Sons ov Omega – Reign (Melodic Black/Death Metal)


It’s been a while since I reviewed an album from Black Lion Records, a record label I’ve come to love for underground metal, so it’s about time I do so. Sons ov Omega is a new and upcoming band from Umeå, Sweden featuring the talented Tiamat Invictuz who is in the black metal band Wormlight too (who are also on Black Lion Records). The music differs a lot between the bands though.

So what are the Sons ov Omega about? Well for one they got some of the coolest stage paint I’ve seen (look it up). It goes perfectly fine with their lyrical theme which is very mystic and songs about occultism, mythology and darkness keeps on raining over me. Sound wise they sound like a crossing between Opeth, Enslaved and Edge of Sanity, taking influences from all three with a melodic/progressive side on black and death metal. Also comes to show you can still be playing great black metal even with a lot of clean singing and melodic parts. If anyone even disbelieved that fact, seeing as Bathory showed that being possible in the very start years ago. Just has to be said as sometimes I hear people saying clean singing doesn’t belong in black metal.

I’ve come to listen through this album several times these past days. There is something new to notice every time I listen to it and for me that makes an album extra special and lasts longer. My favorite song has changed each time, which is a really good thing. It’s full with great riffs and tempo changes between a sweet melodic harmony to a utter destruction. Fans of older Opeth, Enslaved or Edge of Sanity will surely love this as there aren’t too many newer bands around that I know of who produce music like this. So take the opportunity when it comes.

Sons ov Omega’s debut album Reign is out now from Black Lion Records.

For fans of: Opeth and Enslaved
Favorite song: Pandora


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