Blind the Sacrifice – The Desecration of Existence (Deathcore)


Browsing through music albums on youtube I find this gem. Blind the Sacrifice is a rather new band that I didn’t find too much information on, but it seems they were formed in 2015 in Chicago. They call their music Progressive Deathcore and I do hear progressive influences on most tracks (Eridian and Parasitic Breed or the instrumental track Lord of the Sands for example) but while I can agree this isn’t typical generic deathcore I will still simply call it deathcore.

It’s not too often I find new bands I’ve never heard of from browsing youtube so this was a nice surprise and also shows how many good bands exists out there that might just need an extra push to gain a following.

Musical wise I would put Blind the Sacrifice somewhere around the area of Aversions Crown, Enterprise Earth and Shadow of Intent. Bands that have a technical feeling to the deathcore genre (instead of just aliens take in some Egyptian style in the mix though) and can showcase a wide range of vocal styles. It’s been a while now since I reviewed a deathcore album and this is actually the first one I review that’s been released this year since the latest ones have been late 2016 releases. That said we are off to a great start on 2017 deathcore releases as this is better than most of the deathcore that came out in 2016, and the year has only just started.

If you want a technical/progressive twist on your deathcore then Blind the Sacrifice’s debut The Desecration of Existence is the album for you. It even comes with a wicked All Shall Perish cover There is no Business to be Done on a Dead Planet.

The Desecration of Existence is an independent release out now digitally.

For fans of: Aversions Crown and Enterprise Earth
Favorite song: Devoid of Existence


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