Longhouse – II: Vanishing (Doom/Sludge Metal)


Lets bring the tempo down a notch to kick off this week after a few days of aggressive black metal reviews. What I got for you guys today is the doom metal release I’ve enjoyed the most from what 2017 have offered so far. Longhouse is a Canadian band that had a great debut in 2015 with Earth from Fire, now the time is here for their sophomore album II: Vanishing to take their sound even further.

What Longhouse gives to the listener is a great mix of just about everything. There are sludge, doom and progressive influences shining brightly and I can’t help but to look back at one of my favorite albums last year from Khemmis, Hunted, as I give II: Vanishing a spin. Wrenching vocals gets stuck in your head throughout the album that together with the lyrics make this release a bit more spiritual and occult. Before the singing even kicks in though the opening track Hunter’s Moon sets the atmosphere with it’s post-metal gloomy riffs. If that track doesn’t manage to get you in the right mood for a doom/sludge album then I don’t know what will! After that it’s just to sit back, relax and enjoy this very dark trip that Longhouse so kindly offers. You even have some clean doom vocals on The Vigil that makes it a great ending to a great album. It’s with the albums single No Name, No Marker the band really hit their stride though. Here both the song-writing, vocals, riffs and everything else is just in perfect harmony with each other. Knowing that the song is about the horrible acts that took place in Canada where children were abused and died while forced to attend residential schools, leaving them buried with unmarked graves makes it even more powerful. Actually all of the tracks have powerful lyrics, I just find this being extra dark.

There haven’t been too many good doom or sludge metal promos coming my way this year, so I am very happy to dig into this. Fans of Cult of Luna, High on Fire, Khemmis and Neurosis will love this release. Longhouse sophomore album II: Vanishing is out April 14th as a self-release.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/longhouse.ottawa
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/longhouse_Band
For fans of: Cult of Luna and High on Fire
Favorite song: No Name, No Marker


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