Blood of Angels – Rise of the Fallen Gods (Melodic Death Metal)


The sunny city of Florida has spawned many big metal bands during the ages so it’s always fun to get a promo with a new band that comes from there. Blood of Angels features current and former members of Motograter, Foreshadow, Denied Til Death, and Leprosy with Rise of the Fallen Gods being the bands debut.

The four-piece combines the American death metal sound from Six Feet Under with the Viking-themed lyrics and melodic touches a la Amon Amarth. Add a bit of Dark Tranquility and Dying Fetus influences in the mix and you got yourself a viking ship set to raid the east coast fast and vicious. The EP is 11 minutes long and features three tracks, Miscreant Deeds of Loki, Odin’s Wrath and The Final War. I find the album growing on me with each track and as Chris Iibucha does a superb job sounding like Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under) I get almost overwhelmed with the flurry of riffs Aaron Robinson (guitar), Michael Stewart (bass) lashes out. As Odin’s Wrath comes on and Chris yells out I AM ODIN I really get into the headbanging groove this Sunday morning. Rise of the Fallen Gods ends with The Final War, which is also the best track on the EP. This is the most punishing track on the album, fast and brutal where Blood of Angels just clicks and pulls of a perfect song to showcase what they are made of.

Rise of the Fallen Gods is a great debut, it grew with each track and I see a lot of promise in Blood of Angels. Rise of the Fallen Gods is out 21st April through Hollywood Collective.

For fans of: Amon Amarth and Six Feet Under
Favorite song: The Final War

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