Miserist – Miserist (Experimental Black/Death Metal)


When I get a promo labelled with experimental black or death metal I instantly think about my latest run in with the genre Veilburner. A band that still gives me nightmares. However there is a part of me that likes this scary stuff and wants to feel unease while listening. There is no better word to describe Miserist’s selftitled debut but gnarly. Miserist is an instrumental album that could definitely be the soundtrack to horror games such as Resident Evil or the movie Insidious. The fourth track Horror Infinitum is a perfect example on how Insidious like to incorporate music into horror.

What makes this debut even scarier is the fact that Miserist got the whole idea for the album from a documentary about a mental asylum for kids. The whole concept on the album is about how it would feel to be there, trapped in dark rooms and treated like an animal. Misery, darkness, death and horror.

The six tracks also represents different subjects from the asylum. Skin, Mold and Flame was written as Miserist imagines how a room would be like for the kids. In their (members being anonymous I am not sure if it’s a he, she or more) own words “Skin on the doorways and windows from people trying to escape, mold everywhere because it’s never cleaned, and flame because once all the kids died they burnt it down.” Continuing Miserist is the name taken from what they call the head of the asylum. Misery Generator. VIII is the average age of the children. Horror Infinitum that there is endless horror at the asylum. Lung Rust that the kids feel they can’t breathe at the asylum due to toxic fumes and diseases. Last but not least Narikuntu, which is about the asylum in general.

Having all this with you while listening to the album will make you feel scared, horrified and at unease. Which is exactly what I expected from the album.

Want to take a field trip to an asylum? Then make sure to visit Miserist and their selftitled debut. 30 minutes of horror that will make you stay up all night. Miserist is out now by Krucyator Production.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miserist
For fans of: Veilburner and Portal
Favorite song: Miserist


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