Enterprise Earth – Embodiment (Deathcore)


One of my favorite deathcore bands Enterprise Earth are back at it again! It seems like it’s been forever since they came out with Patient 0, one of my favorite deathcore albums ever, but it’s actually only been two years ago. Since the bands formation in 2014 they’ve had quite a lot of change in the line-up, however the core duo Dan Watson and BJ Sampson have always remained. So it’s with a fresh new line-up we get Embodiment, Enterprise Earth’s sophomore release.

Dan is as good as ever, remaining as one of my favorite deathcore vocalists. The shredding, beatdowns, utter brutality is greater than ever and I dare say this is Enterprise Earth’s best work yet. You got Mortem Incarnatum’s short but great guitar solo, Dan showcasing his vocal range together with the sweet tempo-changes. Temptress then in turn got some of the greatest riffs Enterprise Earth have had, and this is just the beginning of the album! They don’t hold back on anything with this album and you can tell they have been really fired up to get their sophomore album out bigger, meaner and better than ever. Every song on this album got something to offer to the whole album experience and it’s a joy to hear deathcore being created at this level, even if some voices in the music scene says it’s dying. You sometimes get vibes from Rings of Saturn and Infant Annihilator with the more technical riffs or utter brutality on Embodiment. Seeing Enterprise Earth got roots from those said bands that’s not strange though and just adds to the wide range of skills they show.

Fans of deathcore be wary. This is a big year for the genre, Aversions Crown started it off early on with a wicked release, having had the likes of Lorna Shore, So This Is Suffering, Fit For An Autopsy and now Enterprise Earth to follow that road of greatness. And there’s more coming from bands such as Oceano and Shadow of Intent! Safe to say this is a year where it will be very hard to pick your deathcore album of the year.

This is an album deathcore followers would do best not to miss. Enterprise Earth – Embodiment is out now through Stay Sick Recordings.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enterpriseearthband
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EEarthBand
For fans of: Angelmaker and Aversions Crown
Favorite song: Temptress


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