American Standards – Anti-Melody (Punk/Hardcore/Metalcore)


Lets begin with saying American Standards isn’t your ordinary metalcore band. They infuse punk and hardcore elements into their sound and the music is full of emotions and angst. It’s totally understandable as well, the theme of the band is very political and about the society with all the wrongdoings that keeps on happening. In that sense American Standards are really close to a local band of mine Wolves Within who I also like. On this album though the theme is more about separation than anything else. What makes me get into the band even more is their background, and it’s a sad one. The founding guitarist passed of suicide with the vocalists father to cancer soon after. It’s obvious this shit hurts and American Standards can use their music to let go of these emotions letting it take musical form and they know what they’re talking about. Heavy stuff.

I usually don’t listen to this kind of music but when I can really feel the emotions coming out from the sound and hitting me hard, then I know they got something special going on. Tracks like Bartenders Without Wings and Cancer Eater hits me like an arrow straight in the heart. Anti-Melody might not be an album for everyone reading this blog as I usually don’t go for this type of music but hell even I go out of my box at times. This album has connected with me on a level Architects usually does, granted different types of music but emotionally they hit me the same way. Musically I would say American Standards are the closer to Norma Jean and Every Time I Die than anything else but they sure do have their own twist, creating not just a simple copy of those.

Sometimes the music is more than just music and this is one of those experiences for me. Maybe it will be for you too?

Label: Independent
For fans of: Norma Jean and Every Time I Die
Favorite song: Bartenders Without Wings
Score: 4/5


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