Vorzug – Three (Blackened Death Metal)


Being one of the shortest singles I’ve reviewed (three songs and total length of 15 minutes) I was afraid this would leave me with nothing to really review. I mean one or two bad/average songs and the single all of a sudden means next to nothing for me. Good thing is none of the songs are weak, they all deliver quite good blackened death metal! Before we start going into the songs let me give you some Vorzug background. Vorzug is an American band formed in 2014. The band consists of five members, where the core got a past in death/black metal band Lustmord. The band’s debut album Call of the Vultures reached #1 on both iTunes and Amazon. Whereas Three has reached Best Seller status on Amazon, reaching number one on their best seller list for both New Releases and Metal Releases. So the band certainly got a big following behind them already.

The Ever Living kicks off the single (keeping it simple, three songs so name the single Three) and Vorzug presents a varied style of catchy riffs, intimidating growls (high and lows) that does their black and death style justice. You get that old school death metal feel but with a nice fresh touch of black and death. Nocturnity gives more space to the bass player Rock Rollain as he rocks away to start it off. This is a more groovy style and pure old school death metal sound than the previous track. Ending Three we got Under a Dying Sun, here you get some furious blast-beats and guitar riffs coming at you and it ends the single on a high note, making it my favorite track.

Throughout the whole album I am a fan of their catchy riffs and dark melodies while yet keeping it quite brutal. The vocals are quite different and stick out for me, I had a hard time really digging it at first but it grew on me. All in all this is a solid release. It’s three tracks that are catchy which you will enjoy but maybe not remember. However it did get me wanting to listening to their full-length release and see how they do a whole album, so job well done.

Three by Vorzug is out now digitally through The Apollyon Entertainment Group.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vorzugmetal
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/VorzugOfficial
For fans of: Gruesome and Sulphur Aeon
Favorite song: Under a Dying Sun


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