Red Moon Architect – Return of the Black Butterflies (Doom Metal)


Not too long ago I reviewed Kaunis Kuolematon, a Finnish melodic doom/death metal band that I found being a hidden gem from the Finnish metal scene. I’ve kept on digging for more doom and gloom sound from the cold heart of Finland and I didn’t even need to look far, actually I didn’t need to look at all since Inverse Records were kind enough to email me a promo with exactly what I was looking for. Red Moon Architect were formed 2011 in a very fitting environment, namely a town called Kuovola. The town is often called the ‘largest lighted cemetery’ in Finland, so it’s no wonder the town gave birth to a doom metal band.

Compared to Kaunis Kuolematon and Swallow the Sun this is a bit heavier music in some aspects and touches on funeral doom sound. Shape of Despair is the closest I can come to their sound (that being said I am not the most experienced doom metal listener). It’s haunting sound and heavy doom will surely get to you and it’s an emotional journey that Red Moon Architect guides you through beautifully. The addition of vocalist Ville Rutanen (ex-The Final Harvest and ex-Casket) after losing Juuso Turkki (Hypothesis) was a really great move. He does a superb job in his debut taking over the doom mantle and it’s burdens like he has been in the band since the start. Anni Viljanen sings just as beautiful as ever, while Saku Moilanen, Jukka Jauhiainen and Matias Moilanen pulls off their best performance yet.

I’d never heard of Red Moon Architect until last week. After listening to this album I was hooked, had to dig into the rest of their discography (which was the reason this review didn’t get out yesterday) and I had a really good time going through it. It’s great doom metal and for me they are now one of my go to bands within the genre. Return of the Black Butterflies is out May 19th through Inverse Records (another great release by them) and until then I suggest you listen through their discography to prepare yourself for what is to come!

For fans of: Swallow the Sun and Shape of Despair
Favorite song: NDE


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