Mutiny Within – Origins (Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore)


Many of the readers will probably recognize this one. Mutiny Within started off as simply being called Mutiny in 2002 and before settling with the name Mutiny Within in 2008 the band would go through a number of lineup changes (funny enough if you think of the band name). The band has also been signed by the well known metal label Roadrunner Records in the past but left 2011 due to Warner Brothers Music Group buying the majority of the label. Since then the band has been independent, releasing Synchronicity in 2013 and now the time has come for the bands 3rd full-length Origins.

Mutiny Within has a lot in common with the second wave of Swedish melodic death metal sound that made bands such as Soilwork, Scar Symmetry and The Haunted have made famous. The combination of synthesizers, clean singing and growling, if well done, is something most metalheads can appreciate. It’s also a genre that often manages to capture audience who usually doesn’t travel within the metal realm. Love it or hate it I think that’s a good thing and personally melodic death metal (together with metalcore/nu metal) was a gateway for me into death, black, brutal and other kinds of metal.

Something you will notice fast with Mutiny Within is that they are masters at combining clean singing with growl and changing the styles. Internal Dissension is a perfect example of great solos, clean singing, growling, temp changes, synth and symphonic parts being in harmony. A feat I don’t hear many bands pull off well these days.

I had a great time with Origins. This reminds me a lot of my teenage years when melodeath/metalcore was in its prime and on everyone’s lips. It’s well produced and got some of the best Mutiny Within tracks ever made.

Origins is an independent release out now!

For fans of: Soilwork and Scar Symmetry
Favorite song: Internal Dissension

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