All That Remains – Madness (Metalcore)


One of the biggest acts within metalcore All That Remains have been a band that saw a lot of success in the early 00’s. Especially with their change of sound going from melodic death metal to metalcore on their third release The Fall of Ideals which featured some of the most known songs ever created in metalcore, Six and This Calling. I was 18 at the time and The Fall of Ideals is probably one of my most played albums of all time. All That Remains have been in a decline for a few years in my opinion but it’s still with a lot of hope I decided to review Madness, the bands eight release.

The first song Safe House I’d listened to before as a single and I still find it being a weird song which I can never really get into. Even with it’s flirting to their older more heavy sound. Madness however I think is a well written song with an All That Remains feel to it, granted more later ATR than early ATR but still a fine song which is an highlight on the album. Overall Madness got a new vibe to it and it takes me quite a few listens to get passed the new sound. It’s definitely softer than their past releases but I knew that Phil Labonte had stated in interviews this album would challenge the listener. The song-writing is a real highlight on this album and goes over a lot of things that’s happening in world today. However other than that I never really got into the Madness. Apart from the albums title track there isn’t any song I feel like I want to go back to again.

Not even good song-writing could save this album. I am left with an average album that only makes me wondering where it all went wrong. Madness is in my opinion All That Remains worst album to date. Too soft, mainstream and I am still hoping for a great album from ATR to follow 2008’s Overcome. I need some attitude, passion and heaviness. This might just be the nail in the coffin for me when it comes to All That Remains.

Label: Eleven Seven Music
For fans of: Trivium and Killswitch Engage
Favorite song: Madness
Score: 2/5


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