Embodiment of Suffering – Revoking Salvation (Brutal Death Metal)

Hey note to bands, when I see an album with song titles such as “Exterminate The Baby Boomers”, “Beer Run Gone Wrong” and “Fuck Religious Freedom” then you got my attention! This short, just under 20 minutes, debut EP from American act Embodiment of Suffering proved to be just as fun as the song titles gave away. It’s brutal death metal of great caliber that might not do enough to stand out in the crowd of other solid acts but Revoking Salvation definitely brings the breakdowns and heaviness to get you going. Fact is the band has only been going for just over a year (started in 2018) so the future is with Embodiment of Suffering.

The intro which eventually leads into “Exterminate The Baby Boomers” is a good start, I can hear some grindcore influences here but it’s with the follow-up track, and title-track, “Revoking Salvation” when Embodiment of Suffering really showcasing what they can do. “Beer Run Gone Wrong” gives me a bit of Dying Fetus vibe but it still doesn’t quite hit the mark like “Revoking Salvation” did, still beeing a great track though and we already got three songs who all shows a varied style of brutal death metal. “Your Corpse is My Domain” is more straight forward brutal death metal but with a hint of slam and classic death metal solo into it. Together with the title-track this quickly became my two favorite songs. “Fuck Religious Freedom” ends the really album well with especially the drum and guitar solo starting mid-way through the song grabbing my attention.

The vocals can be a bit of hit and miss. Vile Kyle uses a lot of different tools and while that’s great and all I sometimes wonder if it would be an even stronger album if he stuck more to the gutturals and brees as that’s where I think he shines. Overall this is a very good debut album with a lot of styles incorporated. There are mighty solos, nasty vocals and wicked breakdowns which will satisfy any brutal death metal fan out there. I see this as a bit of a Dying Fetus and Devourment lovechild type of band. Great start by Embodiment of Suffering which isn’t without a case of maybe trying to much in some cases but there is something to build on here to pave a bloody way to the top I’m sure.

Artist: Embodiment of Suffering
Label: Ungodly Ruins Productions
For fans of: Dying Fetus & Devourment
Release date: December 27th, 2019
Favorite song: Revoking Salvation
Score: 3.5/5 Very good

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