Post Pulse – Halls of the Damned (Death Metal)


With a lineup consisting of members from the likes of Hung and The Man-Eating Tree you knew this was an interesting project seeing the different metal styles they come from. Together they create death metal that is quite unlike what you’re probably used to by now. In many ways this feels rather unique in the death metal genre and I am sure that’s what Post Pulse have strived for. Everything seems carefully planned out, songwriting, solos, drums, vocals, mixing everything is hitting the right spots at the right times.

It’s very rythm and groove based, just like death metal should be. Less filthy though than I personally like it but that’s ok I am actually quite happy to hear someone try something new and not the old school death metal sound that has been revitalized (which I love by the way). Every song on the album got something different to offer the listener, which I am sure has to do with all the metal styles that’s represented within the band. What all the songs got in common is the aggression and groove that never slows down to keep that red line accross this concept album. The concept album’s story by the way! Halls of the Damned is about one man’s struggle with life given a unique set of personal circumstances. This is shown throughout and also adds value to why Post Pulse plays such mixed styles.

I am quite surprised with Halls of the Damned. Here I was expecting a old school death metal album, instead I get something new and fresh and I like it! Songs like Final Goodbye and Frozen Heart are perfect examples on the bands style and also my favorites. Kind funny that this is the first time since, well probably forever, I had a hard time writing in the “for fans of” section since I personally haven’t heard much that sound like this (which is why it might be more off than ever). That is a good thing and very rare today, which alone should be enough for you to give this album a try.

Post Pulse debut album Halls of the Damned is out now through Inverse Records.

Label: Inverse Records
For fans of: Memoriam and Entrails
Favorite song: Frozen Heart


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