Sutrah – Aletheia (Progressive/Technical Death Metal)

Sutrah has had quite some hype behind them with their debut album from 2017 Dunes getting some absolutely raving reviews back then. Personally I never heard it and their new EP Aletheia was going to be my entry into the band which features some very talented musicians with a resumé from bands like Svart Crown, Chthe’ilist, Benighted and Serocs. Would it live up to the hype?

I will be honest, at first I was not that keen on this album. The first listen I thought was a snooze fest and I was ready to just give this album a miss (as I generally don’t write reviews on albums I don’t like). However I went back to it a few days later, a new mindset perhaps or whatever as all of a sudden it just clicked. The album is beautiful, elegant and just reeks of wonderful instrumentals with killer vocals. So what changed during those days? Well that’s the beauty with music, while I can consume an unhealthy dose of osdm daily that’s not the case with the progressive music. In this case there were too much instrumentals, a slow album and heavy on the atmospheric side. I was not ready for it as I expected something along the lines of Beyond Creation or perhaps Nile (as the promo did mention). With musicians from bands such as Benighted, Serocs and Chthe’ilist being what forms Sutrah I went in expecting more, well brutality. That was not the case at all and it took me by surprise, in a bad way.

Having heard the album 15-20 times now the past two weeks I can safely say my mind is now changed, I shouldn’t have been so set in my ways and thought this is bad because it didn’t deliver what I thought it would. It’s a whole different journey, one where the instrumentals does most of the story telling and the atmospheric side plays a big part on building the road. That being said Laurent Bellemare on vocals does a killer job but that’s not what brings me back to this album, it’s the rather unique experience, the whole package that does it for me. I do find many similarities with this release to when I first heard the album I:Voice from Warforged, which I also found being something special that stands out, but might take a few listens to get into, if you even do as it’s not for everyone. And just like with I:Voice this is an album I will listen to many times in years to come but I do need to have a certain mindset getting into it, this is not something you just put on in the background, when you hit the gym or the likes. This album needs your full attention and it gives a lot back in return if you do so.

Artist: Sutrah
Label: The Artisan Era
For fans of: Gorguts & Warforged
Release date: March 13th, 2020
Favorite song: Variation II.ii – Genèse
Score: 4/5 Excellent

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