Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot (Death Metal)


Ah Cut Up, a band everyone that got some love for Swedish Death Metal should in all honestly know off. Why you may ask? Because they were formed from members of the legendary band Vomitory, that’s why! Not only that, drummer Tobias “Tobben” Gustafsson is currently active in God Macabre (one of the very fist death metal bands in Sweden) and Nifelheim. Not a bad lineup to say the least. As you might guess Cut Up plays old school death metal very much in the veins of Vomitory. That said it is not a straight up Vomitory clone, even if I would love that haha, as influences from God Macabre and Nifelheim can be heard at times.

One thing that does continue the Vomitory legacy is the lyrical theme. It’s full of death, gore and violence just like you remember it, making it a more brutal death metal experience than some other bands out there due to the song-writing alone. In the Aftermath and Behead the Dead I would take with me as my two favorite songs on Where They May Rot. In the Aftermath gets that groove harsh death metal style down just the way I like it just to the go all heavy speed on your ass, while Behead the Dead is just straight up brutal with a melodic solo to top it off. Giving me that Vomitory feeling that I crave.

Death metal fans will have a good time with Wherever They May Rot. Cut Up lives up to the hype surrounding a band of their caliber. It’s a solid release from some of the veterans that helped make the genre big in the early 90’s. Definitely worth a listen from old Vomitory fans around the world.

Wherever They May Rot is out now through Metal Blade Records.

For fans of: Vomitory and Vader
Favorite song: Behead the Dead


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