Interview: Bloody Sadism

Interviewed: Pooyan Ahmadi

I was lucky enough to receive a request from the only brutal death metal I know from Iran about a month ago to review the debut album from one-man army Pooyan Ahmadi. After having written the review I just had to ask for an interview. So here it is my first ever interview with a metal band from Iran! Pooyan talks about things like the music environment in Iran, his background in music and why he considers Bloody Sadism as a pioneer of depressive brutal death metal among other things.

Hi Pooyan! To start it of I need to know how Bloody Sadism came to life and why did it become a one-man band?

It was 2014 and I was the first year of university and I decided to do some death metal music. The song “Ravenous Whore” was my first song. I like to do my works and processes all alone. When I can do everything, why should I use with anybody else in my own band!

Doing everything yourself what’s your background in music?

I am a solo artist in Classical genre too so this is a deep root in my music career. I rather do everything all alone. Even in my life’s issues. I don’t like to ask for help from anybody else.

What’s the biggest influences to Bloody Sadism?

Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and others are my influences but I try to do new music style not a copy of others.

Iran and brutal death metal is not something I commonly see. How is the scene over in Iran for extreme metal?

There is no scene. I am official all around the world but semi-official in my own country. It’s hard to do something without any earns from it in Iran but I believe in metal music so I do my best to do what I really like.

In your biography I read “Pioneer of Depressive Brutal Death Metal (New Style of Death Metal)”. What does that mean?

It directly mentions the song “Lucid Dream” and it’s a new wave of Brutal Death metal. If you listen several times carefully to this song, you will find out that it’s something new. The scale and the phase of this song are completely different with other songs that you have ever heard. The scale and the pattern of this song are really unique. If you take a look at the lyric of this song, you’ll find out that the first part is brutal and after the first Classical Guitar parts, the depressive mode begins and it’s kind of remorse of doing band thing like killing. I hope you understand what I want to say. It’s something that has come out from bottom of my heart. By the way there were questions from you about the “intro” and “outro” in your review. The “intro” mentions a man who is going to bathroom and takes a shower and then comes out. It expresses a person who is fighting with himself. Actually he fights with his bad thoughts about killing and other subjects. The “outro” is that person is dead inside of his mind by fighting between his Conscience and bad works that he liked to do. He couldn’t be survived and he’s DEAD.

You recently put out your debut album Eloquent Atrocity, how did the process go into creating the album? Was in production for a long time?

The project began in 2014 and the recording started in 2018 and everything in recording was cool and I recorded fast enough. But these 5 years was a dark way to find out my own style and my own way. I didn’t find my complete way yet. I know there is no complete way but I try to go straight and find new ways to explain my feelings by different and new ways. Find the right way for the moment that you’re living is the hardest way to live. You know I like to have special & pure feelings not weak feelings.

What can brutal death metal fans expect from Bloody Sadism?

The most emotional feelings in songs that they had come and they’ll come from bottom of my heart. The feeling that I sing about them, the riffs and everything are my pure feelings about different topics. The heaviest band from Middle East is alive…

Being a one-man band I understand it is harder to perform live, but do you intend to get some live musicians in order to go on tour one day?

I like to play alone. (bands like putrid pile and other bands). But if I forced to play with band mates, I’ll play with two other members.

What’s next for Bloody Sadism?

More albums… corporation with other musicians from around the world.

If you had to choose one album to bring with you on a deserted island which album would that be and why?

It’ll be “Eloquent Atrocity” hundred percent. Because I need someone to help me and I believe that no one can help me except myself.

Thanks for your time Pooyan! Got any shoutouts?

Thanks for the interview. Wish you the best. Thanks to my fans around the world. Thanks to everybody who didn’t help me in this way and everybody who helped me in this way (that they’re a few persons). Good luck. Support Bloody Sadism.

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