Sumeru – Summon Destroyer (Doom/Stoner Metal)


If i say Australia, what will be the first things to pop up in your heads. I would say Kangaroos and AC/DC. The subject at hand have a stronger connection to the second one. With a windy noise for an intro the band open up their album, and we get presented to the Doom/Stoner act Sumeru.

The name Sumeru is taken from the Hindu (some more religions from the south east Asia) it is the five-peaked mountain, that in their faith contains the center of all that is physical, metaphysical and spiritual. The band saw the light in 2009, with Sydney as their birthplace, 4 of 5 members have had a past in the band Lomera, a pure blooded Sludge metal band. A project that existed in the years 2011 to 2015. Sumeru are here with their second full-length album, with the title Summon Destroyer. In the past they have released an EP and the follow year the debut record, in 2014.

In their homeland, the big continent from way below on the Equatorial line they are famous for showing their feelings and energy at 100%. Through the music that they perform, you will hear a massive stone crushing creation that will suit a myth from the past. With doom shall they come and with pure power they sure do.

The music present itself best as different layers of sound, which we can hear a rhythm section that very well know it’s capacity of groove, and with staggering guitars that escalate the feeling and maybe even beyond so. It really feel like a live recording, because of all the energy and that is also a reputation that they carrying with pride. They also include some nice lines with an acoustic touch, that I personally enjoy.

From start to finish, there will just be one purpose, energy…and plenty of it. I can not help to mention those beautiful strings in the opening on the last track, their magnum opus “A New Ritual”.

Sumeru have toured with the big acts, within the same genre, where they have been a supporting band for bands like YOB and Torche…to name a few. The band have after a decade really put a level of quality in the Doom/Stoner genre in their homeland, they will not let that go in the easiest way.

This Autumn will be a lot heavier, with the upcoming release from this Aussie power house.

Written by K.P.

Label: Medusa Crush Recording
For fans of: Khemmis and Mastodon
Release date: October 26th, 2018
Favorite song: Embrace The Cold
Score. 3.5/5 Very good



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