Morgue – Sense of Fear (Death Metal)


Morgue from Israel is a band not many might have heard of but they are actually a piece of history being active between 1990-1994 (releasing a demo during this time), making them one of the very first metal bands from Israel still active that I know of (only Salem seems to be older dating back to 1985). The band reformed in 2014 and Sense of Fear is the first album the band has released since their comeback. What’s also special about the band is that it features Sami Bachar on vocals. Bachar was an original member of the famous progressive band Orphaned Land, back then he was on drum duty.

Sense of Fear features five tracks and is 24 minutes of death metal madness with a progressive and oriental touch. There are elements on some songs that takes me to the early stages of Orphaned Land due to that progressive and oriental feeling while yet keeping it dark and heavy. Sense of Fear also feature Orphaned Lands vocalist Kobi Farhi as a guest appearance, making the links between the bands even bigger.

Ve Hamaskilim Enon Heikhalin (Intro) starts with oriental chants leading into Slaughter of Thousands which got some classic old school death metal riffs and vocals going. Perfect for fans of early Entombed or Dismember. The albums title track Sense of Fear brings in the prog and oriental music into the mix which makes it stick out from the classic death metal and get Morgue their more unique sound to it. While on Free from Perfect the band brings more of the death metal solos and grove. The Evidence on Stones (Deny the Pain) keeps this going and ends Sense of Fire with a bang.

Sense of Fear is a great comeback from Morgue, who not only brings you old school death metal but with a oriental and progressive twist to it that will surely surprise a few of you. Sense of Fear is out now as an independent release.

For fans of: Entombed and Orphaned Land
Favorite song: Sense of Fear

3 thoughts on “Morgue – Sense of Fear (Death Metal)

  1. Wow glad you are back man! Since you update here daily, I thought there was something because you were absent for some time. I found you from /r/melodicdeathmetal and since that i read here daily. Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks a lot for the kind words mate! Actually I was on concerts for two days straight (with a wicked hangover to follow) so didn’t have the time to review haha. Saw Trivium one day then Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfoled after. Thanks for the concern and liking my reviews ❤


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