Defiants – Integral Annihilation (Deathcore)


Since I heard Shadow of Intent I’ve been following the bands vocalist Ben Duerr closely and knowing he was going to feature on Defiants latest release Integral Annihilation I’ve obviously been stoked to get my hands on this EP. And oh boy was I right that this was going to be a special release. Defiants releases a heavy deathcore album full with breakdowns, wicked riffs and growls that will blow your head clean off if you’re a fan of the genre.

It might not deliver anything groundbreaking but when it’s do well made then it doesn’t even matter. This World is Not Ours, the song that features Ben Duerr is a great example on how to make the best use of a featuring track. Dakota Brown and Ben Duerr have some kind of symbiosis going on and I hope they do more tracks together in the future.

Even without Ben’s great work the band stands well on their own legs. The greatness and sheer brutality doesn’t just stop there you see. The title track Integral Annihilation which comes on right after This Worlds is Not Ours is actually even better. It’s almost like the band said “sure we can do something sweet with Ben Duerr but we will have something even better right after!”. In all honesty the tracks keeps getting better throughout the whole album and once done listening to it you will find yourself begging for more. The tempo changes, breakdowns, differences in growling techniques is simply some work of art.

Fans of Oceano, Lorna Shore, Shadow of Intent, Enterprise Earth (or any deathcore for that matter) and the likes beware! This is an album you do not want to miss! Integral Annihilation is out now through Chugcore.

For fans of: Oceano and Lorna Shore
Favorite song: Father of the Abyss

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