Evocation – The Shadow Archetype (Death Metal)


With Evocation being one of my favorite death metal bands The Shadow Archetype has been a release I’ve waited for since it was announced. The album finally got released less than a week ago (when I write this that is) and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. The Shadow Archetype is everything I wanted it to be. It’s fast and heavy Swedish death metal at it’s finest! I was afraid the lineup changes would hurt Evocation too much and that The Shadow Archetype wouldn’t be on the same level as the rest of their crazy good discography. I am so happy I was wrong though, Evocation can’t be stopped and are as great as ever!

Condemned to the Grave and Children of Stone got some of the most memorable riffs and melodies I’ve heard from Evocation. Thomas Josefsson on vocals is just as good as he has always been, definitely one of the best in the business who always perform. Simon Exner (As You Drown) on guitar has made the loss of Vesa Kenttäkumpu an easy transition as he put up a massive demonstration of skill and I am sure many fans will welcome him with open arms as him and Marko Palmén make a killer duo. Gustaf Jorde has honed his craft since the latest release Illusions of Grandeur and the ex-Defleshed bass player fits right at home with Evocation now.

Those of you who love good death metal, the Swedish style with the kickass riffs and melodies that gets stuck in your head for weeks (Amon Amarth style) then you will need this album. Best death metal release so far this year and it will be hard to dethrone Evocation as they got their eyes set for death metal album of the year award already.

Evocation’s 5th full-length release The Shadow Archetype is out now through the American giant Metal Blade Records. Go get it while it’s hot metalhead!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EvocationSwe
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EvocationSwe
For fans of: Amon Amarth and At the Gates
Favorite song: Condemned to the Grave


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