Author – Lopun Alku (Black Metal)


Author is a name many of you might not have heard. I personally didn’t know about the band until I saw the name on last years Mörkaste Småland (black metal festival in Sweden) lineup. Back then the solo project of J.V. had one EP on it’s name, Kuolevaisen kirous, which did receive a lot of praise for it’s old school black metal sound in the veins of Finnish legends like Horna, Sargeist, Horna and Beherit. Now the time is upon us to hear the sacrifice to hells forces, Lopun Alku.

When listening to Lopun Alku it takes me back to the 90’s. This is an homage to the lo-fi dirty sound that became black metal. It’s raw, hellish sound is something I sometimes miss and for many is a forgotten craft. You got the shrieks, blast beats and straight up black metal the way us old timers (if I can call myself that, not turned 30 just yet) remembers it. The songs build up, changing tempo when needed and makes the songs feel alive all the way through without losing it’s deadly edge. J.V. does have a knack for creating an atmosphere clouded in darkness and death I rarely see in new acts these days since most bands aren’t after that old school sound. I am sure the guys from Horna will be proud as this is a new Finnish wave continuing their legacy.

If you missed Author’s first EP Kuolevaisen kirous then make no mistake and get Lopun Alku. Good old school black metal is becoming a rarity these days so when it actually comes you make sure to support it. Lopun Alku is out now through Naturmacht Productions.

For fans of: Sargeist and Horna
Favorite song: Lopun Alku


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