Wolves Within – Fortress Europe Reborn (Hardcore/Metalcore)


One of the upcoming Swedish metalbands from the South, Wolves Within, are back with a single after having released their debut EP Interdependence last year that was well received. Back are the catchy tunes focusing on the lyrical depth on what’s happening in society. Taking some of the best aspects from hardcore/punk with the melodic music from metalcore. Musically I would say they are like a mix between bands such as Raised Fist, While She Sleeps, Architects, Bury Tomorrow, For Today and Engel, bands who also touches on the subjects of politics, humanity and society while also having their sound within the metalcore genre.

This time Wolves Within grants us two songs, Fortress Europe Reborn and Famous Last Thoughts. The first song being in the same sphere as their earlier work and is following that path nicely, the riffs are a bit tighter and the overall quality is a bit higher than last time I heard Wolves Within. It’s on the track Famous Last Thoughts I get really surprised though, this time they hit me with a slow and great written ballad. This song is in my opinion the best Wolves Within has produced, along with Iron Pipe Democracy, and everything just seems to fit together nicely.

This is Wolves Within showing their teeth, broadcasting a wider range of skills and telling the world they keep on improving with each release. If you haven’t heard them before now is high time you do so as this is a band that can very likely become a new big export from Sweden. They certainly do have the talent for it and it’s not often Sweden produces this type of modern hardcore/metalcore music as it’s usually something I see coming from USA or England. So I see it as a musical act that got the right tools to stick out in the death metal Sweden. Fortress Europe Reborn is out April 4th as an independent release.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wolveswithinsweden
For fans of: Raised Fist and For Today
Favorite song: Famous Last Thoughts

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