Legacy of Emptiness – Over the Past (Symphonic Black Metal)


Norwegian band Legacy of Emptiness has a long history in the black metal scene, starting out as Permafrost in 1995 who have changed name to Ancestral Legacy. Ancestral Legacy still exists but the original Permafrost line-up have got together to create Legacy of Emptiness. Making this more of a Permafrost band than Ancestral Legacy is, even though that’s what Permafrost changed name to according to metal archives. Interesting history! Norwegian black metal is filled with kvlt so it’s kinda refreshing to see a band that’s gone the more symphonic route since basically the start, having more in common with Dimmu Borgir than the other big Norwegian black metal acts. However they do differ a lot in the lyrical aspects since this is where Permafrost’s history kicks in with the gloom and doom atmosphere and song-writing. With that in mind and the fact that this is less epic and over the top production that Dimmu Borgir often offers I say this has much more like Sweden’s Netherbird.

It’s been six years since Legacy of Emptiness released their self-titled debut and much is the same. Over the Past has haunting and beautiful melodies that draws you in but gets you in a mood of despair and sadness. Much like fellow Black Legion Records label mates Mist of Misery does as well but with that Netherbird feel to it. Songs like Reminisce and Four Hundred Years are among the best symphonic black metal songs I’ve heard all year and the bands experience really shows throughout the record. This is music made by very talented musicians with a many years of playing black metal under their belts.

There isn’t much to complain about Over the Past. A great album that I am sure will find it’s way to many black metal lovers out there. Black Lion Records keeps on giving solid black metal releases to the masses and I can only keep on following the label hoping they don’t stop doing so. Over the Past is out now!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/legacyofemptiness
Label: Black Lion Records
For fans of: Netherbird and Mist of Misery
Favorite song: Four Hundred Years
Score: 4/5


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