Sigil – Kingdom of the Grave (Death Metal)


It’s that time again my friends! It’s time for an old school death metal album to review! Woho! Sigil is an American band who in 2014 released their first demo but it’s been quite quiet since then, until now. Kingdom of the Grave is the death metal four-piece debut album.

You notice really fast where the band has drawn influences from. Already on the second track Even the Gods Will Burn it’s hard not to think back on Entombed’s monster album Wolverine Blues. It’s raw D-beat death metal in it’s pure form. Continue on with Lick the Blade you can hear the flirts to legends like Dismember and throughout Kingdom of the Grave you get those old school vibes but from different bands and with something extra added to it. Speaking of that what makes Sigil stick out the most from bands playing old school death metal is their lyrics. It reflects a lot on how the band sees how our society is going and about the occult. Not something I generally see in death metal acts (usually about war, hate or death) but it’s something I find being a nice touch to write very personal lyrics.

All in all I had a good half an hour with Kingdom of the Grave. I am sure fans of death metal will enjoy Sigil’s take on the old school with their own personal touch. Kingdom of the Grave is out April 7th through one of the coolest label names I’ve come across Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

For fans of: Entombed and Dismember
Favorite song: Summoning Hate

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