me with the same force as they once did. Having listened to a few tracks on :taudr: I know already that this is another great album to add to their already top notch discography. As a viking lover and a metal lover you just can’t get enough of King of Asgard that’s one thing that’s certain. Out of the five tracks on :taudr: there isn’t a single one I doesn’t like, however there are two tracks I find taking my breath away. Those two are Taudr and Upon Raging Waves, whereas the last one is a homage to everything Mithotyn has ever done. Basically if you want a viking experience this is the album, and the band to go for. Are you a fan of Mithotyn? This is the closest you can get! Love King of Asgard’s old albums? This is just as good if not better (have to say that …to North is hard to beat). Either way every fan of viking music will love this album! The atmosphere and music screams viking music!

King of Asgard’s fourth full-length album :taudr: is out now through Trollmusic.

Label: Trollmusic
For fans of: Mithotyn and Thyrfing
Favorite song: Upon Raging Waves

Sons ov Omega – Reign (Melodic Black/Death Metal)


It’s been a while since I reviewed an album from Black Lion Records, a record label I’ve come to love for underground metal, so it’s about time I do so. Sons ov Omega is a new and upcoming band from Umeå, Sweden featuring the talented Tiamat Invictuz who is in the black metal band Wormlight too (who are also on Black Lion Records). The music differs a lot between the bands though.

So what are the Sons ov Omega about? Well for one they got some of the coolest stage paint I’ve seen (look it up). It goes perfectly fine with their lyrical theme which is very mystic and songs about occultism, mythology and darkness keeps on raining over me. Sound wise they sound like a crossing between Opeth, Enslaved and Edge of Sanity, taking influences from all three with a melodic/progressive side on black and death metal. Also comes to show you can still be playing great black metal even with a lot of clean singing and melodic parts. If anyone even disbelieved that fact, seeing as Bathory showed that being possible in the very start years ago. Just has to be said as sometimes I hear people saying clean singing doesn’t belong in black metal.

I’ve come to listen through this album several times these past days. There is something new to notice every time I listen to it and for me that makes an album extra special and lasts longer. My favorite song has changed each time, which is a really good thing. It’s full with great riffs and tempo changes between a sweet melodic harmony to a utter destruction. Fans of older Opeth, Enslaved or Edge of Sanity will surely love this as there aren’t too many newer bands around that I know of who produce music like this. So take the opportunity when it comes.

Sons ov Omega’s debut album Reign is out now from Black Lion Records.

For fans of: Opeth and Enslaved
Favorite song: Pandora

Helheim – landawarijaR (Black/Viking Metal)


Norwegian pioneers of viking metal Helheim are back with another album just two years after raunijaR. landawarijaR is the bands 9th full-length release since their formation in 1992. What’s quite astonishing is that Helheim still has the founding members active within the band with only three changes throughout the career.

Not much has changed since raunijaR. Helheim still delivers black/viking metal with a Norse mythology theme, epic songs over five minutes long and more often than not getting close to the ten minutes mark. That being said why would it have to change? Helheim knows by now what works and not for them and they do it so well I can only salute them for being one of the most consistent bands these 20 years, not releasing a single bad album so far.

If you’ve heard Helheim before then you know exactly what to expect and this is more of that sweet candy. If you haven’t then it’s right about time to dig into the Norwegian beast. landawarijaR is simply great and it’s the perfect way to embrace the cold winter that’s still going here in Sweden. Take a sip of that mead, sit back and relax because you’re in for another viking journey to Helheim.

For fans of: Enslaved and Kampfar
Favorite song: Ouroboros

Kratornas – Devoured by Damnation (Black/Grind Metal)


Satanic black/grind metal from the Philippines? Don’t mind if I do! Having been around since 1995 (1991 if you count Zamora) I dare say this has to be one of the oldest metal bands from the Philippines. Originally a 3-piece band for a very short time it’s mainly been a solo project by Zachariah until this album when GB Guzzarin joined on drums. During the bands eleven years this is just the third full-length release as Zachariah has mainly focused on demo’s and splits.

Kratornas delivers grindcore elements from Napalm Death, the oldest raw black metal you can think of (Bathory, Beherit etc) and mixing it with a smitch of Sodom to create this devilish sound. It’s fast, it’s brutal, it’s satanic and evil. It’s exactly what you expect from Kratornas.

Want your music raw, primitive and fast with a lot of different elements combining genres then Kratornas latest release Devoured by Damnation is what you’re looking for.

For fans of: Bathory and Beherit
Favorite song: Archangels of Destruction

Unlight – Antihelion (Black Metal)


Antihelion is the bands 7th satanic black opus. As you can tell by the number of albums they’ve released Unlight are no new blood to the black metal scene. In fact they are one of the long running ones from Germany, being formed in 1997. Worth mentioning is that one of their favorite bands are Bathory according to their info page. Who wouldn’t get their hopes up then right? As a matter of fact this is my first time listening to the band but after Antihelion I am looking forward to dig into their discography.

Unlight takes influences from all kinds of genres actually, not solely black metal, as there are also death and trash parts in there at times. The riffs in The Bone Trumpet for example does not really scream black metal but it got some serious punch to it nevertheless. All in all I liked this album, it’s fast and heavy, melodic, blastering drums, killer riffs and great vocals. What is there not to like then?

For fans of: Urgehal and Enthroned
Favorite song: Apollyon Nadir

Ereb Altor – Blot – Ilt – Taut (Epic Viking/Black Metal)


Blot – Ilt – Taut is a different album from Ereb Alot as it is a tribute album to the band they admire and are heavily influenced by, Bathory. Ereb Altor puts out some very powerful hymns that will be sure to reach Quorthon in Valhalla, Bathory couldn’t have hoped for a better tribute. Ereb Altor’s epic viking black metal mix which sings tales about Norse Mythology and fantasy (as their name Ereb Altor, a supplement to the Swedish fantasy role-playing game Drakar och Demoner implies) is very unique and something everyone should experience. There is not a single track on this album I dislike and listening to it from start to finish is a pure joy. This is the first album I’ve reviewed were I had a really hard time chosing a favorite song, that’s how good it is.

Fun fact, Blot – Ilt – Taut means Blood Fire Death in old Swedish, which is not only a track on the album but also the title of the now legendary Bathory album released in 1988.

As you can tell I am a big Ereb Altor, and Bathory, fan and Blot – Ilt – Taut brings out the best of Ereb Altor. This is a masterpiece you definitely should not miss, even more so if you like Norse Mythology.

For fans of: Bathory and Isole
Best song: Woman of Dark Desires
Score: 10/10